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In-Depth Mei Guide: Tips, Tricks, Strategy and Being an Effective Team Player

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Hey guys Dibz here and today I have a Mei guide for you, as a hero she has a lot of utility that can be used but if not careful her abilities can actually be detrimental to your own team. So in this guide I will explain in detail the uses of her abilities, how to use them to maximum efficiency, and also lessen the chances of them hurting your own team. After that I will go over who she is effective against, her hero counters and how to deal with them.

When to pick Mei: [@ 0:27]

Now when should you actually play Mei? Well Mei is considered to be a non-vital part of a composition, meaning to be efficient the other 5 roles must first be filled before you think about choosing her. The first vital role needed to be filled would be of course the main tank or Reinhardt, next would be two healers, one Mercy/Lucio, and then two main solid DPSers, Soldier 76, McCree, Pharah, or Reaper. The 6th and last spot is usually meant for an off tank, a flanker, or a specialized healer, which in this case would be Mei. You can actually consider Mei to be somewhat of an off tank, because of the way that she can block off incoming damage to her team-mates. She can also be considered a harasser/DPSer because of the way she can CC the enemy. So it’s very important to make sure that the other 5 main roles are first fulfilled before you should pick Mei as this alternate role.

Primary attack: [@ 01:24]

So first let’s go over her moves. Her main weapon is called the endothermic blaster, when continuously fired at an enemy it will freeze them in 2 seconds. Now when they’re frozen for 1.5 seconds afterwards the enemy cannot do anything at all. This freeze basic attack does not go through shields, it only effects heros if it directly hits them, however you can still run past the shields and freeze them that way.

Alternate fire: [@ 01:47]

Now her Alternate firing ability uses the same weapon but instead deals 22-75 damage depending on the fall-off distance. This means that the closer you are to your target the more damage you will do with this Alternate fire. This Alternate fire can also deal headshot damage meaning the maximum damage you can do is 150 with it. Now the primary fire and Alternate fire are typically used together to take out a target. You would first freeze them and then use your ultimate ability to fire an icicle into their head, causing 150 damage. However, sometimes your enemies can be very illusive and by the time that you are freezing them they’re still moving and you might not be able to get a good hit. So let’s say you’re in the process of freezing your target and it jumps to a different level, it gets frozen mid-air and by the time it hits the floor that target is mobile again. That target has thus negated your freezing ability and now is on the run.

TIP#1: [@ 02:34]

So instead what you can do is you can freeze them halfway and then follow them down until the lower level. After they reach the lower level you can continue to freeze them afterwards for about the rest of the half and then continue with your headshots. This will allow you to use the advantage of them being frozen on the ground instead of being frozen in mid-air in which they’re a harder target to hit. Now that is a special case, in another case you can use this while waiting for Lucio’s ultimate to wear off. So lets say that Lucio used his ultimate right away, if you freeze him and then use your ultimate into his head he will definitely survive it. So what you can do instead if keep them around by slowing them and not completely freezing him, waiting for it to wear off, and then when it wears off completely freeze him and use your Alternate fire to finish him off. If you freeze him too early once he gets out of the freeze he can actually have maximum mobility and easily boost off away from you. This is why it is important to know when you will get maximum efficiency from your freeze time.

TIP#2: [@ 03:27]

Now if you’re dealing with multiple targets by yourself what you would normally want to do is freeze one target at a time, and then use your Alternate fire to fire into their heads one at a time.

TIP#3: [@ 03:36]

However, if you have teammates around you to help out what you want to do is actually use your primary fire and freeze as many targets as you can. Your teammates will be the ones dealing the damage instead while you’re freezing all of the targets, making your efficiency very high. This is how you typically use Mei in a team setting, she is normally not the highest damage dealer out there but she has a lot of utility with her abilities and can use a lot of crowd control. Note that enemy movement abilities such as Tracer’s blink, Genji’s swift strike, McCrees combat role, etc, are unaffected by the slowing effect. However, they do not reset the freezer timer. The only ones that reset it are Tracer’s recall ability, Mei’s Cryo-Freeze, and Zarya’s Bubble. The typical combo that I use when close to a target is that I would freeze them, use my Alternate fire, and then quick melee right after. However, if you are confident that your target will not die with that combination, you can first freeze them and then continue spamming your Alternate fire into their head as well as you can. Remember that her Ultimate ability takes 25 ammo while you have 200, meaning you can shoot 8 icicles until you run out.

