A Guide to Getting Better at Overwatch – The Process of Improving

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Hey guys new video. This video is going to be about getting better at Overwatch. When you go about learning new things in games which have so many variables there are a lot of things that happen at the same time, and I have noticed that there aren’t a lot of people who would teach you how to cope with all of the information thats happening at once. It mostly just takes time and the right attitude to learn all of these things to be able to cope with all of it at the same time. With all of the different maps, characters, and abilities, it can be pretty daunting at first to keep track of everything but it really isn’t.

When it comes to learning a vast amount of information, you should take the time to learn one thing at a time. Learn that one thing until it becomes so natural for you to do that you no longer have to think about it. After being able to execute your new skill without needing to think about it, then you can move onto something else. For example lets say you wanted to learn Pharah – Pharah is a pretty unique offensive character due to her primary damage being Rockets which have travel time, and her ability to fly. She is quite different from the rest of the offensive characters which will make her a little bit odd to play her when you’re first learning her without any sort of previous experience. Initially picking her up for the first time you’ll probably find yourself dying a lot when flying in the air, missing your rockets quite frequently due to not being familiar with the travel time, and not using her concussive blast – and that’s just naming a few things. The way you would go about improving your game in this kind of scenario is to fix one thing at a time rather then trying to fix them all at once. Like I said, there is a ton of information and a lot of different variables in this game, so trying to fix all of your mistakes at once is going to be pretty stressful and you’re probably never going to improve as much as if you would if you were to just do one thing at a time.

So when it comes to actually fixing all of this we can honestly take a look at any problem first, but I generally like to go over the skills that are generally used more often and are necessary to execute the other skills. So take the first skill that you’re struggling with and consciously practice it until you no longer need to think about it. So learning how to use Pharahs rockets, a way of doing this would be for the next however many games you need, you’d consciously be thinking about where you should be placing your rockets in regards to how far you are from your target. Thinking about the speed of your rockets and the distance you are from them in the air will help you understand where you need to understand in order to hit them. After practicing her rockets like this and no longer needing to think about aiming her rockets is when you can move onto another skill. In this case you can move onto knowing when to fly in the air and position yourself while you’re airborn.

A way of doing this skill would be to look at the scoreboard to see what characters they have, and keeping track of your position as well as your opponents. Perhaps the enemy team has 2 Widowmakers, so you best be cautious of where you’re flying otherwise you aren’t going to be having a good time. Again, you should practice this until you no longer have to think about flying and positioning then you can move onto another skill.

Another example could be with Tracer, perhaps you are very good at aiming or tracking with Tracer, but you aren’t so good at using her blinks. It’s really important in general especially for Tracer to know all of the different maps in the game since shes so fast and has such a small health pool. Knowing where you can blink without needing to look in the direction of where you’re blinking can be extremely helpful, something you can do with this is to make a custom game and get used to the maps that you’re struggling with. Just simply blink around places without looking in the direction of your blink, while trying to simulate a battle between you and an opponent. Practicing things in this manner also work with bad habits. For me in Overwatch I tend to pick up my mouse too often when I don’t need too. I used to play on a small mouse pad and after upgrading to a new one that’s much bigger I have been able to lower my sensitivity so I can be more precise with my aim. I am so used to having to pick up my mouse when my arm or mouse reaches a certain position, and it really slows down my movement. I turn much slower compared to whether I just swiped while keeping my mouse on my mousepad.

So what do I do? I go consciously practice swiping my mouse without picking it up so that when I need to turn around when someones behind me I can just do one fluent swipe and quickly react to being shot at from behind. The whole purpose of this video is just to teach you how to go about learning something. A lot of guides give you a lot of information to work with which can be a bit tedious to train if you’re trying to learn them all at once. It can be pretty stressful when you’re really motivated to learning something very big with a lot of information, but then try to learn it all at once. It’s really difficult to try and focus on all of the information that was presented to you when you’re learning something that is completely new to you. Learning one thing at a time makes learning so much more fun and it’s a lot easier while being less stressful since you’re able to see the progress being made with each step that you’re making.

Just remember that as time goes on you’ll find yourself probably lacking a little bit in a certain area that you have already practiced and gotten used to doing. So even if you are already good at a certain skill, its always good to go over it even though you’ve already practiced it just to keep the muscle memory fresh and the skill sharp so you don’t fall back into your own habits. I’d also like to mention that you should keep an open mind to new strategies and tactics. It’s very likely that there is more than one way to use a mechanic or skill of a character, so even if you learn to use the skill one way you should keep an open mind that there’s another way to use it. An example being Pharahs concussive blast, you can use it to push people away, off of cliffs, or push yourself – so just keep that in mind because there’s a lot of different characters who have skills that can be used in different ways, and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of other characters like that in the future.