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Highest Ranked NA Shaco Build Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we’re going to be looking at a Shaco one-trick player, and focusing on his build. Now hes currently rank 8th on the NA server, which shows how strong Shaco is right now in solo queue. Being in the top 10 is obviously a pretty solid effort. He goes by the summoner name Beautiful Korean, no surprise there – another korean dominating the game. Anyway this video is going to focus on his runes, masteries, item build, and skill order. Now the big thing I want to point out with Shaco is so far this season AP Shaco has been the go-to build for many players – however in patch 7.2 as some of you may know Lethality got a fairly decent buff, that along with the small nerf to Hextech gunblade which was one of the core items of AP Shaco at least for jungle AP Shaco – and this looks to have changed the most optimal build for Shaco at the moment. Also if you look at the website the new highest winrate is now a Lethality build, which is the exact same build this Shaco main uses. So without further ado lets get into this build guide.

Summoner Spells:

So first of all summoner spells – he takes smite and ignite. It seems to mainly be preference as to whether Shaco players take flash or ignite, but for the most part they usually take ignite and that is the same in this case.

Runes and Masteries:

Runes and masteries – very simple, masteries he takes 12-18-0, with his keystone mastery being Thunderlords. The main things to point out with this mastery page is he takes sorcery over fury in the ferocity tree, and wanderer over savagery in the cunning tree. I think that’s very interesting, I guess he feels he doesn’t need the savagery early game – and prefers the early ability power over attack speed from sorcery. Also make sure you get those 5 points in precision, for the extra early game Lethality.┬áRunes he takes 9 AD reds, 9 armor yellows, 9 AP blues, and 3 AS quints.

Item Build:

Now onto his item build, and he pretty much goes for the exact same build every single game – meaning that he feels it is the best build in every situation at the moment, or maybe it is just the build he enjoys playing the most. Regardless it is obviously still a very strong build that seems to work very well at the moment. So starting items would be a Hunters machete -> Refillable potion. As for his first back if he has enough gold he will get the Tiamat – Tiamat costs 1200 gold which is quite a lot of gold for your first back, so if he doesn’t have enough gold for it he’d just buy boots with a Longsword or two. His core build and exactly int his order would be Tiamat -> Berserker greaves -> Duskblade -> Edge of night -> Infinity edge -> Lord dominiks regard -> Upgrade Tiamat to Titanic hydra. Notice he never builds his jungle item, he just gets the hunters machete level 1 and thats that – no warrior and no runic echos. He doesn’t really consider any other items apart from Mortal reminder instead of Lord Dominiks regard, and Ravenous hydra instead of Titanic hydra – so that keeps it nice and simple. He never builds the AP Shaco build as well, however it is still a viable build in my opinion and you can still consider it especially if you’re team is full AD so you need that AP.

Skill Order:

As for his skill order he starts W -> Q -> E level 3 -> Max Q first -> E second -> W third -> Ultimate whenever he can.

Jungle Route:

Finally I will quickly go over his starting jungle clear. So level 1 he puts 2 boxes on bluebuff and 2 boxes on gromp. He also always asks for a leash, usually Shaco players don’t really need a leash, however because he only puts the 2 boxes on blue a leash is very much needed. From the 4/5 games I did watch – he went with the exact same starting jungle clear on both sides, which is bluebuff -> gromp -> wolves -> redbuff -> krugs -> smite krugs -> scuttle crab. After doing scuttle crab he always seems to ward near the enemy gromp, I guess he’s just trying to scout out where the enemy jungler is, and then from this position he will make his decision on whether to gank, counterjungle, or just back.


As for his playstyle I noticed he focused a lot on just farming. He never ganked level 2/3 which is something you often see from Shaco players, especially once he gets that Tiamat he often just did a full jungle clear whenever his camps were up, and only looked for counterganks and ganks that were easy kills. Once he got a few items and his Q was maxed, that’s when he started to look for more assassinations on the enemy squishy targets – especially once he got that Edge of night. He always waited for his Edge of night active to be up before going in – so make sure that you always do that when you get that item. Another thing I noticed is whenever his ultimate was available he took every opportunity he could to solo Dragon or Rift herald – Shaco does do Dragon and Rift herald very quickly and easily with his clone, and he got both those objectives quite a few times in the games I spectated.

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