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How to level from 1-30 in 2 days on League of Legends

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What is going on ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, it is your boy TheGlacier and I wanted to make this video today just to show you guys how fast I leveled my brand new smurf account to level 30 with this brand new method. I’m super excited to show you guys this so lets get started and jump right into this one.

So the first thing you’re going to need to do is go to the store and purchase a 50 win and a 3 day experience boost. These will stack together on-top of the experience you will already be getting.

Next find two buddies that are willing to level accounts with you. Then simply invite them into a custom game on the Twisted Treeline map. Then select three bots to go against, preferably three squishy and harmless bots like Soraka, Zilean, and Karthus. Before you start the game, there’s just a few things you need to know.

So your main objective in this is to simply end the game by 7 minutes and no sooner. Otherwise you will not receive any experience if the game ends before 7 minutes. All three of you and your buddies will go down to the bottom lane and simply push until you can’t anymore.

The second thing you guys need to know is to pick champions that can not only take towers quickly but also have great wave-clear. For our setup we chose to run Graves, Master Yi, and Akali. Our strategy was very simple, Graves would first Q the wave, then Akali would use her E second, and finally Master Yi would Alpha strike the wave last. This combination would practically clear the entire wave in one combo. Which would then allow us to focus on taking the towers.

The third and final thing is to take Teleport and Smite for your summoner spells. We’ve found that this is by far the quickest way to end the game. Use your smite to kill the cannon minions, and then use your teleport to get back to lane if you end up dying. Ideally you want to take the inhibitor turret and then recall and teleport back with new items to be able to push one last time and take their nexus.

Even when we were dying and fooling around, we were still able to end the game by 7 minutes with these summoner spells. After a couple of games you and your friends will get the hang of it. One thing I do want to mention before you guys go out and try it, is that you really don’t receive any IP for doing this strategy.

This is without the doubt the fastest way to level an account to 30, but we did find out that if you do mix in normal games every now and then you should be completely fine. If you decide to buy yourself a cheap IP boost then you will easily have enough IP for all of your rune pages.

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