How to Appear Offline on Facebook

If you are trying to browse Facebook while invisible, aka without having the green dot next to your name indicating you’re online, follow the guide below on how to appear offline on Facebook. If you are not trying to appear offline to everybody this method also allows you to pick who can see that you’re online. Or if you’re trying to block a specific person or people from seeing you’re online Facebook allows you to block by name as well.

Step 1 –

Log into your Facebook account and from your homepage at the bottom right corner click the gear icon on the chat bar and then click Advanced Settings… 

Step 2 –

Select Turn off chat for all contacts if you would like to appear offline to everyone on your friends list. If you would like to appear offline to a few specific contacts click Turn off chat for only some contacts… Alternatively if you only want to appear online to a select few people than click Turn off chat for all contacts except… and pick who you would like to talk/appear online for. You are now invisible, to appear back online refer to step 3.

Step 3 –

To appear back online to all of your contacts simply go back to your homepage and select Turn on chat to see who’s available. Which will set your account back to online status for everyone.