League of Legends

How to Disable Chat in League of Legends

Commonly asked questions (Guide is below)

Can you reach high ELO without chat?
Yes – with the advanced smart ping system we currently have in League of Legends there is almost zero benefit to having chat communication. For example many pro foreigners that come to North America to play on our ladder often speak little to no English, yet many of them (specifically the Koreans) still end up dominating and ranking to the top of our server. While you can always make the argument that less communication is never good, everyone knows how bad some games of NA solo queue can be – and if you’re someone that easily tilts you would definitely benefit more by having chat off.

Can I still type with this method of disabling chat?
Yes – this method only hides the chat – you can still type in game, you just have to do it blind.

Does this disable my other chats as well?
No – this method does not disable Champion select or Client chat, it only hides the in game chat.

Can I be punished for hiding my chat for “refusing to communicate”?
No – this method was implemented by Riot and requires no 3rd party program/etc to do. Riot has also specified many times that they do not punish those who choose not to use chat, if they did every non English speaker would be banned – so obviously a system like that would never work.

The Guide

Step 1:

  • Load into a custom game and pick any character – once the game has loaded in hit enter to open up your chat box.
  • Next click the blue bar at the top of your chat and proceed to drag it into the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Keep moving the box until it’s barely visible.



Step 2:

  • Hit Escape, go to Interface and adjust your chat scale to 0.
  • Your chat should now be completely hidden, hit “Okay” and leave the custom.



  • You can re-enable chat at any time by setting “Chat Scale” back to 100 and moving the blue bar, or by simply hitting “Restore Defaults”.