Guide to Playing Sombra on Defense + 16 Gameplay Tips

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Transcript (Tips at Bottom):

Hello everybody Dibz here and today we’re going to be playing some Sombra on defense. Now for defense I feel that Sombra is super powerful on control point maps because of the fact that you can take control of these health packs. Health packs are super important when it comes to attacking a control point because of the fact that you have to survive as long as you can and then wipe out the enemy team that’s on defense. Now if you are on attack and you don’t have control of these control points/health packs it’s going to be really hard for you to do so. Not only that, It allows you to you know have much more sustain when you’re on defense right. So the thing about this is that Sombra really allows for sustainability when it comes to control point if she’s on defense, because not only does she allow the enemy to him not to push up or not be able to push up and take those healthpacks, you can pretty much just keep going through these healthpacks and survive a lot more easily even if you don’t have healer’s. Right. So she is kind of like, well a lot of people say that she isn’t considered a support and she kind of really isn’t. But the fact that she allows people to have a lot of sustain is really really beneficial. She may not be classified as a healer, but just keeping in mind that she does allow healing to be a lot more effective, is very very nice.

That’s pretty much why I really like to have her on control points when defense. Now when it comes to payload and King of the hill it’s a little bit different. I find that she is useful in most cases and not specifically defense. On control point when it comes to attack, she is not very useful because you do not have the DPS to take down the enemy team when it comes to control point Sombra. Sombra is somebody who is mostly able to harass people and able to finish them off. She’s not able to deal quite – like a ton of damage to me. So that’s why she kind of lacks in the attacking area especially when it comes to control point. When it comes to attack and control point you want somebody who can do a big burst of damage and somebody who can wipe the enemy team – Sombra just doesn’t have it in her kit. She used more of this kind of annoying thing. She just teleports back and forth, takes health packs, and doesn’t allow you to take it. And it’s super strong, especially when you’re able to control all of the health packs look at this – they can’t take this one, they can’t take the other one. Oh I blinked into that one. I mean I didn’t blink but, too much tracer. I teleport into that I should have teleported there – and they have a teleporter right there.

But yeah I mean you can see just how annoying she can be on defense. Right, the attacking team doesn’t have any health packs available for them, they cant push up, and it’s much more difficult than if they actually really had these health packs available to them. But yeah this is also PTR so Symmetra is buffed. I forgot to mention this is PTR, so yeah this is where Symmetra does have a lot of turrets, she does have her shield up. I wanted to give her a shot to see how Sombra turns out in the upcoming meta. There is the shield. Going to try and see if we can get rid of the teleporter. Teleporter does have 400 life now as well and all these turrets all over the place – going to try and see if I can take care of it. Oh my gosh. It almost takes an entire clip from Sombra to kill it. For hacking, I do feel like hacking healthpacks are super super important, when it comes to hacking you don’t really want to hack somebody or an enemy team when there’s somebody next to them because of the fact that it takes a while for you to hack them, and Sombra isn’t really somebody who can take on multiple people at once. You always want to try to take on people when they’re one on one and when it’s one on one that’s probably the only time that you want to hack somebody and this Widowmakers up there, not really sure what she’s doing up there. But yeah usually just hack somebody one on one, when it’s multiple people you don’t really want to hack and you probably don’t want to be dealing with that at the same time, it’s hard to take on multiple people at once as Sombra. But yeah, she is not meant to solo people – Sombra is really not meant to solo people, she’s meant to kind of be somebody who has or who is supporting at DPS with her slightly medium – you know I’m trying to say like it’s not that great of a DPS, she’s OK, but she is good at killing tanks because of the fact that the tanks have huge hit boxes. She can basically unload an entire clip on them and do quite a bit of damage to tanks. But when it comes to skinny targets it’s not very effective. Basically if you are having trouble with a lot of tanks as Tracer and you still want to be kind of like a flanker and to be somebody to annoy the enemy team, Sombra would be the better pick, or would be the pick if you want to switch out of Tracer and you’re having trouble with a lot of tanks. She’s a lot more utility, she’s not meant for you know high DPS and a lot of people have been complaining about her damage being too low. But I find that it’s all right. It’s not too bad, it can be increased slightly. But if I feel like it’s increased slightly she would still be considered to be considered quite, quite powerful. Pretty much borderline overpowered because of the fact that she’s meant to just kill people when they’re weak, which is why she has the thermal ability what you can see people underneath 50 percent health. But she’s kind of meant to scout those  people out and chase them down and kill them. She’s that really meant to like take people down from full health in my opinion.

But yeah enough about that. Let’s talk about strategy when it comes to Sombra – so taking control of health packs is super important of course, especially on defense and it makes it so that the enemy team can’t push up – the enemy team needs to wipe you, And you always want to take control of as many health checks as possible. All right, able to take that. Because of this Winston. Winston is kind of a counter to you, you always want to make sure that you stay out of his range and take you’re always around a health pack whenever you can. So throwing down your teleporter on the health pack is always very useful. Going to ultimate and grabbing four people in that ultimate, teleporting back not wanting to be in the mix of everybody, because the thing is it’s really nice for you to actually pop your ultimate in there and then just back out because you honestly are not going to be able to kill all four people, and you just want to use it and then have the rest of your team kind of like deal all the damage.

