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Highest Ranked Mordekaiser Bot Champion Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. aka TheLoLHounds and recently there has been a lot of talk about ADCs in the botlane being extremely weak for season 7, and because of this we have started to see a few AP champions pop up as the carry in the botlane, the most common one being Ziggs. However today we’re going to be looking at a different AP champion in the botlane carry position, and that is going to be none other than Mordekaiser. Now on the NA server there is a Mordekaiser main known as Tasypotatox who plays Mordekaiser in the botlane and has managed to get to Challenger, and is currently rank 165 on the NA server. He does have a stream so Link here if you want to go check that out.

Mordekaiser botlane has been meta in the past, I think during season 5 for a few patches he was played in the botlane before getting nerfed. So this is not completely a new idea, however it seems to still have some potential so this video will focus on his runes, masteries, item build, and skill order, and then you guys can try it out for yourself. But first of all why would you even play Mordekaiser in the bolane? Well here are some of the main reasons:

His passive on his W gives you bonus experience when killing a minion near an ally. So since you have a support next to you most of the time, you can make the most out of that passive. Also with his W he can target his Support if there are no minions around rather than just himself.  So that’s a benefit as well. Lastly botlane is near Dragon, and so once he hits level 6 his jungler can come for a gank and if it is successful and they manage to get Dragon they can then use that Dragon to push down an early tower to get a first Blood tower and snowball the game from there.

I will also point out he often had a Blitzcrank as his support, and generally I think a tanky engage support is best with botlane Mordekaiser, so consider that when you are thinking of picking botlane Mordekaiser, because I don’t think a support such as Soraka who will mostly be standing behind you, is going to be very good with Mordekaiser because if he uses his W on Soraka it’s not really going to do anything, because Soraka is going to be nowhere near the enemy team, or the enemy champions. Anyway with that being said without further ado let’s get into this build guide.

Summoner Spells –

So first of all Summoner spells – he pretty much always takes Flash and Exhaust, occasionally though he will take ignite over Exhaust, I’m guessing he takes the Ignite when the Support also takes Exhaust so he doesn’t want the double Exhaust, and maybe he feels that he can get that early cheese kill.

Runes/Masteries –

Onto his runes and masteries, as for his mastery page he takes 12-18-0, with his keystone mastery being Stormraiders. Now Stormraiders will be taken because of the increased mobility, and because Mordekaiser has no gapcloser or CC in his kit – that’s why you would take the Stormraiders to help with his mobility so he doesn’t get kited as easy. His runes he takes 9 magic penetration reds, 9 scaling magic resist blues, 9 scaling armor yellows, and 3 ability power quints. That’s more or less pretty standard on Mordekaiser.

Build Guide –

Now onto his item build, starting items would always be a Relic shield and Refillable potion with a Yellow trinket. And yes he does take Relic shield even if he’s not a support or even if his support takes Relic shield as well, that is because Relic shield gives you health and also gives you even more health when killing a minion and all of Mordekaiser’s abilities apart from his ult costs health. As for his first back he would look to get a Hextech revolver, if he doesn’t have enough gold for that he would get a Dark seal or Amp tomb instead. Following on from this his core build would be Hextech gunblade -> Sorcerer’s shoes -> Rylai’s – usually in that order. After Rylai’s if he did buy that Dark seal he would consider buying Mejai’s usually depending on how many stacks he has on the Dark seal.

Here are some examples of build orders he used in his games [5:20]. His final build would often look something like this: Hextech Gunblade -> Sorcerer’s shoes -> Rylai’s -> Voidstaff -> Deathcap -> Guardian angel. Other items he would consider would be a Liandry’s torment which synergizes really well with Rylais – and Nashor’s tooth mainly I guess for the Attackspeed to help with the burst damage of his Q because obviously his Q uses the three autoattacks, and if you have more Attack speed you can use them a lot quicker. Now onto his skill order – he would start E -> then W -> Q level 3 -> max W first -> Q second -> E third -> ult whenever he can.

Playstyle –

Finally I will give a brief summary of his playstyle from the few games I did spectate. Basically level 1 and 2 he plays really really safe just farming with his E ability, and he often missed a few CS in those first two waves. This I imagine is mainly due to Morde’s passive where he gains a shield after each ability he uses, so obviously level 1 and 2 he doesn’t have as many abilities available to him so he’s very weak at this point in the game, especially against ranged champions. However once he hits level 3 or 4 he starts playing a little bit more aggressive, and looks like he tells his support to do the same, because often level 3 or 4 he would go all-in with his support and try and get that first kill of the game.

Once he hits level 6 he would look for every opportunity to get that dragon with his jungler so he can start pushing down towers as early as possible, I feel like mordekaiser botlane does rely a lot on his team getting that first dragon so he can snowball the game from there. Obviously his pushing power pushing down towers is very weak compared to other adc’s or the normal adc, so Mordekaiser really needs that dragon so he can push down those towers. Apart from that mid and lategame he just groups with his team because he is a lot more useful grouped up due to his W, how he can target an ally. Mordekaiser in general at the moment doesn’t seem to be that bad, he does apparently have the most bugs in the game for a champion right now – but actually in Korea if you have a look, there are three Mordekaiser mains in Challenger all on the Korean server, and the Korean server is considered to be the best server, so since there’s three Mordekaiser mains in Challenger, that represents to me or tells me that Morde maybe a lot stronger than what people think – which is pretty interesting in my opinion. I would note that these three Mordekaiser mains on the Korean server don’t actually play Morde in the botlane, they play him mainly in the Midlane otherwise they would play him in the Toplane, but they do go with a very similar build – all three of the players who play Mordekaiser are rushing that Hextech gunblade as their first or sometimes their second item, so that is the main item you want to go with as well as Rylais.