TIP#4: [@ 04:40]

However if you have less than 25 ammo lets say you have 10, you can still use your Alternate fire and do maximum damage.

Cryo-Freeze: [@ 04:47]

Now let’s move onto her Cryo-freeze. This ability puts Mei in an iceblock and heals her for 150 health over 4 seconds while removing Zenitas discord orb as well. It blocks all incoming damage on yourself as well as for anyone else directly behind you. You can cancel and get out of it, this is very good when you’re trying to avoid a Junkrat trying to put traps on you while you’re in your iceblock, and also quickly reset the freeze time on yourself from other maze. Now note that nothing can take you out of the iceblock except well falling to your death.

TIP#4: [@ 05:23]

One typical rule of thumb that you want to do while using Cryo-freeze is to jump before you use it. This will allow you to gain some distance, jumping off from a higher level to a lower one and then Cyro-freezing in mid-air is probably the best thing to do to escape. Now, this is important- Mei’s Cyrofreeze or her iceblock has a cooldown that starts when the current one is over. This means that if you really don’t need the healing or the damage negation you should cancel it asap to start the next cooldown timer. This is so that you are not just sitting around in your iceblock wasting time while maybe a few seconds later you will need it at a crucial moment, which may screw you over. One thing that some people may not know is that it allows you to actually contest an objective while you’re in your iceblock. This is very annoying for your opponent since you’re literally sitting on the point and nobody can do anything about it. Now when iceblocked enemies cannot run past you, so if you can actually put yourself at a doorway then you can stop your enemies from going throw that doorway and have to stick in 1 room while using your ultimate and force your enemies to stay in the area while you freeze them with it.

Blizzard: [@ 06:25]

Now Mei’s ultimate is a blizzard that deals 97 damage total and lasts for five seconds. It freezes your target after 3.5 seconds and it does stack with your main guns freeze timer. This means that if you use your primary freeze weapon while enemies are standing within your ultimate radius, they will freeze very very quickly. Not only that but this ultimate freeze cannot also be blocked by shields but Zarya’s bubble can. She is the only one that can walk into the area without it effecting her by putting her bubble on herself and also a teammate. Mei’s ultimate is very good to use in conjunction with many other ultimates, but especially with Zarya’s. Reinhardt shield is up, Mei’s freeze will bring it down and everybody else on the team can thus dps them afterwards.

ICE WALL: [@ 07:09]

Next we’re going to move onto the meat of this video, which is Mei’s icewall. Now this is the most important ability that Mei has overall because I feel like it can either make your team, or it can break it. Mei’s icewall consists of 5 pillars, with each pillar having 500 life that can be destroyed. If you press the icewall ability again before casting it you can switch the axis. This will allow you to put up icewalls at different locations while trying to stay hidden as well.

TIP#5: [@ 07:36]

This is important to know, if your icewall is already up you can push the icewall button again and it will instantly destroy it. This is important because lets say you put up your icewall and your teammates all of a sudden start using their ultimate’s and your icewall is blocking the damage, you can instantly take it down so that you don’t block any of the damage onto the opponent. Friendly Mei walls blocking teammates damage is where most of the frustration spawns from, it is typically used for blocking enemy ultimate’s but you want to also make sure to not block friendly offense ultimate’s while putting your wall up.

TIP#6: [@ 08:13]

This is why it is important to listen to what is going on around you before deciding the location of where to put your icewall. Because your icewall negates a lot of damage, sometimes you want to use it to save yourself, but before you do so you want to make sure there are no teammates around you that may have a problem with it. If you have your Iceblock or Cyrofreeze ability up it is much safer to only safe yourself only when you’re low, and not to use the icewall if you’re unsure. However there are certain times in which you’ll want to use it, such as getting stuck into a gravitons surge from Zarya, that would probably be a very good time to use your icewall to block incoming damage. One thing to note is that if you put up an icewall and you die you cannot cancel the icewall. The icewall also does not block payloads or stack ontop of other walls.

TIP#7: [@ 08:52]

Now another main idea about Mei’s icewall is that it is meant to block enemies from each other, not just blocking enemies. This means that at the very beginning of a battle while you’re on defense you don’t want to be putting up an icewall right away. What you really want to do is wait for one or two people preferably the tank to come out first and then icewall behind them so they’re stuck outside while the rest of the team is stuck inside the spawn. This will allow your teammates to easily pick off those that are stuck outside and those that are stuck inside the spawn still will have to wait for their tanks to spawn again before going out. This wastes their time a lot more instead of just waiting 4-5 seconds for the icewall to come down. Not only that but if the rest of the team decides to rush out after the tanks are down this will give your team a big advantage because there are no tanks to absorb damage and you can easily take out the rest of the team again and slow them down even more. You can not only do this at the start of the match but you can literally do this anywhere with an entrance. The main thing you want to separate are tanks from their healers, however, this isn’t always going to be the case. Sometimes DPS rushes out from their tanks so you will have to separate the DPS first. This is still good but the main priority you want to go for are tanks and healers.

