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A Guide to Alistar Mechanics


What’s up everybody welcome back to another one of my videos, for those of you guys who don’t know me yet my name is Torenthal and today I’m going to bring you advanced tips and tricks with Alistar.

Alistar has been one of my favorite champions for 2¬†seasons and I just love his ability to push people around and knock them up, but also because he’s super tanky and just really fun to play. Because I’ve been playing him for 2 seasons I’ve learned a lot of different things and aspects about Alistar that I think you guys might not have known ¬†about, so i’m here to share with you guys some of the things that I’ve learned in this video.

So without further ado let’s hop into the video. My first combo i’m going to be talking about is the W-Q combo, and it’s a stable combo in mastering Alistar. It may seem simple but it is a lot harder than most people think. Headbutt-pulverize is a great way to engage fight and can also be a teamfight winner if you knockup more than 1 person. Here’s how you execute it, in the middle of your headbutt animation you need to activate your pulverize while in mid-air. It’s going to take some practice and I recommend going to a custom game and just knocking up some minions to practice your combo a few times.

Next we’re going to talk about the Q-Flash combo. This combo often surprises enemies and gives them no time to react, dash, flash, or dodge your pulverize. Once you knock them up you should just be able to headbutt them back into your team for an easy kill. Doing this combo is fairly simple, as your Q is winding up for you to slam the ground, flash where you want to knock someone up.

That’s all I really have for combos, so let’s move onto some tips and tricks you can do with Alistar. This tip is called the W slap, Q slap. this combo gives you the maximum damage you can possibly exert while keeping the enemy stunned and knocked up. Think of the Alistar’s W like a vayne condemn, W them into a thick wall, then slap them, then Q them so the stun remains and then slap them again. Keep in mind the wall needs to be thick, or you’ll just knock them over the wall.

A lot of people forget that Alistar’s ultimate does not only make him incredibility tanky, but it’s also a built-in QSS. As soon as you are slowed, stunned, or even suppressed, you should be able to break out of any CC just by activating your ultimate. Remember not to use your ultimate until you’re taking heavy damage or heavy CC. You can also use the extra AD bonus from it to win a 2v2 fight down botlane.

A lot of people also don’t know that Alistar’s W can also be used as an escape mechanism. As you should as a support, I always buy sightstone, and so what you do is you put a ward over the jungle camp you want to hop over too, and as you see here I placed a ward here and then dashed to the creep with my headbutt. You can do this in a lot of places, I won’t show them all in my video so experiment for yourself.

And finally the last tip I’m going to be talking about is Alistar’s heal. As most of you guys know Alistar’s heal not only heals your allies, but also your minions. During laning phase it can be extremely frustrating for an enemy ADC to last hit a minion, you heal it a half second before, so they misstime their autoattack and screw up getting the last hit. Just watch your allied minions and try to heal right as the opposing ADC tries to last hit.

And so I guess that concludes my video, if you guys want to check out more of my videos you can do so here.