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Highest Ranked NA Evelynn Champion Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we have a build guide on the highest ranked and best lolskill Evelynn player on the NA server. Now the highest ranked player and the best lolskill player are actually 2 different accounts, however I am almost 100% certain it is the same person using both accounts as they both go for exactly the same build, use the exact same masteries and runes, and also have the exact same jungle path.

So the summoner name is Jezcp and he is currently ranked 237 – so pretty close to challenger, and has a 60% winrate on Eve with over 200 games. The other account named baked plantains has 100 games on Eve with a 78% winrate, and is currently diamond 2. So I am assuming that is his smurf account, if they are not the same person well then I guess they’re 2 people using exactly the same build, with pretty decent success. Now I did find a stream of his however it looks like he hasn’t streamed since Season 4, but here’s a link anyway if you want to check it out. Anyway this video will focus on his runes, masteries, item build, and skill order. He goes for a full AP build, and you can see from the 1-shots on Voyboy how much damage it can do. Most people who play Eve or AP Eve anyway go for an AP/Health type build where they build items such as Hextech protobelt, Rylais, and Liandries. But not this guy, he goes for a full AP build with items such as Deathcap, Zhonyas, and Lichbane. So without further ado, let’s get into this build guide.

Summoner Spells:

So first of all his summoner spells he takes flash and smite. Now a lot of people do take ignite on Evelynn, however the games I spectated he doesn’t really look for invades or early cheese kills on the enemy jungler, in fact for the most part it looks like he avoids the enemy jungler as much as possible because I feel like Eve losses 1v1’s a lot of the time, especially to the meta junglers such as Graves, Kha’zix and Rengar. So that’s why I believe he takes flash instead of ignite, it just suits his playstyle a lot better.

Runes and masteries:

Masteries he goes with a standard 12-18-0 page. with his keystone being Thunderlords. You guys can just pause the video and copy it if you want to. As for his runes he takes 9 AD reds, 9 Armor yellows, 9 AP blues, and 3 AP quints. Recently he has been taking 4 scaling AP yellows with 5 armor yellows, however I just recommend just sticking to the 9 armor yellows as it is better for Eve’s earlygame clear, and you may not be as efficient with her clears just yet.

Item Build:

Now onto his item build. So his starting items are very important that you start with a hunters talisman because of the healing you get from it using Eve’s Q which is on such a low cooldown. As for his first back he looks to get a Dark seal with Boots and Blue smite, which will then build into his first core item which will be Runic echoes. Depending on how much gold he has he might get Moby boots before finishing Runic echoes, but usually it will be afterwards. His next 2 core items will then be a Lichbane followed by a Hextech gunblade. Now most Eve players prefer the Hextech protobelt instead of the Gunblade as it gives more health and survivability, however Hextech gunblade provides more damage and healing, and probably makes it a lot easier to 1-shot the squishies, and as I said before he very much prefers that damage in his items. His remaining 2 items will then be between a Deathcap, Zhonyas or a Guardians angel, normally it will be the Deathcap/Zhonyas as it gives more damage, he doesn’t really consider any other items, sometimes he would upgrade his Dark seal into a Mejais, however by the looks of things it doesn’t look like he does it very often – even if he gets the 10 stacks on Dark seal.

Skill Order:

As for his skill order, he starts Q -> E -> W -> Max Q -> Max E -> Max W -> Level ultimate whenever he can.

Jungle Route:

Finally we will go over his starting jungle clear. So from the games I spectated he always started botside, then did wolves followed by the next buff, getting level 3, and then looking for a gank. He seemed to do this in every single game I spectated. The main thing to point out is on his first clear whenever he passes the Raptor camp, he will start spamming his Q on the Raptors as he passes the camp and not actually killing the camp. The reason you do this is because you get a ton of healing from Hunters talisman basically just spamming your Q, essentially you will be pretty close to full health if you do this by the time you start your next camp. It is a pretty common strategy known to Evelynn mains, so I’m just letting you guys know incase you didn’t know. It really helps with Eve’s first clear as her first clear does kind of suck, also basically what he does when he clears on Evelynn is auto attack -> run back -> Q -> auto attack -> runback -> Q, and then just keep repeating that process. As for his playstyle like I said before he doesn’t look for invades too much and prefers focusing on ganking lanes, often ganking the same lane a few times in a row when they don’t have flash. Also I noticed in mid-late game teamfights or skirmishes he actually holds onto his W when engaging unless he is 100% certain he can get the reset so he can then use his W to escape if he doesn’t manage to cleanup the kill.

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