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How to Make a YouTube Banner Online Using Pixlr

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Hey guys hows it going welcome back. Today we’re going to be doing our banners tutorial – we’re going to be using Pixlr editor to do this. I made this for those of you guys out here who do not have Photoshop. So its easy, it’s free. No download at all. You can download it, but there’s no need to. It has like everything Photoshop does except the pen tool. So pretty good. It’s a lot easier to use then Photoshop. It does have a tiny bit of a learning curve but other than that its pretty easy to use, I’ve actually used this in another video. You can also follow these steps in Photoshop to make this banner also.

So without further ado let’s get into this. The first thing we’re going to do is create a new image – 2560 by 1440, transparent, name it whatever you want I’m going to name it YT Banner – YT Banner. Click OK. So you’re going to want to go to Google and search “youtube banner template”. Make sure it’s 2560 by 1440 – I already have that though so I’m going to open it up, for that you’re going to click this little tool right here, put it right on the corner, and then stretch right over this and delete -> Control D to deselect. Then you are going to click this so the next layer you make is underneath this. So you’re going to go layer -> Opened image layer -> Click your background. I’m going to be using this blue grunge background. Pretty cool looking. You guys can just go find another one off the internet if you would like. Let’s size it up – To do that you transform it and hold shift so it’s even. Going to try and get this all to one color. Just about perfect. There we go. Click Yes.

After this you’re going to want to open another layer over the top of it. Going to choose the black. You can do this also with any color, we’re going to paint bucket it. And then leave the opacity and were going to go to Overlay and turn it down a little bit like that. And then passing 76 is working perfectly, so do that. Then after that now it looks nice and dark.

After that you’re going to go to the shapes tool and make a perfect square like this. Nice size. Actually I need to make a new layer to do that anyways. So new layer over the top. Then you’re going to make a white – leave the border size and all of that its not going to matter, leave it normal. Going to make a square like that. Then edit for transform. You’re going to spin it. So it’s like a triangle. Try to make this thing more even now. Drag it down here. There you go. Yes that looks even. Now you’re going to free transform. Stretch it out, make it bigger. Right there right in the center color on this side and this side is a little bit off. But you can fix that it’s just because this gradient thing was a bit of a different color. Again you can use any Background you want though any color doesn’t matter. Check and make sure this thing is white though then you’re going to click this button right here. Go to Overlay. See that little cool glow effect, then you’re going to click this button Outer glow. Black. 336. Using a nice outer glow its like a cool mirror effect right here. So you can just put it right where you want it.

Make it that big. Right there where it’s centered, then you’re going to take this thing and make another new layer. Put this on overlay. You could also do this in Photoshop you can just follow along with the steps. This looks about the right size fit. Here just want to drag that – you’re also going to put this. Click off of that, put it below other layer underneath it. Then you’re going to take this eraser and you’re just going to go along here and erase all of that that’s inside – make sure you have this selected that way doesn’t erase anything else.

There we go I think we’re doing a pretty good job. There we go – that’s all gone, now its perfect. Then you’re going to click this, outer glow, Black again. 315. Perfect. Again you can go back with this thing and get rid of all of that, Because it doesn’t look that great. There we go. Got rid of all that. There we go, that looks nice. Then you’re on a take it, duplicated it, and that way it looks a little bit lighter. And then you’re going to duplicate it one more time. And then you take that one over here, this one you’re not going need to click edit edit device I’m just doing that on mine. You normally wouldn’t and this one side is darker than the other. Normally that’d look kind of weird though so doesn’t even matter. Edit -> free transform -> we’re going to flip this thing around. Flip it around. Like. That. Try to make it center like that, hold shift and drag this out so it is the right size. Then again take the little eraser tool and just erase all of this right off there. Perfect looks nice, the glow on this one though is a little bit different then the other one. So I’m going to make sure that the outer glow goes up a little bit more that way they match. Perfect perfect perfect. Then you are going to take your text tool right here. I’m going to leave it size like this. I will leave the font down description below. Let’s call it DK – right over here to drag this down. DK Sensory overload.

I’ll leave the Web site and you can install it on there. Put all caps on and then you just put your name right there. And then you layer -> rasterize layer -> edit -> free transform, hold shift. Drag this out to make it perfect size then you’re going to do the gradient. You can change the color if you want I’m just going to leave it for this. But first you gotta hold shift and select each of these if you mess up. or you click something you don’t want to like that, Control Z fixes it.

There you go. Now we’re just going to go to the Gradient you can change the color again. hold shift, drag down. That looks perfect. control D to de-select. Then you’re going to go over here -> Inner glow. Make the inner glow white, and it gives it that really awesome glow effect.

I figured that out yesterday from watching another YouTubers video. I’m gonna start using that more on my stuff. And then you give it an Outer glow 336. We tone it down just a little bit to make it- That looks even better. 312. Perfect. The glow effect looks really cool – I thought you had to get a layer style and all of that in Photoshop but apparently you don’t have to do that. Really cool. And then you go right here. You do another text except you’re going to make this one a little bit smaller – you can leave this size though, all caps again don’t know why I hit OK. So you can get your social media here. So Instagram. Name, again.

And then you can go here -> file I mean not file, Transform. Transform hold shift. Shrink it down put your instagram name right there, again. Copy them all it might be harder since it’s smaller so you can enlarge it when you do this. Then take this. Perfect – Color -> Deselect -> Inner Glow -> White -> Three -> Outer Glow -> Black -> 316 – Perfect.

And then you can just duplicate it although you normally wouldn’t duplicate it because it probably would be a different name. If its the same you can duplicate it though, put it right over there too. That’s what these little bars are for. And then you can also put the little logo right there. For whatever it is just get a PNG. And then you go and you make a new layer and you just put it right on there, and you can edit -> free transform to change the size and all that.

And then after this is there anything else we want to do. And make sure this is all centered. It all looks nice.

And then if you want – it’d be kind of fun to do you can underline it.

Give it an – I actually needed to make a new layer for that. Anyways you can underline it and do a bunch of other cool stuff for that.

Real quick before we do that. This is what I did on mine – I took that and made it even even smaller and tiny. keep CAPS LOCK ON that way it looks more professional – an official channel of. Center. And. On a. Move.

That right there name perfect. And then you can go through it and you can rasterize it.

And then normally you would select them all but I’m not going to do that right now because its going to take forever since it’s so small, you can make it bigger to do that and then shrink it back down. And an official channel of the name – and I think that looks pretty good other than me needing to change that. So after that you go over here control S for that. Make sure it’s a jpeg, hundred quality. Save it. Click save. Choose where you wanted to save – I’ll just save it right here. And tada – So thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this banner tutorial.