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Highest Ranked EUW Yasuo Build Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA thelolhounds and today I bring to you another build guide. This time it’s gonna be on the highest ranked Yasuo player on the EU west server. And no it is not ARKADATA it is actually currently a summoner by the of Addict, he is currently rank 49 in challenger. As you saw in the intro he was previously rank 46 but he has lost his last 2 games so he’s fallen back down to rank 49. As some of you might know Yasuo is one of my favorite champions in the game so I always like to look on what builds are trending on Yasuo particularly in the higher elos. So basically with this video I’m just gonna go through his item build runes and masteries, his skill orders as well as his summoner spells. so without further ado, let’s do this.

So first of all he predominantly plays Yasuo in the top lane and then the mid lane would be second preference. His summoner spells he would obviously always take flash however his other summoner spell would either be teleport or exhaust. By the looks of things he would be taking exhaust against champions he knows he will be trading a lot with, particularly in the early game champions such as Riven, Renekton, Kayle, and Zed. And he would consider taking exhaust against ranged champions he knows he can abuse early on such as Gnar. However for the most part in the last week or so he has mainly been taking teleport.


Moving onto his runes and masteries, starting with his masteries he takes 18-12-0 with his keystone mastery being Fervor of battle. Fervor of battle is definitely the best keystone on Yasuo right now so I highly recommend you go with this keystone if for some reason you are currently going for something else. Another interesting thing to point out is in the Cunning page he actually takes Bandit instead of dangerous game on Yasuo which I’ve never seen before. For you guys who do not know bandit gives you 3 gold every time you hit an enemy champion with a basic attack or an on-hit ability such as Yasuo’s Q. I guess the reason he takes this is because Yasuo’s Q is on such a low cooldown. Kinda similar to why Gangplank players take bandit as well because of Gangplank’s low cooldown on Q. Anyway I’m not 100% sure if taking that mastery is optimal on Yasuo but I’m sure it’s still a decent option.


Now moving onto his rune pages, so his main rune page is this one where he goes 9 attack speed reds, 9 flat armor yellows, and 9 magic resist blues, and 3 attack speed quints. By the looks of things he only ever takes one other rune page, and that is when he goes with scaling health per level yellows instead of flat armor. He would usually take this in matchups where he feels like he doesn’t really need the armor early game or against heavy AP team comps. So for example I saw him take it against a teamcomp that had Ekko top, Leblanc mid, and Nidalee jungle.


Now moving onto his actual item build so his starting items are pretty standard just a Doran’s blade and a health pot with a yellow trinket. As for his first back the item he buys is usually dependent on the gold he backs with. He often likes to get a cull on his first back apart from that he would just get a second doran’s blade or start building towards his phantom dancer. Another first back I’ve seen him go with is a chain vest against champions such as Riven or Renekton for the extra survivability. He would later upgrade the chain vest into a guardian angel.

As for his core items they are phantom dancer and frozen mallet with his core boots being merc treads. This is similar to ARKADATA’s tank build where you would go trinity force into frozen mallet. Frozen mallet definitely seems to be a trending item on Yasuo at the moment in the higher elos as it is very strong. Because of this Riot has actually mentioned they have been looking to nerf tank Yasuo in the future. The frozen mallet build definitely makes Yasuo a lot more annoying to play up against as he doesn’t get one shot anymore. This means in team fights you can just dash around and charge up his 3rd q to get a really nice knockup for his ultimate. An example of a final build would be Phantom dancer, frozen mallet, merc treads, maw of malmortius, infinity edge, and bloodthirster. Note he sometimes rushes hexdrinker against AP matchups but you mostly see this happen in the midlane.

Other items he would consider to go with are Berserker greaves, ninja tabi, guardian angel, mercurial schimitar, Blade of the ruined king, and wits end. Wits end is an item you don’t really see on Yasuo but you would consider it against ap matchups or when your team doesn’t have much ap damage. Blade of the ruined king you’d usually see that against champions who stack health

So that pretty much it for his build for the most part it’s a full damage build with his only defensive items being the health you get from frozen mallet maw of malmortius and merc treads. So finally we’ll talk about his skill order against melee matchups he would start Q and against ranged match ups he’d start E. He starts E so he can get in range of those enemy champions and trade with them level one. One interesting thing is he maxes Q first in any single game he plays E second W 3rd  and then obviously his ultimate whenever you can. Most people actually max e first these days and it’s pretty rare to see a yasuo that maxes Q I’m not sure how I feel about this to me maxing E on Yasuo feels a lot better however maxing Q in the toplane against those tanky matchups is definitely not a bad idea. If you do max Q first it just means your E will be on a slightly longer cooldown so your outplay potential especially around minions will not be as high, but your Q will then do a lot more damage. Anyway let me know in the comment section below if you prefer maxing Q or E first on Yasuo. And ladies and gentlemen that is gonna wrap up this full guide I hope you guys enjoyed this video and as always have a nice day.

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