League of Legends

Advanced Guide to Thresh Mechanics Part 2


Hey guys it’s me Torenthal. Some people in my last video wanted some more advanced tips on Thresh, so i’m here to provide you guys with super advanced Thresh tips. So I hope you guys enjoy and learn something new

Number 1 – Thresh’s lantern was changed quite a few patches ago where you can no longer place place wards or minions/champions ontop of a lantern, as they’re slightly pushed away. This leads to quite a few interesting things and ways you can abuse it. As you guys know the space inbetween turrets and the nearest wall is pretty small, say you go in for a gank as Thresh and the enemy starts running through that crevice, by throwing your lantern inbetween the turret and the wall the enemy cannot walk through it, and its enough to change their pathing to around the turret – leading to an easy followup hook.

Number 2 – I’ve only done this twice before in all of my time as playing Thresh, but here’s flaying a champion mid hook. While hooked onto another champion, minion, or jungle camp, if there’s an enemy on your pathway to your hook you can flay them as you scoot by.

Number 3 – Hooking someone, and then flashing away from the hooked person, extending your hook without breaking it. If you do this fast you can get some extra range on your lantern + hook, allowing your ally to go flying towards the enemy.

Number 4 – For number 4 let’s talk about a surprise hook, a lot of ADC’s feel safe behind their minions, and a lot of Thresh players know the trick where you wait for the minion infront of a champion to die in order to land the surprise hook. But a variation of the same thing is instead of waiting for the minions to die, by flaying the enemy minions aside it will give you just enough space to land a surprise hook.

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