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Highest Ranked Korean Jax Build Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we have a build guide on the highest ranked Jax main on the Korean server, who is currently ranked 27 in Challenger, which for such a strong server is very very impressive as he just plays the one champion. He has got over 300 games this season on Jax, now the reason why I wanted to do this video was because this Jax player actually goes with a slightly different type of build to what most Jax mains are currently going with. Basically instead of buying Blade of the ruined king or Hextech gunblade he goes with Titanic hydra instead. This video will focus on his runes, masteries, item build, and skill order. So without further ado lets do this.


So as you expect he plays Jax in the toplane, and his summoner spells are flash and TP. Runes and Masteries – now his runes and masteries are actually pretty interesting. His masteries he goes with a Thunderlords page, which is not very common for Jax. He goes with 12-18-0 and as you know Thunderlords is a very good earlygame keystone, and because in Korea everything is focused so much on winning that early game, that is why he goes with Thunderlords. Also at level 1 it is pretty easy to actually get that Thunderlords proc off with Jax if you start E, especially against melee champions. And it also helps a lot with Jax’s early game, which is Jax’s weakest point in the game. I will however point out that in the last 5 games or so on Jax he has started using the Fervor of battle page that you usually see most Jax players use. 18-0-12 fervor is a much better lategame keystone. So essentially for the earlygame you go with Thunderlords, and for the lategame you should go with Fervor – it depends what you prefer.


Now onto his runes, and with these runes hes actually got quite a bit of everything to be honest. Against AD champs he goes with 6 AD reds, 3 AS reds, 9 Armor yellows, 9 CDR blues, 1 AS quint, and 2 Armor quints. Against AP champions he uses 6 AD reds, 3 AS reds, 9 Health per level yellows, 9 Magic resist blues, 1 Attack speed quint, and 2 Armor quints. So yeah you can definitely see he is very creative with his runes.


Now onto his item build – so as I said before he favors Titanic hydra over items such as Blade of the ruined king, or Hextech Gunblade. Starting items however would mostly be a Corrupting potion, although against AD bully champions such as Pantheon and Quinn, and probably also Jayce he would either start with Cloth armor with pots or a Dorans shield. As for his first back against those AD bully champs he would rush a Ninja tabi’s as quick as possible. Apart from that though he often gets a Dorans blade, along with the Corrupting potion which he started with, and looks to start to build towards a Jaurim’s Fist, or a Phage. Both of those items are built out of a Longsword and a Ruby crystal, so that makes it easy. I should however mention he never gets an early Sheen or Stinger, he much prefers building into that Titanic hydra first, rather then the Trinity force. And if he does decide to go with the Trinity force first he would always get the Phage as his first component before the Sheen and Stinger.

That moves onto his core build which would be Titanic hydra -> Ninja tabi/Merc treads -> Trinity force -> Guardian angel. Most of these games would then be over by that time he wouldn’t get anymore items, however an example of a full build would be Titanic Hydra -> Ninja tabi -> Triforce -> Guardians angel -> Randuins omen -> Spirit visage. The main reason why I think he prefers this build over the standard Blade of the ruined king build is because Jax’s biggest strength is split pushing, and with Titanic hydra you can push lanes in a lot quicker. It also makes Jax a lot more tankier especially in the early game which as I said before is Jax’s weakest point in the game. So I think he prefers the tankier stats you get¬†with Titanic hydra over something like Blade of the ruined king which gives you lifesteal and attackspeed, and you can still do a lot of damage and potentially even more burst damage thanks to the active of Hydra. Other items he would consider would be Maw of malmortius against AP burst champs, Steraks gauge against AD burst champs, and a Mercurials Scimitar for the QSS if he needs it.

Skill Order:

Skill order he would start E, get Q level 2, and W level 3, max W first, Q second, E third, and his ult whenever he can.


That pretty much does it for the build, and I honestly think that this may be the best way to build Jax at the moment. And it does make a lot of sense since Jax is such a good splitpusher, and I feel like this is a much better build for splitpushing. As for this guys playstyle he does seem to play fairly aggressive early on in the laning phase, and takes a lot of trades – most of the time he actually wins those trades but I guess thats just his awesome mechanics on the champion because he has played the champion so much. But after 20 minutes he always go botlane while he has his TP up and looks to splitpush as often as possible, which is what you should be doing on Jax.

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