League of Legends

How to Win lane by Auto Attacking


Hello everyone welcome back to another one of my videos, for those of you guys who don’t know who I am yet my name is Torenthal and today we’re going to be talking about weaving your auto-attacks in-between when you’re farming. First off, lets talk about why weaving your auto-attacks is an important skill to learn. We’re going to do some quick math here to show you the drastic effect it can have in your game. Let’s say i’m playing Ezreal vs Ashe, and let’s say I have standard ADC runes – 3 AS Quints, 9 AD Marks, 9 Armor Seals, 9 MR glyphs. And i’m playing against an Ashe with the same runes, we both also started Dorans blade + a potion.

This means that Ashes’ base health is 528 + the 70 from Dorans blade, which equals an overall health of 598, with an armor reduction fo 23% from armor runes. Now for the exciting part, I auto-attack the Ashe dealing an initial 68.5 damage, and if I added ashes’ 23% dmg reduction from armor, i’ll deal about 50 damage with a single Auto attack. But what does this all mean? By dealing 1 auto attack, or 50 damage, I remove 8.4% of her total health. This is quite a lot if you think about it, by Autoing just once or twice between your farming you can put some serious damage on the enemy team.

The best times you can sneak in an auto-attack is when your enemy laner is last hitting, giving you a chance to deal damage to them without having to fear being Auto-attacked back, therefore getting free damage off. By repeating this process through the laning phase, imagine how much free damage you can get just off autoing the enemy inbetween your farming. This doesn’t just apply to botlane either, this applies all roles. Make sure you are really abusing the fact that you can Auto-attack whenever possible.

Anyhow I guess that concludes my video, pretty short video but I hope this will give you an opportunity to check out some of my other content.