TIP#8: [@ 10:02]

What I usually like to do is stay hidden around the corner next to an entrance, wait for somebody to pass by, and then wall behind them and take them out alone. The most important part is to wall off 1 or 2 people at a time. If you let the entire team through and then wall off behind them they can easily turn on you and take you out very quickly. Now this next idea for the use of icewall is very similar to what I just went over. It is the idea of stopping your enemies from escaping, for example, if you’re attacking a reaper and he uses his shift ability to escape you can easily throw up a wall at the nearest entrance and he is pretty much stuck where you are and then you can finish him off.

TIP#9: [@ 10:36]

One tip that I have is to use this idea with your ultimate, what you can do is first throw down your icewall to make sure your enemies will have nowhere to go, then you would throw down your ultimate where they are and since they have nowhere to run they will most likely try and target you, this is why you would want to use your cyro-freeze right after your ultimate, so you’re safe and you can easily pick off which targets you would like to kill once they’re frozen. If the enemy team is all clumped up and this is done correctly, your team can easily wipe theirs out. You can also use this as an area deny on the pillod or point during overtime, if you have the point during overtime you can create walls so that the enemy has to go through a certain area. And since you blocked that off you can throw your ultimate there so they have to pass through it. This will either stop them from going through that direction or freeze them if they try too. This is good doing overtime because it stops them from trying to recap the point or payload. You can either do that or simply just throw down your ultimate on the point to freeze anyone trying to retake it.

TIP#10: [@ 11:33]

One last thing that I want to talk about when using Mei’s icewall is that you can use it to gain vertical distance. If you aim the icewall right below yourself or where the blue line touches right below you, you will be able to be right ontop of the icewall once it is casted. This will give you a big boost in vertical height and allow you to reach places you normally couldn’t. Not only that but you can also boost up other teammates to higher locations where they normally wouldn’t be able to reach. This is very useful for turret locations, and also bastions. Travelling ontop of the main icewall will also allow you to cross certain gaps. There are many ways in which you can use this to your advantage, for example, if there was another Mei icewall right infront of you, you can cast one below yourself and walk over theirs. This will allow you to surpass their Mei’s icewall increase they’re trying to use it for defense. As you can see there are tons of things that you can do with Mei’s icewall, try and come up with new ideas on how to use them and how you can use them to your teams advantage. So the main idea that you want to take away from this part of the guide is that Mei’s icewall effects your team the exact same way it effects your enemies team, this is why you want to always be sure of where you put your icewall and not just throw it around. It can cause a lot of headache for your team if done incorrectly, so just be smart about it, listen carefully, and just be more aware of your team – and you will be a way better Mei player than the rest.


Now lets go over who Mei is very effective against and also her counters, Mei is very effective against flankers such as Genji and Tracer, she is especially good against Genji because her snowblast cannot be reflected, and a freeze/icicle combo to the head would mean a dead Genji. She is also effective against Tracer because of the way she can slow her down, however a good Tracer would be able to recall and reset the timer, thus escaping if she really needed too. This is why it is very important to wall off a Tracer if she is close and stop her from doing so. Mei is also very effective against the off-tanks Roadhog, Winston, and D.VA. This is because these offtanks typically need to be close ranged to deal with their target. As a result Mei can easily wall and freeze any of these tanks, without them being able to negate Mei’s endothermic blaster. Note that D.VA’s defense matrix does not negate freeze. Not only that, Mei can also throw up icewalls in-between hooked targets to save them, and easily block off damage from Roadhog or D.VA’s ultimate’s. One last hero that Mei can be somewhat considered a counter too is Bastion. She can easily throw up a wall infront of Bastion to stop incoming damage to her team, and thus allow them to push forward a certain amount of time instead of having to worry about them. Also, if there is a Reinhardt, Mercy, Bastion combo, all Mei has to really do is throw down an ultimate on them to scatter them from their current location. If they don’t leave the zone, Rheinhart’s sheield will eventually come down when he gets frozen, and all three of them will be vulnerable to attack.

