League of Legends

A Leblanc Combo Guide with Faker Gameplay Analysis

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Hey guys its me Torenthal and today we’re going to be talking about Leblanc Combos. There’s a lot of different combos that Leblanc has, but today we’re just going to be talking about the most bursty ones – the ones that allow you to 100-0 someone. In this video we will be watching over and alayzing some clips of Faker, and how he executes his combos.

So without further ado lets hop into this guide. Lets first start off with the most basic of combos – your Q-R-W. With all of my clips I will have the abilities in the top left corner as they happen.

Our first clip here we have Faker blowing up this Alistar. He is extremely fast with this combo, leaving no time for Alistar to even react. That was extremely fast huh? Let’s watch it one more time – this time with the abilities in the top left-hand corner. If you still don’t catch it lets slow it down to quarter percent speed. He lays down his first Q, procs it when he uses his R, and then causes his mimicked Q to proc when he hits his W.

Now lets move onto the next combo, the W-Q-R-E. This combo allows you to get into range of your opponents, and then follow up with a bursty combo. For this clip we;re going to use Fakers super play of the week against GE Tigers, this combo is really a bread and butter combo for Leblanc – I suggest really practicing it and getting the hang of it. As you see here Fakers going to hop over the wall with his W, and quickly using his QRE in a rapid succession – pretty fast right? Let’s watch it again. Where the damage comes from is pretty similar to the last combo – but this time instead of the W procing the second Q, you use your chain to do it.

The last bursty combo I’m going to be talking about is the W-R-Q-E – this is for very long ranged kills. Keep in mind that you’re also going to need 2-3 core items before attempting this. We’re going to be looking into a solo queue clip of Faker, he’s going to use W to get close to Ezreal, mimics his jump with his R causing the jump to do damage, and using his Q-E. Let’s watch it again quickly – as you can see here he W, R, Q-E’s. Wow that was pretty fast, I think we need to do that one more time. W to get in range, as R procs damage on him, and then Q-E for the sigil proc.