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Highest Ranked Challenger Aatrox Jungle Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we have a build guide on the highest ranked EU West and best lolskill Aatrox player, and yes can you believe it – there is actually an Aatrox 1 trick pony in Challenger. He goes by the summoner name sweeeeeet dreams and he plays Aatrox mainly in the jungle. He is currently ranked 192 and infact he has not played any other champion apart from Aatrox so far this season. This video is going to focus on his runes, masteries, item builds, skill order, and early game jungle path where he actually uses a very interesting jungle path where he starts raptors, so make sure you stick around for that. And then if you guys for some reason think you have what it takes to be a successful Aatrox jungle player, you can copy his item build if you want to. So without further ado let’s do this.

Runes/Masteries –

So first of all Summoner spells – he only takes Smite and Flash – nothing too fancy. Now onto his runes and masteries. Firstly masteries – he takes an 18-0-12 page with his keystone mastery being Fervor of battle. This is a pretty standard page on Aatrox. As for his runes he usually takes 9 AD reds, 9 Armor yellows, 9 Scaling magic resist blues, and 3 Attack speed quints. However sometimes he would go with 4 AS blues, and 5 scaling MR blues instead. You usually wold only see this if the enemy team doesn’t have too much magic damage, so he opts for the extra attack speed.

Item Build –

Now onto his item build for jungle Aatrox. So starting items would always be a Hunters machete -> Refillable potion -> Yellow trinket. As for his first back he would usually aim to get either the red smite or the blue smite, lately he has been favoring the red smite over the blue smite, but essentially if you want the 1v1 dueling power redsmite is the better option. And if you want that ability to stick to your target a lot easier blue smite would then be the better option. As for his core build his first 2 items would always be a Bloodrazer and Blade of the ruined king. Both items synergise very well on Aatrox giving attackspeed and lifesteal as well as that health % damage meaning its a very strong build against champions that stack health. Following on from these items generally after this he would build tanky items such as Spirit visage, Deadmans plate, Guardian angel, Randuins omen. I will note he never goes with both Deadmans plate and Randuins, he either goes with 1 or the other. His boots would either be Ninja tabi’s or Merc treads, for the most part he goes with Ninja tabi’s unless they have a lot of CC, then he would go with Merc treads. If he is snowballing the game or if his team is a long way ahead and it looks like they’re going to easily win the game, after his core build he sometimes goes with more offensive items such as Black cleaver, Titanic hydra, or Deaths dance. An example of a final build would be Bloodrazer -> Blade of the ruined king -> Ninja tabi’s -> Spirit visage -> Guardian angel -> Titanic hydra. Other items that he may consider that I haven’t mentioned before would be Maw of malmortius against heavy burst AP teamcomps, or Mercurial scimitar if he feels like he needs the QSS.

Skill Order –

Now onto his skill order – he starts Q -> Then W -> Then E level 3 -> Maxes W first -> E second -> Q third -> Ult whenever he can.

Jungle Path/Strategy –

Finally I will quickly go over his starting jungle path and strategy. Now since patch 7.1 he has started a new interesting jungle path where he starts the raptor camp – yes he actually starts the raptor camp, he doesn’t always get a leash but regardless Aatrox can still do it without one. Another thing to note is level 1 he starts Q like I said before, and he starts spamming it immediately at every opportunity to build up his Bloodwell which is his passive, and then with about 30 seconds until minions spawn he will back or recall to get his health back – and then walk back to the raptor camp using his Q along the way. So when he starts the camp he will have max Bloodwell and therefore increased attack speed due to his passive. So that is a very clever strategy that I haven’t seen before.

As for the jungle path it would usually be Raptors -> Redbuff -> Smite redbuff -> Wolves -> Bluebuff -> Gromp -> Smite gromp -> Gank or get Scuttle crab if nothing is happening. As for the use of his W, mostly early game while clearing it will be toggled off for the heal, and every now and then he will toggle it on for a second or two for the increased damage. When fighting or ganking this is a pretty standard Aatrox mechanic, it would be toggled off if you are below half health, and toggled on if above half health. Lategame when he has a lot more lifesteal and health he will have it toggled on a lot more freely. Another thing to note is Aatrox is very good at towerdiving when he has his passive up – so when you do have it up don’t be afraid to play a lot more aggressive, because essentially you have that free Guardian angel.

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