A Guide to Widowmakers Flying Hook-Shot – Tips, Tricks & Uses

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Hello everybody Dibz here and today I have an Overwatch tutorial for you on Widowmaker’s hook shot. Now the reason why i’m making a tutorial for this is because of its versatility and how I think its very important for any Widowmaker out there how to do this. As you can see it allows you to take out your opponent from very high altitude and different angles and makes you a really hard moving target to shoot, also it allows you to shoot your enemy at the same time. Not only that, it allows you to escape certain areas and travel distances much more quickly than on foot. So in this video i’m going to talk about exactly how to do it, certain situations in which you’d want to do it, and also how to practice it. So let’s just get to the video

So first I want to go to Play, and once you go to play you want to go to a Custom game, and when you go to custom game you want to choose whatever map you want so you go to Settings and chose any of these maps. So the first thing you want to go down to is you want to go to Gameplay options, and you push On for Skirmish only. I’ll explain why i’m doing this later, and then after that you go to Ability cooldown modifier, you change that to 0. So this makes your cooldowns instant pretty much, so you can pretty much practice your hookshots as much as you want in this practice mode, which is why I did it. Whatever map you want to chose you can chose, let’s say, Single map, and let’s just try Kings Row first. So now you’re on King’s Row and you go to Start.

So now you can do whatever you want, you can pretty much use shift and as you can see on the bottom right my cooldown is pretty much always on, I can use it as many times as I want, and I can just practice, so let’s just go to a spot where it is able to be used. So the first thing I want to explain how to do it is pretty much you want to depend or see how much lag you have. If you have very low ping, this is a lot easier for you to do because pretty much the rule is that once you get to the very top of the hook that’s when you want to push space. When you push space what this does is it lets go of your hook, and once you get to the very top and you push space and then let go it basically launches you in the air. So let’s look at this, once you get to the very top you press space, and it just launches you in the air right, and I ¬†hit the ceiling there actually because it was too high. But what happens if I don’t push space? It won’t launch me very high right, so if you push Space at the very end it will launch you in whatever direction you are travelling, but if you have ping, what you want to do is you want to time it so that your ping will tell the computer the message a little bit earlier than you normally would do. Because if you have too much lag, and let’s say you push it at the very top, the computer or the server doesn’t get your command and it will pretty much push space too late. So the more lag you have pretty much the earlier you want to push space. So that’s pretty much how you want to do it, you want to practice it and check how much lag you have and adjust to it. And you can do this off of every corner pretty much, you can do it off of these ledges and just push space, push space off of these things too and you just fly.

Also I want to go over exactly why it’s important to practice this because when you use your hook it really depends on the angle that you’re using your hook from, as to how it’s going to launch you. So as you can see this is a very, very high angle that i’m looking at and that i’m going to hook off of. When I get to the top of it i’m going to press space and it basically launches you at the same angle that you were moving at. So let’s say I was moving at this angle here, I will shoot straight up and i’ll go past this ledge looking straight this way. So whatever way you were looking that is where your body will go. So let’s say I’m hooking around this area and i’m far like this, this angle is pretty low, it’s not a high angle so i’m not going to get a very big altitude when I let go. So this is what it’s going to look like, alright, i’m just going to go straight forward and it’s going to launch me a little bit forward rather than straight up. So this is why you want to make sure you know exactly where your hook is going to go, and basically that tells you and helps you expect what kind of trajectory you’re going to have when you use your hook, and that’s very important because you want to know exactly where you’re going to end up, like if I go like this, i’m not going to end up shredding the air and not have a lot of air time, right, like if I do this straight forward from this hit from here i’m not going to have air time straight up and I do that i’m going to have to aim left and right a lot more, so this is what it’s going to look like; right, so I have a lot more air time left and right, it’s left stable and it makes it harder for you to aim, but if you go straight up like this, all you have to do is worry about up and down.

