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70% Winrate EUW Challenger Quinn Build Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we’re going to be looking at a challenger Quinn player, specifically a challenger toplane Quinn player that goes by the summoner name Quinncidence. I must admit that is a very, very clever name I like it a lot. Anyway he is currently ranked 107 on the EUW Server and has over 170 games with over a 70% winrate on Quinn, which is actually insane for somebody in Challenger with that many games on the champion.

Now this video is going to focus on his Runes, Masteries, Item Build and skill order – and then you guys can copy it or just compare your Quinn build to his. Once again you’re going to find out it is another Levithity– build right now that is doing really well. Also Quinn at the moment has the highest winrate in the toplane, so that says something although she isn’t really played that much which basically says “Only the Quinn mains out there are playing her” so that probably increases her winrate a little bit. So without further ado, let’s do this.

Summoner Spells:

Now first of all summoner spells: for a long time there it looked like he only took Flash and Ignite on Quinn no matter what position he played. However recently it looks like when he plays Quinn in the toplane he now takes flash and TP, and then when he plays her in the midlane he takes Flash and Ignite. So I guess it comes down really to what you prefer, do you want that early game pressure with the Ignite or do you prefer the safer option? Which is Teleport.

Runes and Masteries:

Now onto runes and masteries. So for masteries he has 2 different pages that he uses – the main one that he uses is 12-18-0 thunderlords page, he pretty much uses this one every single time – except for matchups against Jayce. What I have noticed is whenever he played against Jayce or whenever Jayce was on the enemy team he went for 12-18-0 stormraiders page. Now to be honest I don’t really know exactly why he does this, why is stormraiders a more beneficial keystone mastery then thunderlords in this particular matchup? I have never played the matchup myself so all I can really say is obviously the movement speed from stormraiders is more beneficial than the damage you get from thunderlords against Jayce. In general though I think just sticking to the standards thunderlords page bet is your best bet.

As for his runes he usually takes 9 lethality reds, 9 armor yellows, 9 scaling CDR blues, and 3 lethality quints. Sometimes however he took a different page against AP matchups or just against a very heavy AP teamcomp, where he takes 9 scaling magic resist blues, and 9 scaling health per level yellows, instead of the CDR and armor – which obviously makes a lot of sense.

Item Builds:

Now onto his item build – so starting items would be Dorans Blade and a health pot. Although sometimes in matchups where hes not really in damage of dying early game, so someone like Shen, he would often start with a Cull instead of the Dorans Blade. As for his first back though it depends on how much gold he backs with, he usually just gets a couple of longswords but if he has enough gold he will get the serrated dirk, and if he manages to back with 1300 gold he will consider getting a BF sword on his first back. Both the serrated dirk and BF sword build into duskblade which is often the first item that he completes.

As for his core build its often that his 2 core items are duskblade and age of night. He gets duskblade every single game however sometimes if he feels edge of night he doesn’t really need it as the enemy team doesn’t really have much AP damage, then he will consider getting the ghostblade instead of the edge of night. His first 2 items however would always be lethality items, after that though its all situational. His most common final build would be duskblade, edge of night, ghostblade, a last whisper item, tier 2 boots, and then a static shiv. Then lategame he would consider selling boots to get another item such as infinity edge. He doesn’t really upgrade his tier 2 boots until very late in the game, if he does get boots moby boots seems to be the boots he favors the most. And thats since he very much likes roaming around the map which is obviously a strength of Quinn. Otherwise he would just get ninja tabi’s or merc treads. Other items he would consider would be steraks gauge against heavy burst champions, phantom dancer for extra survivability, and mercurial scimitar for that QSS against a champion such as Warwick, Malzahar, and maybe Twisted fate – champions like that.

Skill Order:

As for his skill order he would start E, get 2 points in Q, then level 4 get W, max Q first, E second, W third, and his ultimate whenever he can. Ok so there you go, that pretty much does it for lane Quinn – as I said before he mostly plays Quinn in the toplane but sometimes he did play Quinn in the midlane as well. Now he does also occasionally play Quinn in the jungle, but not very often. For Quinn jungle his Quinn masteries will also be 12-18-0, but with a few slight changes such as going with runic affinity for the better jungle clears. This is his rungepage so 9 AD reds, 9 Armor yellows, 9 Attack Speed Blues, and 3 Attack Speed Quints. The AD and Attackspeed is obviously for the better jungle clears early game, so that is the main reason why he goes with AD over the lethality with jungle Quinn.

As for his item build on jungle Quinn it is pretty much exactly the same as his lane Quinn build except he rushes the red smite warrior item before anything else. After that he just goes with the standard build such as the lethality items, and so on. So that’s pretty much the only changes to his jungle Quinn build.


Finally from the games I spectated of his playstyle with Quinn he pretty much looks to bully the enemy laner if he can, especially if they’re a melee champion and he knows more or less where the enemy jungler is. Apart from that or if that isn’t possible he would just farm it out safely until level 6, and then once he hits level 6 thats when he starts roaming like a madman with his ultimate, and that is the really strength of Quinn. Those roams once you get that ultimate ability basically just pushing the toplane wave, and then roaming towards the other lanes. Basically trying to snowball his teammates as well as himself. Then once he gets about 3 items, particularly the 3 lethality items, duskblade, age of night, and ghostblade, that’s when he can actually one shot the enemy ADC. Lethality on Quinn is definitely very powerful at the moment, it seems really strong. And if the enemy team is not building any armor, well they’re pretty much dead. You can also use your E ability to interrupt enemy abilities, so try and time that against particular abilities or wait for the enemy to use their gapcloser and then you only use your E to knock them back. Apart from that there is not really too much else to say, that is Quinncidence – an EUW Challenger Quinn main and his build. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if so drop that like button and as always have a nice day.

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