League of Legends

Guide to Freezing Lanes and Starting Slowpushes


Hey guys it’s me again Torenthal, today we’re going to make a pretty short video on how to freeze a lane and how to start a slowpush. First i’m going to go over quickly how to do each of them and then i’m going to get into the science behind it. Why it happens, and why it’s useful to know these things in the first place.

Let’s start off with freezing the lane. A lot of you guys see this in the LCS during the lane swaps, when the ADC freezes the lane early to deny as much farm from the enemy toplaner. Basically what you do is you take all of the damage from the first wave of minions, and then back off as they hit your own minions. As you see here, once I take damage from the enemy minions my ally minions focus a variety of the enemy minions. While the enemy minions focus down one of my minions 1 at a time. For starting a slowpush – when your wave and the enemy wave is even you kill all of the enemy ranged minions – simple as that. This causes the enemy minions to die faster than mine but yet they still take enough time to die so my next wave of minions catches up with my already big wave.

Now lets talk about the science behind freezing a lane, why does this happen? As soon as your minions see you, you are their target because you are the closest enemy around. Once you move out of the range, all 6 enemy creeps automatically shift to the next nearest target, which is your front melee minion. This causes your creeps to die faster than theres because your individual minions are being focused, while your creeps attack a variety of theirs. ┬áSo why is it useful to freeze lane? Say if your enemy laner backs, but you don’t quite have enough gold yet. By doing this freezing technique it denies the enemy a lot of gold and experience while keeping you relatively in a safe position to farm.

Now to the science of the slowpush – why does this happen? Well the ranged minions are the greatest DPS dealers to the wave. Your melee minions attack slowly but are tanky, and your ranged minions attack fast but are weak. By killing the enemy ranged minions you leave only the tanky minions left, while killing off the enemies damage. This causes the wave to slowly push forward and snowball in size. So why is it useful to know how to slowpush? There are a lot of different ways to abuse a slowpush, but it’s main purpose is to force an enemy to clear out the giant wave you created so you can take an objective, or perhaps start a teamfight. An example of this is you make a slowpush botlane 40 minutes into the game and force an enemy to clear the wave, which gives your team an opportunity to take baron.