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Highest Ranked NA Twisted Fate Champion Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds. So a lot of people always comment on my highest mastery points videos “Why are all the highest mastery point players always seem to be in low ELO?” Well I guess that is probably because I focus on them a lot more, but they definitely are some players with the highest mastery points on a player in a high ELO, including this Twisted Fate with the highest mastery points in the world with over 2.2 million mastery points. He is currently in Challenger on the North American server, and he is also the highest ranked or best lolskill ranked Twisted Fate in the world. Also, he has only ever played 2 champions on his account: Twisted Fate and Nidalee. And by the looks of things he has only ever played 1 game on Nidalee which he probably regrets, that is some dedication in my opinion. He goes by the name of SSBM Hax – which actually stands for Super Smash Bros Melee, and I did a little bit of research and he was actually previously or still is a Super smash bros Melee professional player. So that is pretty cool, anyway this video will be a build guide just going through his runes, masteries, item build, and skill order for Twisted Fate. So you guys can just either copy it yourself, or compare your builds on Twisted Fate to his. It is always nice to know what the best players are building on a certain champion – so without further ado lets do this.

Summoner Spells:

So first of all summoner spells. He usually always takes Flash and Ghost on TF, however I did notice in specific matchups he took Exhaust instead of Ghost. Those matchups were Zed, Fizz, and Talon. That makes a lot of sense to take Exhaust against those champions who do a lot of all-in burst damage, and Exhaust is good at countering that. He didn’t take any other summoner spell combinations, so that keeps it nice and simple.

Runes and Masteries:

Moving onto his runes and masteries – his mastery page is very standard for TF: he goes with 12-18-0 with his keystone mastery being Thunderlords. As for his rune pages though, he has 5 different runepages for TF, however he only really uses 2 of them, I imagine the other 3 pages are only very situational – I will go through all of them nonetheless. First his runepage against a magic damage matchup – he goes with 9 magic penetration reds, 9 scaling health yellows, 9 magic resist blues, and 3 movement speed quints.

And then his second page he’s got an armor page for AD matchups, or against full AD teamcomps, where he goes 9 magic penetration reds, 9 armor yellows, 6 CDR per level blues, 3 ability power per level blues, and 3 movement speed quints. You can see hes got no magic resist with this page, instead he has armor and CDR. So those are his 2 standard runepages that he takes on TF.

The next page he has got which I have only seen him use once in recent times is a page with a mixture of armor and magic resist. He used this in a game against Jayce and Rumble, so I am assuming he wasn’t quite sure who he was going to lane against, was it going to be Jayce or was it going to be Rumble? So he decided to just take a mixture of these standard runepages to be safe.

The other 2 pages I never actually saw him take in recent times, but I’ll go through them anyway just incase you’re interested. They’re pretty similar to the other pages with some slight differences. This one is exactly the same as the previous one except now you have 6 cooldown reduction blues per level instead of the straight 9 magic resist blues.

The final runepage is just a variation to his first one, which he takes against magic damage matchups – instead of the 9 magic resist blues he goes with the 3 magic resist blues, and 6 cooldown reduction per level blues. So those are his 5 runepages.


Now we will move onto his actual item build. Now his item build is slightly different to the most common TF build, however it is still very much the same or very similar indeed. He basically rushes a Rod of Ages first before a Lichbane. The most popular build on TF is basically the one that Grossgore uses – where he rushes Lichbane, and then basically just goes full damage after that with items such as Ludens and Deathcap. However SSBM Hax never goes with Ludens and often prioritizes Zhonyas over Deathcap. So basically with this item build he is being a lot more safer rather then just going full damage which I believe is more common to do in Challenger ELO.

Anyway his starting items would be a Dorans ring -> 2 pots -> Yellow trinket. Then on his first back he would usually aim to get a Catalyst so he could start building into that Rod of Ages so he can get it as quick as possible. Following on from this his core build order would be Rod of Ages -> Boots of Lucidity -> Lichbane – depending on the situation he would then either get Zhonyas or an Abyssal scepter. If he feels like he needs the MR he would get an Abyssal, otherwise he would just go with the Zhonyas which obviously provides armor but also allows him to engage fights with his ultimate as he can then Zhonyas while his teammates follow up.┬áHis final item build would usually be something like a Rod of Ages -> Boots of lucidity -> Lichbane -> Zhonyas -> Void Staff -> Deathcap. The only other item like I mentioned before that he goes with is an Abyssal scepter if he decided he needed that item.

Skill Order:

Finally his skill order. He would start W -> Get Q -> E level 3 -> Max Q first -> W second -> E third -> Ult whenever he can.

And that pretty much does it for the build guide. As for playing TF it usually takes you quite a few games to learn how to play him and his unique playstyle where you provide so much mobile pressure with your ultimate. If you like TF and want to get good with him, I recommend just keep playing him as much as possible – I feel like he is one of those champions you just need to keep on playing to improve.

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