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Highest Ranked Korean Challenger Fizz Build Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we’re going to be looking at a Fizz Challenger Korean player and his Triforce build. Now the Triforce tank Fizz build is something we have seen in the past before, so it is not something new. However we haven’t really seen it since the Fizz rework, the changes to some of his abilities have put off people using the build. But I was looking around and found that the highest ranked Korean Fizz main has started using the Triforce build over the last 2 weeks or so, with some pretty good success in Korean Challenger. He is currently ranked 188 and has over 150 games this season on Fizz. The build is pretty much just going Triforce into full tank, and you mainly play this or see this in the toplane.

The reason why I think this build is pretty good and successful is because it is a lot more consistent than full AP Fizz. It does a lot of damage while also being tanky. You also don’t have to rely on always hitting your ultimate on Fizz, which is his only skillshot which you can often miss. So this video will focus on his runes, masteries, item build, and skill order. So without further ado, let’s do this.

Summoner Spells –

So first of all summoner spells. He always takes Flash and Teleport even if he plays Fizz in the midlane. That is mainly because Fizz has a fairly weak laning phase early levels, and can take a lot of damage from range poke champions, and so you may have to back fairly early on and so you can just TP back to lane. Obviously for the top lane Teleport is standard nowadays.

Runes/Masteries –

Runes and masteries – his masteries are different from the AP Fizz masteries that you usually see. He goes with 12-0-18 with his keystone mastery being Grasp of the undying. Triforce Fizz relies a lot on his autoattacks doing most of the damage, so when using this build you get off a lot of Grasp of the undying procs in teamfights. It also helps with sustain during the early lane phase as I was mentioning before, is one of Fizz’s weaknesses.¬†As for his runes he takes 6 Magic penetration reds, 3 Attack speed reds, 9 Health per level yellows, 9 Magic resist blues, and 3 AP quints.

Builds –

Now onto the item build – so his starting item would always be a Corrupting potion, this is pretty standard for Fizz. As for his first back though he always gets a Dark seal even if he has enough gold for Sheen. His first back often consists of him getting a Dark seal and something like a Ruby crystal, because Ruby crystal will then be built into either a Bami’s cinder or Phage. His core build would be Triforce -> Sunfire cape -> Spirit visage. His tier 2 boots would either be Ninja tabi’s, Merc treads, or Swifty boots, depending on the enemy teamcomp. An example of a final build would be something like Triforce, Cinderhulk, Ninja tabi’s, Spirit visage, Guardian angel, and Hextech gunblade. If he manages to get 10 stacks however on Dark seal, he will almost always look to upgrade it to Mejai’s. If for some reason he losses all his Mejai’s stacks, he would just sell the item for something else. Other items he would consider would be other tanky items such as Randuins omen vs crit champions, and Banshees veil vs the burst 1-shot champs. And that is just about it for items.

Skill Order –

For skill order he starts W -> E level 2 -> Q level 3 -> Max W first -> E second -> Q third -> Ult whenever he can. This is different to AP fizz where you max E first, or you usually max E first. With Triforce most of your damage is coming from your W and you don’t have to rely on your E as much to survive as you’re more tanky. So if you look at Fizz’s W it does increased damage if the target has been bleeding for 2 seconds or more, so make sure you wait those 2 seconds before using W – and W can also be used as an auto reset, so try and do that as well. If W kills the target, the cooldown is reduced to 1 second, and the mana is refreshed. So you can constantly use your W to last hit minions, particularly under tower to make farming easier, and it helps with pushing the lane quicker mid-late game.

Playstyle –

As for his playstyle from the games I spectated he plays fairly passive early levels, like levels 1-4 he wouldn’t look for any trades at all, but then once he hits level 5 and he has 3 points in his W, he starts trading a lot more using his W and then obviously Fizz has that really, really big powerspike at level 6. Apart from that he then just waits it out to complete his Triforce, and that’s when he starts to really look to make plays on the map and carry the game – because that is another big powerspike.

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