How to Perfect your Aim and Increase your SR by Drilling

If you are someone who is looking to increase your SR and improve your aim in Overwatch then look no further – in this article you will learn the fastest method to perfect your aim, which will make you a far more effective player and in turn massively increase your Skill rank.

While most people just “play the game” to improve and climb ranks, the quickest way to truly improve your aim/mechanics and see rank-up results is through devoting time to Drilling.

Drilling is done by loading into a custom game and focusing purely on perfectly executing one segment of mechanics for as long as you can bear. What this does is it eventually over-writes your current imprecise muscle memory and brings your mechanics and aim closer-and-closer to perfection with every drilling session. The most effective time to drill is routinely before your first game of the day. Simply devote 20 minutes into a custom game practicing headshots/hero mechanics before your first game of the day – this will benefit you as both warmup for your first real game of the day while giving you the perks of standard drilling.

But why Drill?

Due to long cooldowns and most high-skill mechanics being situational, there is a lot of stuff which you really can only practice frequently enough in a Custom game to truly have an impact on your muscle memory. Playing the game simply isn’t enough to improve your mechanics/aim, especially on key mechanics that often make or break a game – and if it were skill rating would have a correlation with games played, which it doesn’t at all.

Here is a great example of a Tracer drill guide that was made before Competitive was even out – and this player is now Grandmaster.
Here’s an Aim Drilling Guide for Widowmaker by the same player

Drilling may be boring and take a fair amount of time, however you will see results and improve at a ridiculously quicker rate than if you were just playing the game.

Goodluck in your grind