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Highest Ranked EUW Twitch Champion Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we have a build guide on the highest ranked Twitch main on the EUW server. He’s currently ranked 33 in Challenger, so this Twitch main goes by the summoner name RAT IRL. I found that he had 2 accounts – 1 in Challenger and 1 in Masters. The Challenger account has a 69% winrate on Twitch, and the Masters account has a 77% winrate. He mainly plays Twitch as a jungler, but he also plays him as an AD Carry. So I’ll go over both roles. Also I’ll quickly mention that I found out he has a Twitch channel, so Link here if you’re interested in checking that out. Anyway this video will focus on his build, runes, masteries, skill order, and at the end I will quickly go over his starting jungle path on Twitch. The main thing with Twitch now in the new season is you do not want to build Ghostblade anymore on him. It used to be a core item on Twitch, but the removal of the Attack speed buff from the active means it is no longer viable or worth taking on pretty much all ADC’s. So make sure you keep that in mind, anyway without further ado lets get into this build guide.

Summoner Spells-

So first of all Summoner spells. Nothing fancy, Smite and Flash on jungle Twitch and Heal and Flash on ADC Twitch. Moving onto his Masteries, he takes 18-12-0 with his keystone mastery being Warlords. Now prior to the preseason changes he was taking Fervor, but since the change to Fervor and the new season he started taking Warlords instead. The only difference between his jungle Twitch and ADC Twitch masteries is with jungle he takes Runic affinity instead of Secret stash. Basically that means he takes biscuits on ADC Twitch.

As for his runes he takes 9 AD reds, 9 Armor yellows, 9 AS blues, and 3 AS quints, and that is the same for both roles. So nice and simple.


Now onto his actual item build – so i’ll start with his jungle build first. Starting items he would start with a Hunters machete -> Refillable potion. Then his first back would usually be around the three minute mark and he would look to get a Skirmishers sabre to start building into his Bloodrazer. He never buys Warrior on Twitch so Bloodrazer is definitely the best option right now. Core items would be Bloodrazer -> Runaans hurricane -> Infinity edge, in that order. His preferred boots are Berserker greaves and he would normally update his boots after he completes his jungle item.

As for his final build something along the lines of Bloodrazor -> Berserker greaves -> Runaans -> Infinity edge -> Lord dominiks regards -> Bloodthirster. Other items he would consider would be Phantom dancer, Blade of the ruined king if the enemy is building a lot of health, Mortal reminder if they have a lot of healing champs, and a Maw of malmortius if they are AP heavy. He also sometimes bought Ninja tabi’s as a jungler – you would usually see this against champions such as Vayne, Draven, Kindred, or just a full AD teamcomp in general.

Now onto his ADC build which is more or less very similar, just without the jungle item. Starting items would be Dorans blade -> Health pot, for his first back he must prefers getting an AD item straight up. So for example a BF sword would be the best first back, otherwise he would look to get a Pickaxe or even a Cutlass. Once he gets his BF sword he usually tries to finish Runaans hurricane before finishing his Infinity edge. However if he did get a Cutlass on his first back, he would then look to finish the Blade of the ruined king first. His third item would then either be a Phantom dancer or a Statik shiv. An example of a final build would be Runaans hurricane -> Infinity edge -> Berserker greaves -> Phantom dancer -> Bloodthirster -> Lord dominik’s regards. Other items he would consider would be a Blade of the ruined king instead of Bloodthister, Statik shiv instead of Phantom dancer, and Mortal reminder instead of Lord dominiks regards.

Skill Order-

Now onto his skill order. For both roles he would start E -> Then Q -> Then W level 3 -> Max E first -> Q second -> W third -> Ultimate whenever he can.

Jungle Path-

Finally onto his starting jungle path. He always looked to start Redbuff and then gank level 2 through the midlane, as you can see in this game he ganks level 2 versus a level 1 Ezreal and then straight away he walks straight toplane and ganks top before picking up Bluebuff, which gave his team a very strong early game lead. So basically what he would do is get the Redbuff and then gank level 2 as much as possible, and then if nothings happening he would go and get his other buff, or continue to farm in the jungle.

So I think Twitch jungle with the level 2 cheese at the moment is a decent pick, with your ganks you just got to make sure you stealth before entering a bush near the lane that likely has a ward, so you don’t get spotted. This makes Twitch ganks kind of like Evelynn ganks so keep that in mind – basically on Twitch jungle you just want to constantly gank as often as you can early game.

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