How to Farm the Sea Turtle Mount Fast


Yo whats up Youtube it’s Aneuryzm from Infexious gaming and today we’re here to show you a fast way to get your turtle mount. Basically we had a 40 man raid team and we’re at somebodies garrison, everybody’s casting a line into the same water and we’re all capturing the same mod that spawns. Everybody individually has personal loot chance at looting this mob. This means you can get: a fishing pole, a coin, a mount, a companion, a toy, and a bag filled of shit items. But basically this is a quick way of getting the turtle mount – you’ll see one of the cave dwellers just spawn – how do we get that cave dweller to spawn and drop us that glorious Turtle mount that is going to be so profitable in Legion, because it can go across the water very quickly and there will be water zones in Legion that we want to get from one point to the other, and hit that max level that much quicker, and for me that is going to be relevant which is why i’m farming this mount.

So how does it work? So every individual player throws their rod into the water, you then cast it back in and you have a chance to catch a green item called a Lunarfall Carp, you throw the lunarfall carp back into the water, and there is a 100% chance to spawn a cave dweller. When the cave dweller comes out everybody DPS’s it and everybody has a personal loot chance at getting the mount. So as you can imagine, doing this solo would take an enormous amount of time and doing it in this group is still going to take some time but it’s going to be a lot less time than if you were doing it by yourself. So if you’re going to ever do fishing and you want to get these mounts I know its boring but if you’re ever going to ever do fishing now is the time to do it before this gets hotfixed if you can see the corpses that’re lying here i’m going to loot this and as you can see a lot of items come up. Luckily we have lots of glorious bag space – not.

But more importantly are these are kind of soft drops if you want to imagine it that way because even if you’ve are out here farming for the turtle farming for say eight hours and it doesn’t drop it’s still not wasted because every so often you get these coins called “Nat’s Lucky Coin”. I have 32 and I have been here maybe two and a half hours. If you take these coins to this guy here called Nat Pagle there is the Crimson Water Strider for 100 coins (mount). So, I estimate about 8 hours of farming this, if you don’t have the turtle by then you will have this water mount here (Crimson Water Strider). So it’s a win-win situation once you’re willing to put the time in, if you leave it until after today or whenever it ends up being hotfixed then it’s going to take a lot longer to get it done. So get your water mount right now and use it in Legion to get across the water quickly and be faster to level to 110 on your server. My name is Aneuryzm this is Infexious gaming and i’m outta her