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Highest Ranked NA Tryndamere Champion Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and welcome to another League of Legends video. Today I bring to you another build guide, this time it’s going to be on the highest rated Tryndamere in North America – he goes by the same of BoxerPete and he does have a stream: link here if you want to go check that out. He also has a Youtube channel so you can go check that out as well. He’s currently rank 40 in Challenger and has over 500 games on Tryndamere. One of the main reasons why I wanted to do this video is because hes going with this black cleaver and lucidity boots build which is something that is very rare on Tryndamere. So without further ado let’s do this.

Summoner Spells-

So first of all his preferred summoner spells are flash and ignite, infact he never goes with anything else such as TP or ghost. Flash and ignite are the best 2 summoner spells to try and get an early cheese kill 1-3 with Tryndamere if possible so he can snowball the game from there. Flash also allows you to use the E -> Flash combo which can definitely catch the enemy off guard if used correctly, and will help you get to the enemy ADC lategame a lot easier than ghost would in teamfights.

Runes and Masteries-

Moving onto his runes and masteries – mastery page he takes is 18-0-12 with his keystone being fervor. He much prefers fervor over warlords, warlords is more of an early sustain mastery – meanwhile fervor provides the extra damage and since he takes ignite fervor of battle synergizes better with his playstyle. So that would be my understanding of why he goes fervor over warlords, and to be honest fervor of battle right now in general is just a better keystone mastery.

His runepage is 9 AD reds, 9 Armor yellows, 6 CDR blues, 3 Scaling CDR blues, 3 AS Quints. So from his runes at level 18 he will have 10% CDR and along with black cleaver and lucidity boots overall at level 18 he will have 40% CDR on Tryndamere which is the basis of his build. This is essentially a CDR Tryndamere build.

Item Build –

So now that leads onto his item build. His starting items for the most part would be a Longsword -> Refillable potion -> Yellow trinket. However against AD Ranged champions such as Quinn and Graves which you sometimes see in the toplane, specifically Quinn as a counter to Tryndamere – he would start cloth armor instead of a longsword. As for his first back he would usually rush Lucidity boots as his first item, this would then be followed by a Vamperic sceptor for the lifesteal in lane which he would later upgrade to a blade of the ruined king. If he started cloth armor his first back would be ninja tabi’s instead of boots of lucidity, just so he could negate as much damage as possible in lane against champions such as Quinn.

Following on from this his core build would be boots of Lucidity -> Static shiv -> Black cleaver -> Blade of the ruined king. So why Lucidity boots, and why Black cleaver? So both items give you CDR and along with these runes at level 18 you will have 40% CDR which means his E ability, or his spin, will be on a 5 second cooldown. This obviously means that every 5 seconds Tryndamere will have a gapcloser or an escape. This gives him a ton of mobility and negates the kiting issue that Tryndamere has to deal with. You can also add in the movement speed you gain from the passive of Black cleaver, and then the active of Blade of the ruined king which provides a slow and a slight movement speed increase as well. All of this combined gives Tryndamere a lot of mobility and movement speed to continually rotate between lanes, applying pressure on the map, and it also helps him in teamfights to get to the squishy targets – especially if he has flash up. Another advantage of black cleaver is it reduces the armor of enemy champions up to 30%, which obviously helps in the toplane where you will often be dueling with tanks who stack armor.

So you can see why lately he has been having a lot of success with this build. Obviously hes firstly a great Tryndamere player and that is the main reason he is Challenger, however I do believe he is probably found the most optimal build on Tryndamere for the current meta, so if you guys play Tryndamere maybe give the black cleaver build a go. An example of a final build would be Boots of Lucidity -> Static Shiv -> Black Cleaver -> Blade of the Ruined King -> Infinity Edge -> Phantom Dancer. Other items he would consider are Merc treads if the enemy laner is someone like Kennen or Lissandra. Mortal Reminder to reduce enemy heals, and Lord Dominiks.

Skill Order-

Finally his skill order, he would start E first -> 2 points in Q -> W -> Max Q first -> E second -> W third -> Max ultimate last, only because ranking up ult only reduces the CDR of the ult and doesn’t really provide any other stats.

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