League of Legends

How to Check your Ping on League of Legends Without Being in-Game

If you are trying to check your ping without having to get into a League of Legends game simply follow the steps below:

Step 1 –

From your desktop hold down the windows key and hit R, from there type cmd into the Open: box.

Step 2 –

Find the proper IP address for your server and then paste the following code into the black CMD box -> ping [Your Server IP] -t 

Server IP’s –

So for example to check your ping on the NA server -> ping -t  would be the code, simply copy and paste that into the CMD box then hit enter and after a few seconds it will begin giving you your ping in the format time=[PING]ms. This is always 100% accurate since you are pinging the exact same server you would be playing on, make sure that you are pinging the proper region’s IP address otherwise you’ll get a very inaccurate read.