It’s very nice for you to be able to do that. You’re not supposed to be super aggressive but then when you do use that when you pop your ultimate it makes everybody weak. It’s a chance for your own team to kind of just pop in to take advantage of that. She’s more utility than she is damage like I said. I’m going to throw my teleport out of there. Right when I’m about to die. Just pop it. So I’m wasting time on the Winston looked like it should come back to me. But yeah basically just waste the ultimate from the Winston as much as you can, and just teleport away. That’s kind of what you want to do for almost any other ultimate, especially when it’s in a channel like that. It’s very nice for you to do so. And Symmetra popping her sentries down there, don’t want to be too aggressive especially with their increased range dealing a lot of them to me. But yeah taking care of these healthpacks as always. Throw my teleport down as well. So yeah we’re just going to try to annoy them as much as possible, keep control of these health packs. Always want to do that whether on defense or attack. Just try to take care of them as much as possible. And you also can hack through shields when it comes to Reinhardt. I’m not exactly sure how much of a bug that is or if that’s actually considered what it’s supposed to be like.

In the most recent patch they allowed you to actually do it through the shield. So if he has a shield up you can do it. I think that’s actually getting 900 through health packs in general. So you always want to just put your translocator on health packs to see how long you can survive. You can basically survive as long as you can. You’ve just got to make sure that you’re really quick on the E or the translator button to translocate back. And then whenever you hack it you always want to make sure to throw your translocator back there again and just keep track of the timer in the center of your screen. Very very useful. So just deal damage here, taking them out. I know the soldiers weak, so you can see it all right taking him out.

And then no need to translocate because I’m full of health already. And also that timers down. But yeah once its down you always got to make sure that – got 15 seconds, teleporting back – getting a kill and then just teleporting back. That’s kind of like what Tracer is you know, basically what Tracer does is blinks in, gets a kill and then recalls out, and that’s why I find Sombra to be very strong where she is at the moment, the fact that D.Va is very very strong in the meta as well – there is going to be a lot of a defense matrix shenanigans going on and you can literally just hack through the defense matrix – yeah you can basically just hack through the defense matrix when she’s using it you just pop your hack and you can just the thing to stop her from doing it. It’s pretty ridiculous. And that’s why I feel like Sombra is going to be pretty strong in the upcoming meta, especially with all the D.Va coming into play. Winston not coming into play too much I don’t feel like, but Sombra is super strong against Zarya which is kind of sad because Zarya already did get a nerf, and now that Sombra is in play it makes it even harder for Zarya to come into play or be very effective. It’s kind of sad because Zarya was one of my favorite heros to play and have on my team, and just the fact that Sombra is now in the game makes it harder for her to be more effective. But we’ll we’ll see how it goes, season 3 is coming out super soon. Hopefully, you know it’s going to be fun, I mean of course will be fun but hopefully it’s nothing like too crazy or hard to deal with Sombra.

Not a lot of people have a lot of experience with her yet, but then we’ll see how it goes, we’ll just see how that goes. I wish I had my hack up actually, you can hack against him when he uses his deflect. You don’t see me hacking that many people but we’e still being super effective. Just the fact that we’re chasing down weak people, and then only hacking people when necessary. Like I don’t even need to hack the soldier, just want to DPS him down as much as I can. And yeah you don’t even need to, and throwing my translocator and missing, totally. But yeah that’s pretty much how I like to play Sombra on defense. Take control of health packs, keep running around get those easy picks, and then translocating back to those health packs. And just be as annoying as you can to the enemy team.

Make sure you get those grouped up ultimate’s, and usually I like to use that whenever the enemy team is grouped together. And then my team can pretty much just push up, and take them out for me.

You don’t always want to be sticking around for too long when you hack the enemy team with your ultimate. Just get out of there whenever you can, and it just popped back in and just finish up people and whenever your team you know just deals all the damage. But I think that’s going to be about it for this one, haven’t had a chance to play competitive of course because it’s not out yet. But yeah I’m going to be doing a stream segment on this one. And yeah that’s going to be about it. Just want to say thanks for watching guys and we’ll catch you guys in the next one. Peace out.

Pro Tip #1 –
Watching one healthpack, while keeping your translocator at another, allows you to easily deny two healthpacks for a long time.

Pro Tip #2 –
I find Sombra to be more useful on defense when it comes to 2 CP, rather than attack. She lacks DPS at the moment.

Pro Tip #3 –
Be careful when using your translocator offensively. It helps if you have vision of the entire next area to ensure your safety.

Pro Tip #4 –
Hacking an opponent in an unfair fight alone as Sombra usually isn’t enough to win you the fight.

Pro Tip #5 –
It is possible to solo people as Sombra, but it requires on-point aim, and your target to be a non-damage class. Most DPS heros can kill Sombra faster than she can kill them.

Pro Tip #6 –
Try to always take a fight to a hacked healthpack. This is essentially like having your own healer.

Pro Tip #7 –
It is always beneficial to bait an enemy ultimate in the direction away from your team/translocator, and then escape when near death, to waste an enemy ultimate.

Pro Tip #8 –
Always fight Symmetra where there are corners nearby. This allows you to break her line of sight.

Pro Tip #9 –
Your translocator gives you 15 seconds to teleport to it. If you want to throw it to a different location, use it to start the 6 second timer, instead of waiting the full 15 seconds (and 6 more after).

Pro Tip #10 –
Sombra’s hack goes through shields and bubbles (currently), and her ultimate takes away Zarya’s shields (200).

Pro Tip #11 –
If an enemy is already looking directly at you, don’t start trying to hack them. Any damage on you interrupts the process of hacking.

Pro Tip #12 –
If you are close enough to the enemy (a little farther than melee range), they can see you even if you are invisible.

Pro Tip #13 –
It is usually a good idea to put your translocator at a higher and hard to reach elevation (or near health packs).

Pro Tip #14 –
Soldier’s ultimate will not target you if you are invisible.

Pro Tip #15 –
Coordinate with your team, and hack a D.Va before your Zarya throws in her ultimate. This will guarantee that D.Va can’t use her defense matrix to nullify it.

Pro Tip #16 –
Using your ultimate on and enemy Lucio’s sound barrier essentially negates it.