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Highest Ranked Taliyah Support Build Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds, and yes today we have another build guide – this time on the highest ranked support Taliyah main on the NA server. He goes by the summoner name Eepblob and he’s currently rank 152 with over a 60% winrate and close to 100 games with Taliyah, and most of those games probably over 90% of those games would be as a Support. And since Taliyah support is not very common, not meta at all, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone else being successful with it so I thought it would be good to do a build guide on. So this video is just going to focus on the runes, masteries, item build, and skill order, and then you guys can copy it if you want to or try it out for yourself. So without further ado, let’s do this.

Summoner Spells –

So first of all summoner spells – he always takes flash and ignite. So generally that means he likes to play very aggressive early on as he takes the ignite over the exhaust looking for that early cheese kill level 2 to 5.

Runes and Masteries –

Now onto his runes and masteries – his mastery page is 12-18-0 with his keystone mastery being Thunderlords. You could easily proc Thunderlords with just your Q on Taliyah which will do a ton of damage early game, so that is the main reason why Taliyah players take Thunderlords it’s definitely the best keystone mastery to take. The only difference to his page to one a midlane Taliyah would use is he takes Expose weakness over Feast in the Ferocity tree, and Wanderer over Savagery in the Cunning tree.

As for his runes he takes 9 flat armor reds, 9 flat health yellows, 9 AP blues, 1 flat armor quint, 1 AP quint, and 1 mana regen quint. So as you can see he’s got no scaling runes so he mainly focuses on the early game, so that combined with Thunderlords and ignite makes his earlygame very very strong in terms of damage – it is a very specific page for Taliyah support so if you guys don’t have the runes or IP you may have to just go with a standard AP runepage, which would be something like magic penetration reds, armor yellows, magic resist blues, and AP quints.

Item Build –

Now onto his actual item build – so starting items he would always start with a Spellthief’s edge -> 3 Biscuits -> Yellow trinket. As for his first back he would look to get Sightstone and Tier 1 boots if possible. Once he gets Sightstone he would swap out his yellow trinket for the Sweeping lens so make sure you remember to do that. Basically from there he would upgrade his sight stone to Eye of the watchers, and his Boots to Boots of lucidity for the Cooldown reduction. As for his core build it would be Eye of the watchers -> Boots of lucidity -> Lyandries torrent -> Locket -> Redemption. Redemption is just such a strong item right now, you pretty much have to get it on any Support you play. I would like to mention that about 2 weeks ago he was going with Morellonomicon after Eye of the watchers, however in the last 50 games or so he has stopped buying Morellonomicon as a Support he probably found that it was just way to expensive to buy as a Support and you just don’t get enough gold and items such as Redemption and Locket are much better to rush. Other items he would consider would be Rylai’s, he usually gets Rylai’s as a last item, the other items are Ludens echo and Zhonya’s. Now I would say he usually gets Ludens echo and Zhonya’s if he feels like he needs the extra damage, and this you would usually see when his team has a lot of AD and not much AP, so that means he feels like he needs to be the one doing the AP damage to help with his teamcomp so that’s that.

As for his skillorder he would start Q -> get W level 2 -> E level 3 -> max Q first -> E second -> W third -> ult whenever you can. Now finally I did watch a few of his games so basically level 1 he would try to land a full Q ability combo trying to proc the Thunderlords – just like I said before will do a lot of damage, and basically can just win you the lane for that. Then once he gets his W¬†which knocks an enemy champion in a desired direction, he would try and knock the enemy ADC towards him which would do a lot of burst damage. You can also try and knock the support if it is a really squishy champion such as Zyra and Soraka – just be careful you don’t really want to knock champions such as Alistar towards your ADC, things might not turn out as good. Then once he hits level 6 he will often look for a quick roam towards the midlane with his ultimate available, and see if he can get a sneaky kill on the enemy midlaner. Unfortunately the replay doesn’t show the grounded passive you get from Taliya’s Q, so I couldn’t see exactly how he was positioning the Q’s in lane. Apart from that mid to lategame Taliya is all about landing her skillshots and zoning. He often used Taliya’s ult to zone the enemy team from objectives such as Dragon and Baron. Also when sieging towers you can use Taliya’s ult to zone the enemy team away once again, so you can take the tower a lot easier and this is very effective where you have Baron buff. As you can see here he does this while his team has Baron buff so his team can do a lot more damage onto the tower.

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