League of Legends

How to Perfectly Last Hit Under Tower


Hello everyone welcome back to another one of my videos, for those of you guys who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet my name is Torenthal and today we’re going to be going over something pretty stable that you need to learn: Farming under tower. This may seem simple, but I see so many players miss CS under tower, that I thought it’d be great to make a video about it.

First off let’s start off with the basics, assuming you’re playing the average champion (Ashe) here’s the cookie cutter version of how to last hit under tower. For melee minions it takes 2 tower shots + 1 auto, and for caster minions it takes 1 AA + 1 Tower shot followed by an AA. If you’re an AD champion as the game goes on if you gain more items, for caster minions it only takes 1 tower shot followed by 1 AA.

So that was the simple version of last hitting, but as you guys know you often times wont get a minion wave that reaches your turret with full health. This means that you are going to have to prep the minion wave before it actually hits your turret.

But what does prepping a minion wave actually mean? Well to put it simply it’s to make sure that minions are 1 tower hit away from death, before reaching tower. Firstly we have to identify how a turret priorities minions, first it targets the nearest minion, then the cannon minion, then the melee minions, then finally the caster minions. So it’s best to prepare them in that order, you want to make sure the enemy melee minions are about half health, or full health before they reach your turret. Any melee minion below 50% health you want to try and kill before they reach your minion. For all caster minions you want to make sure they’re primarily healthy, with a little bit of damage on them (90%). Try and get them all to 90% range before your melee creeps die.

Also remember that you will┬ácannot get every minion. If a minion looks hopeless, abandon it and start prepping the rest of your wave. Up next here we’re going to have a short clip of what perfect CS under tower looks like [@ 1:45]. While this plays out I just want to remind you supports out there that you can help prep the wave for your ADC as well.

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