Guide to the Three Main Mouse Grips and their Perks

Palm Grip:

Palm Grip
What are the perks to the Palm grip?
1. The Palm Grip has the best precision out of all grips – you have more hand on your mouse granting more control while also building more muscle memory.
2. Works best with lower DPI’s – having your entire hand on the mouse enables you to easily move it without your palm/etc scraping your mousepad.
3. Probably the most comfortable grip, however if you have a large hand you simply cannot use this grip without an abnormally large mouse.
4. The Palm Grip is best used in precision based games where you normally run low DPI – such as FPS games like Counterstrike/Overwatch.
5. The Palm Grip is the most popular grip among gamers.

Finger Tip Grip:

Finger Tip
What are the perks to the Fingertip grip?
1. The Fingertip Grip is by far the best grip for running very high DPI. With this grip your palm rests on your mousepad and you only move your mouse a few centimeters at most.
2. While you’re sacrificing precision for speed, many of the current top PVP games don’t require perfect precision – allowing this grip to excel.
3. This grip goes well with a lot of the more popular Razor/gaming mice – specifically the smaller/medium sized ones.
4. The Fingertip Grip is best used in games that reward high mechanical speed but don’t necessarily require high precision – such as RTS/MOBAS.
5. This is the rarest grip used.

Claw Grip:

Claw Grip
What are the perks to the Claw grip?
1. The Claw Grip grants more control and precision than the fingertip grip, however still not as much as the Palm grip.
2. The Claw Grip doesn’t necessarily have any strengths or weaknesses, it is just an all around solid grip for medium-high range DPI’s.
3. Being a mix of the Fingertip and Palm grips, the Claw grip is very easy to adapt to.
4. The Claw Grip can excel in pretty much any game.
5. This is the second most commonly used grip.