MEI’S COUNTERS: [@ 14:14]

Now let’s go over the counters to Mei, as Mei you would typically want to stay away from: Reaper, Junkrat, Pharah, and Zarya, Widowmaker is also a counter to Mei, but instead of staying away from her you would want to get as close and try and freezer her if possible.

Reaper: [@ 14:31]

Now let’s first talk about Reaper, in a fair fight Reaper would typically have too much DPS and kill Mei before she can even freeze him. To deal with a Reaper you would probably want to stay as far away from him as possible while still being able to freeze him. You can either do that or you can stay far distance and shoot your icicles. If he gets too close you can actually throw down an icewall right below you to gain vertical distance. You can then freeze him from uptop and he would have to re-adjust and do less damage with range while you would have some time to freeze him.

Junkrat: [@ 14:59]

Next is Junkrat, the main reasons why Junkrat is a counter to Mei is his traps and his range. When Mei takes damage from Junrats grenades and uses her Cryo-freeze Junkrat can actually run up to Mei and drop his steal and concussive traps right beneath her. Once the Mei comes out Junkrat can then explode his trap and deal massives amounts of damage to her. The only way that Mei can actually deal with this is to make sure that she uses her icewall to block any further additional damage from the Junkrat and escape. You can try and use Cyro-freeze and bait the Junkrat to come near you with his traps, and then tap the Cyro-freeze again to come out of it and freeze him by surprise. But he can still use his concussive grenade beneath himself to gain distance while dealing damage to you at the same time. One thing you can do against Junkrat is to only engage him when you know that his concussion grenade is on cooldown. If he doesn’t have his concussion grenade he can’t escape from you or push you away from him, allowing you to freeze him and then use an icicle to his head.

Pharah: [@ 15:51]

When dealing with Pharah Mei is very dangerous to her up close, however Pharah can easily just use her boost and fly out of the range of Mei’s freeze, and brush her from above. Also, Pharah can boost over Mei’s icewall while continuing to deal damage from a higher angle, which basically renders icewall as useless. In some cases though, Mei can still deal a decent amount of damage in the air with her icicles, however, if a Pharah is aware of this she can easily switch her movements and evade incoming icicles.

Zarya: [@ 16:19]

Next is Zarya, and Zarya puts a particle vary on herself and a teammate they become invulnerable to the freeze effect, and can thus escape not just Mei’s endothermic blaster but also her ultimate. That is pretty much the main reason why Zarya is considered a counter, if she sees a teammate or herself being frozen an instant bubble will take them out of the effect and reset the timer. However if she is already frozen she cannot take herself out of it. Now one thing that Mei has an advantage over Zarya in is Zarya’s ultimate. If Zarya uses her gravitation surge Mei can try and put an icewall between those effected in the surge and those trying to deal the damage. If it is timed correctly though Zarya can wait and use her surge when Mei’s icewall is on cooldown. Thus leave Mei no choice but to Cryo-freeze and save only herself.

Mei: [@ 17:03]

When going against another Mei it typically comes down to who gets the first freeze off. You can negate the freezing by quickly iceblocking and getting out of it, or use your icewalls to block off incoming freezes. Not only that, you can use your own icewall to get over the Mei’s icewall and ultimately freeze the Mei if it is unexpected.

WidowMaker: [@ 17:22]

Lastely is Widowmaker, because by herself Widowmaker can deal a maximum of 300 damage in one shot to the head. Meaning that Mei can instantly die if she gets into view. To deal with this you would first of course have to locate the Widowmaker by listening to her shots across the map, or look for which directions her shots are coming from. You would then have to either flank the Widowmaker if it is possible or throw up an icewall infront of her, giving yourself some time to either conceal with a push or cause her to relocate. Other than that you would most likely want to try and stay out of an area being watched by a Widowmaker

So yeah that is about everything that I have for Mei, the main point that I really want to stress though are her icewalls. Make sure that you aren’t putting your own team at a disadvantage with them, this means that you want to always be active and listening to when your team is using your abilities as well as being aware of your teams location when putting down an icewall. I know it is a lot to take in but Mei is actually a much more complicated hero to play than she seems. Try to keep all of these tips and suggestions in mind and most importantly practice your judgement in using icewall. All of the other mechanics should come pretty easily and naturally the longer you play her, I hope this guide helps you guys understand Mei’s mechanics more in-depth, and as always I want to thank you guys for watching and i’ll catch you guys in the next video.

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