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Highest Ranked Korean Vel’koz Build Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we have a build guide on the highest ranked and best lolskill Vel’Koz main from the Korean server. He goes by the summoner name SKT Vel Koz and is currently ranked 252 in Masters – he is only a few hundred LP away from Challenger and he has played over 250 games already this season which is just insane because its only been out for a few weeks. But before we get into this video this video is sponsored by Proguides, if you’re dedicated to improving as a player I highly suggest you go check them out. Link here.

So he plays Vel’koz in the midlane and this video will focus on his runes, masteries, item build, and skill order – and you guys can just compare your build to his or maybe just copy his build if you want to. So without further ado lets get into this build guide.

Summoner Spells:

So first of all his summoner spells – he either takes flash and exhaust or flash and barrier, from his most recent games he usually would take exhaust against all-in burst damage champions, with decent mobility. And barrier against champions that are more skill-shot/poke damage champions. So for example exhaust against champions such as Zed, Fizz, Syndra, and Katarina, and barrier against champions such as Orianna, Kennen, and Zyra. I also noticed he took cleanse in a specific matchup, and that would be Twisted Fate mainly to counter his goldcard because goldcard is just such a good setup for ganks. So he decides to take cleanse in that matchup.


Now onto his runes and masteries. For his masteries he takes a 12-18-0 page with his keystone mastery being Thunderlords. This is a pretty standard page, so you guys can just pause the video and copy it if you want too. As for his runes he goes for 9 Magic penetration reds, then either 9 Armor yellows, or 9 Health per level yellows depending on if hes up against a heavy AD comp or not. So with the heavy AD comp he would then go with the 9 armor yellows, if not he would just go with the 9 health per level yellows. Then moving on 9 CDR per level blues, and 3 ┬áMovement speed quints. So Vel’Koz is one of those champions that struggles a lot with mobility and doesn’t have much mobility, so that would be the main reason why he goes with movespeed quints.


Now onto his actual item build. So his starting items would always be a Dorans ring -> 2 Health pots -> Yellow trinket. As for his first back he either gets a second Dorans ring, or if he has enough gold he would then get a Lost chapter. He then would just sit on either the 2 Dorans rings or Lost chapter before selling it lategame, sometimes as hes last item he would upgrade the Lost chapter into a Morellonomicon, but he doesn’t often get the Morellonomicon he just sits on the Lost chapter before selling it. The reason why he gets either 2 Dorans rings or a Lost chapter is for the early mana sustain because he’s following items he buys does not have any mana. So he mainly just gets it for that, and he doesn’t feel like upgrading the Lost chapter is worth it.

After that his core build would be Sorc shoes -> Rylais -> Ludens echo -> Liandry’s Torment, in exactly that order. Prior to the change to Rylais, he used to rush Liandries first, but now since Rylais is a lot cheaper he rushes it instead. So he obviously finds that the AP he gets from Rylais is enough for Vel’Koz, and obviously the health you get from Rylais helps as well as Vel’Koz is a very squishy champion. Rylais as a first item or an early item on Vel’Koz is something that is not very common, so it’s very interesting to see that he does go with this. Especially now that Rylais has changed and has changed to not really suit mage champions as much, but he obviously seems to prefer it, and it definitely seems to be working out for him. He is doing pretty well at the moment.

So moving on an example of his most common final build that you would see would be Rylais -> Ludens echo -> Liandry’s -> Void staff -> Sorc shoes -> Guardian angel. Apart from that he doesn’t really go for any other items apart from upgrading his Lost chapter to a Morellonomicon instead of maybe getting a Guardian angel, or Void staff.

Skill Order:

Now finally onto his skill order – he would start Q -> then E -> then get W level 3 -> Max W first -> Q second -> E third -> and obviously his ultimate whenever he can.


As for his playstyle I did spectate a number of his games and pretty much early game he would try to play as safe as possible, just farming up as best as he can. Then after his first back once he gets the Dorans ring, the 2 Dorans rings or the Lost chapter like I said before – he then will start spamming his abilities a lot more often, pushing the enemy midlane minions into the tower so he can look to roam around the map, either going toplane or botlane, or even just roaming with his jungler looking for invades/making plays around the map. Lategame teamfights Vel’Koz you just want to poke as best as you can, and make sure that you don’t get caught out.

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