League of Legends

Guide to Fully Understanding ELO, LP, and MMR


Welcome back everyone, Torenthal here and today we’re going to be discussing ELO, LP, and MMR. Additionally we’ll be taking a looking at lolking scores, and OP.gg MMR. While discussing the true meaning behind those numbers.

First off lets talk about the origin and definition of ELO, LP, and MMR. ELO is referenced as the ‘elosystem’, a system used to rate chess players. Players are given a numerical rating that goes up and down based on their results. When you win it goes up, when you lose it goes down. It can even go up if you draw, if your opponent was rated higher than you. Afterall, there are draws in chess. The ranking system or LP is completely different, this is a starcraft inspired system where players are broken up into tiers, bronze-diamond.

Each tier is broken up into five divisions, and each division is worth 100 LP. Another way to look at this is that each division above bronze 5 is 100 LP. A bronze 3 player with 45 LP has 245 total LP, 100 for each bronze 4+5. A gold 2 player with 74 LP has a total of 1374 LP, 500+500+300+74 (500 each full tier). But remember, neither of these scores show your actual MMR. That is still hidden, and neither lolking nor OP.gg can see it. All you can do is catch a glimpse of it, and here’s how. Go play a ranked game and check your LP gain or loss, if you are gaining about 18-20 LP per rank – you are about where you should be.

The system expects you to be around 50~ chance to win the game, if you are gaining more LP than that then your MMR is higher than your rank, and you can expect to climb a lot faster. If you are gaining 28+ per win, you can even skip a division when you reach 100. If you are earning less than 18, that means your MMR is very low and you need to win a lot to catch up. For example if you are gaining 17 a win, that means you must of been in a 5 division for a long time. And beating lower opponents doesn’t really impress your MMR very much, making harder to climb out.

Finally I have found that your LP doesn’t matter that much, but your MMR does. For example, someone could be challenger MMR, but still be in Bronze. It’s easy, you just dodge out of promotional series over and over again and you’ll never leave bronze. Which I don’t know why you’d do that, but you know – if you like bronze. So that concludes this video, I hope you guys all enjoyed and understand a bit more about your rank and your standings – and the numbers from 3rd party websites.