Alright so when are it’s uses really good? So lets say you are on offense and you know there is a Widowmaker right there waiting for you to spawn or come out and show your head. What you can do is you can hook onto this and you can surprise the Widowmaker pretty much by coming at a different angle while making you a harder target to hit. Since i’m really close you’re going to have to push space very quickly, so you push your hook and your space, like that, and you fire like that. It takes a lot of practice because you get really close, and you fly up there and they can pretty much get that really good shot. I can do it one more time, and I can boom like that. So it’s very useful in these situations if you know the Widowmaker is keeping an eye on you and knows exactly where you’re going to be shooting from, and you want to make yourself a harder shot to hit. So it really depends on where the other Widowmaker is, or what you’re going against as to when you can be using this, right, so not only can you do it from there let’s say you have a Widowmaker up in this spot here, you can do it from this head here, and push space, and you can aim right here and do that, right. Of course there are going to be other enemies around as well but that will get rid of enemy Widowmakers and you can push forward. So, I can’t exactly say where the best spot to use this is but it’s to your own judgement pretty much. If you can find an area or a place or a situation which is going to be good for you, then it can help you, there’s never a situation where you never want to do it though, but it does help if you do have your ultimate up like this, if you use your ultimate you can actually see through the walls, if you can see through the walls you can use your hook and you can line up and expect to see where the Widowmaker is and that allows you to set up a shot. So yeah that’s pretty much it when it comes to knowing when to do it, you pretty much just want to know where their defenses are and whether or not it will actually help you. Like let’s say you want to travel faster, you can also have your angle a little bit shorter if it’s too high of an angle like this you’re not going to go very far right, because you want to go straight forward and back. So that’s why when you want to travel further you can use your hook and go at a lower angle.

So to reinforce the fact that I said you can use this pretty much anywhere and use this for pretty much anything, let’s say that there’s an enemy here and they’re all on the other side and they’re shooting this area and you can’t snipe, but you want to snipe from here right – what you can do is you can actually snipe from here and you can hook up onto this wall and launch yourself straight up into the air. It will make you a hard target to hit because you’re moving up and down and nobody will expect you to do this because it’s mad, so, what you do is you push shift and right when you shoot you hook, click onto the edge, then push space. So it’ll look like this, so you can fly up and get a shot. So it’s pretty simple, so you can charge it and just get a shot. And if you do it correctly it will look more like this: Yeah, you can fly a lot higher and get a lot more air time if you can do it. Nobody really realizes that you’re going to be doing this, and you can go very high even though you’re shooting this short of a distance. So, just stand here, ¬†press space, and one, two, three, and also I forgot to mention, right when you start launching is when you want to hold your scope down. See what happens, if you hold it too late your scope is not going to be charged up enough, and then you’re going to have to shoot without a full charge. So that’s what you wanna do, you wanna hook, and once you start launching you right click as soon as possible so charge up those three charges and you can let go of your charges after that. That is probably the best way for you to do it.

So other than sniping and killing people it’s also very good for escaping as well, because of the horizontal velocity that you get, let’s say that there’s somebody that is shooting me here and i’m getting shot at and he comes up very close, I can use this shift ability, press space, and fly away just like that. But what would happen if I didn’t push space? What would happen is I would just get stuck up here and he’d still have vision of me, making me an easier target to shoot. So the two specific things to use this for are attacking and pretty much escaping, those are pretty much the same technique or the same way to do it. You use the space at the very end and it will launch you a certain distance based on your trajectory or the angle that you go for. It all really comes down to just practice and experimenting on specific locations on when you find this useful. You can use this anywhere, like I said, you can use it from here to the wall, you can push space at the very end when you push the wall and you can snipe far like that.

So, also what helps is when you push space and you look in another direction, that will push you in that direction as well. So if you do this and you push space and look forward towards the wall, you’ll be looking towards the wall right. So you want to go like this and look a little bit, and you’ll fly left, like this. So you can actually control a little bit of where you’re going to be moving. And you can do this anywhere honestly, like i’ll do it on this post, and you can see the point, this is why it’s so fun to play Widowmaker, she’s so versatile you can do it wherever you want. Just push space, make sure your pings good, and you can fly anywhere you want. So yeah, practice practice practice, figure out where your other Widowmaker is, that’s honestly what you have to do. Just figure out where she is and figure out how you can use your enviroment towards your advantage. So anyway I hope this tutorial helped all of you out there who want to play Widowmaker, this will give you a very big advantage over those who don’t really know how to do this, it helps you counter other Widowmakers very well, and take control points pretty easily if you come from an unexpected angle.

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