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An Advanced Guide to Thresh Mechanics


Hey guys welcome back to another Torenthal video, today we’re going to be talking about some advanced Thresh mechanics and a few tips and tricks as well. Thresh was one of my most played champions from season 4, and still continues to be my favorite support to this day. Having played over 300 ranked games on him and 200 normal wins I hope I can share with you guys some knowledget hat I have accumualted

So without further ado lets get into laerning more about Thresh. We’re going to start off with something simple first, a quick hooking tip. Thresh doesn’t have to face the way that he is hooking, and by facing a different direction and then hooking the other direction this often catches your opponents off guard, leading to a surprise hook. Basically what happens is Thresh’s windup animation still charges up in the way that hes facing, and in the last second he turns to where you initially pointed your curser at.

Moving onto a lesser known tip, did you guys know that Thresh can also hook enemies through the walls? Well he can, just very thin walls that is. I believe there are only four spots on summoners rift where you can actually hook people through. This is very hard and it is unlikely that you will ever use, but as you can see here Kreppo uses this technique for a kill on Wildturtle in the LCS, so you never know when this tip will come in handy. To break it down the initial tug animation is just enough to be able to pull someone through very thin walls.

I know most of you Thresh players by now know that you can hook + flay people out of their animations so their blinks or dashes and whatnots, but this video here shows every ability that you can animation cancel. This is an important skill to learn on Thresh and just a little tip onto cancel animations, you kind of have to predict maybe 1/2 a second beforehand where they’re gonna go, but as soon as you see the startup windup of your animation immediately cast your flay and it should become easier and you practice more.

Moving on, every botlane fears the dreaded lantern gank. But did you guys know that you can also bluff it? By throwing your lantern back out of vision in the fog of war of your opponent you can often scare your enemy off away from a few minions, making them sad. Keep in mind this bluff also puts you at a slight disadvantage for a little while, for about 10-15 seconds because your lantern will be on cooldown. If you ever need to help your ADC escape.

Another little thing you may not have known is that Thresh’s lantern is spaghetti coding – meaning Lee sin can safeguard, Katarina can shumpo, and you can even teleport to Thresh’s lantern. This can be helpful if your toplaner needs to TP but there are no wards or turrets around to teleport too.

Now that we have all of the serious stuff aside lets move onto some more fun things. If you and a friend are just messing around these little things can provide a lot of entertainment and laughter.

  1. Urgot Thresh is hillarious to play, as Urgot is ulting someone you lantern them back and the enemy is teleported all the way back to you for a hilariously easy kill. The ults don’t synergize too badly either.
  2. I would highly recommend trying this out with a friend. The Blitz Thresh combo. As Blitz pulls he grabs the lantern at the same time causing a super scared flying enemy to be sent to their deaths. It’s hard but I have personally pulled it off a few times
Thresh Mechanics Guide Part 2