League of Legends

A Guide to MMR/LP and How to Fix Low LP Gains in League of Legends

[If you are newer to ranked and don’t yet understand the basics to MMR/LP read this first]

You may be trying to climb in League of Legends but are having problems with low LP gain, and losing more LP than you gain. This happens when your real rating (LP/Division) is higher than your MMR (Match making rating), meaning that you are gaining less real rating (LP) per win and losing more per loss as the system slowly tries to balance your MMR and Division. Bad MMR is caused by either having a negative winrate (Anything under 50%), or by going on a large loss streak, especially while sitting at 0 LP. It’s very discouraging to try and climb knowing you only get 18 points a win while losing 24, and many people in this position ask “How can I fix my point gain?” when they should be asking “How can I fix my MMR?”. While the solutions are limited they still exist, here are the methods available to fix your MMR in league of legends.

Method 1 –

The quickest and most effective way to fix your MMR is to dodge promotional series. When you dodge a game you lose real rating (LP) but you don’t lose any MMR, meaning that by dodging with bad MMR is helping these 2 values balance out. The most effective time to do this is during promos, so basically just get to 100 LP in your division and then dodge the next 2 games so you automatically fail your promos. You can keep repeating this process of entering promos and then dodging them to fail until your MMR is where you want it to be, and then just continue climbing from there with far better MMR and point gain.

Method 2 –

Sadly the second method is just to keep winning without losing. Normally you can maintain good MMR with around a 55% winrate, however when your MMR is already bad you need around a 60%~ winrate to prove to the system you’re worthy to be in your division. Losing in gold 4 MMR while you’re currently Plat 5 obviously is not a good thing, and this is why the system penalizes you so hard for it. The best and only way out of it is to consistently play your best until you’ve balanced your MMR and LP and avoid falling into another tilt induced loss streak.

Useful Info About MMR –

1. When you’re in a V division at 0 LP you won’t be demoted into the previous tier until your MMR is around the IV division of that tier. For instance if you are Plat V with 0 LP, you will be able to keep losing there until your MMR reaches around Gold IV range, in which case you will then be demoted to Gold 1.

2. The first time a fresh 30 account enters ranked you have potential to place anywhere from Bronze 3 to Platinum 5 (unless Duo queue is used to influence starting MMR).

3. Each time a new Season starts your MMR undergoes a “soft reset” and your next seasons starting rank is determined off of your previous seasons MMR + placement performance, contrary to what most people believe you can’t place much higher than you were the season prior.

4. Your MMR is a number value which ranges from around 600-3500~. In season 1/2 Riot ranked us purely off of this number and tiers were determined by the following:
Bronze: 1250-
Silver: 1250-1520
Gold: 1520-1800
Platinum: 1800+

In season 3 the division system was implemented to combat ladder anxiety, and while you’re still placed by these numbers (MMR) the rank we’re given now is a Division which does not directly reflect off this number.

5. You can check your MMR online (not exact but its a pretty close estimate) using certain websites such as OP.GG. What these websites do is take the MMR average of the past 5 or so ranked games you’ve played and determines the average MMR (#) of these games. Note that if you have any flex/duo queue games in your match history it will affect the accuracy of this calculation.

6. If your MMR is far above your current Division/LP you can skip Divisions, and with great MMR you can even skip promotional series. For instance if you are Gold 3 80 LP with Plat 3 MMR, if you win your next game you will most likely be promoted to Gold 1 without even having to play promotionals. The limitations to this is that you cannot skip 1 divisions, and you cannot skip more than 2 at once.

7. Dodging promotionals has no limits and there are players which are ranked Bronze 5 yet solo queue into all Diamond/Masters/Challenger players because their MMR is in that elo range despite being Bronze 5. The system doesn’t at all look or reflect off the ELO you and I can see when placing you, and these accounts are a prime example of that.

8. In Normal games you have a hidden MMR (#) as well, but obviously no rank. Your normal and ranked MMR’s in no affect each other.