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The 56-0 Diamond 2 KR Rumble + Build Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is TheLoLHounds and today I bring to you one of the most requested videos I get, probably the second most requested video behind the 95% winrate Teemo – by the way, the Teemo hasn’t played in over 2 months so it makes it very difficult to make any video on him when there is just no replays of him playing Teemo currently, so that is why I haven’t been able to make a video on him. Anyway today’s video is on the 56-0 100% winrate Diamond 2 Korean Rumble player. Now this video will be a bit different to the others, it will be more of a discussion type video of how he got the 56-0 streak on Rumble, and even though it is pretty insane to have that winrate I’m going to explain why it is not as good as it first appears even though it is still pretty good.

If you look at his account, in season 4 and 5 this account was Bronze II, and Bronze III. So what does that tell us? I’m almost 100% certain that this account was a bronze 4 or 5 MMR account that he bought and actually did not own himself in the previous seasons. Because if you look at his season 4 and 5 stats, Rumble and Sion were both not played at all, and those two champs are pretty much the only champs he has been playing so far this season. So it just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it wasn’t a bought account and instead he is just using one of his friends old accounts, something along those lines, but essentially what I’m trying to say is that it is highly unlikely he was Bronze last season and then magically this season became this Rumble machine that never lost a game. So what you would likely find is that this player is a high Diamond/Master/Challenger player that just went and bought a low Bronze MMR account that was unranked. Because the account has a Bronze MMR it would take him a lot more games to get to Diamond, then just the normal unranked account would. I can back this up by just looking at his Rumble ranked games – his first 54 games on Rumble were all played against Bronze/Silver/Gold players, and only his last 2 ranked games on Rumble were in Diamond. What he essentially did was after those first 54 games that he played on Rumble, he then switched to only playing Sion which he used all the way until Diamond 2 which he is currently ranked now. Regardless it is still pretty impressive that he has managed a 100% winrate in 56 games with Rumble, with a 36 KDA. Even though those games were played in a division that he is clearly much better than – so you can’t really take much away from him. 99.99% of people in the world would not be able to do this, so you have to give credit where credit is due – he is clearly a very good Rumble player.

As for his build I’ll quickly go over it along with his Runes and Masteries. I won’t go into to much detail because he hasn’t played much Rumble lately, so there isn’t much information to do a proper build guide on how he builds Rumble. As you saw from the intro he built Mejais a number of times, but I’m pretty sure he only does that because he knows he is a much better player than the players he is playing against which lets him get away with items such as Mejais, which I don’t really recommend you buy on Rumble.

Anyway his Runes and Masteries – his mastery page would be this [4:38] 18/0/12 with his keystone being Deathfire touch. This is pretty standard on Rumble so you guys can just copy it if you want too. As for his Runes he takes 9 magic penetration, 9 armor yellows, 9 magic resist blues, and 3 ability power quints. His standard build would be something along these lines -> Protobelt, Zhonyas, Boots of Swiftness (his core items) -> Rylais, Liandries, and a Void staff. Other items he would consider would be Abyssal, Guardian Angel, Deathcap as a last item for more damage, or sorc shoes instead of swiftness boots. As for his starting items he would usually start with a Dorans shield, a health pot, and a yellow trinket – otherwise he would start with boots instead. For the most part his runes/masteries/item builds are all pretty standard on Rumble, the 2 main stats you usually want to build on Rumble are ability power and health, you don’t want to build any item that provide mana because obviously Rumble doesn’t have mana – that’s why I said it’s not really worth going Mejai’s unless you have a lot of stacks, and he would only use Mejai’s if he’s playing up against low ELO players when he knows he can carry the game.

Anyway ladies and gentlemen this is going to be the end of the video, that is the Rumble with 56 wins and 0 losses, with a 36 KDA – yes you heard it right, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and as always have a nice day.

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