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In-Depth Tracer Guide: Drills to Vastly Improve Your Aim

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Hello everybody dibz here and today I have a Tracer guide for you on how to improve your aim while playing Tracer. I am going to be going over a few things like sensitivity, and just some drills that allow you to practice your aiming and allow you to be more consistent when it comes to trying to kill your opponent. So the first thing I really want to talk about is sensitivity. Right now my sensitivity is at 6, and I just found out horizontal and vertical sensitivity have nothing to do with PC. So ignore everything that I said about horizontal and vertical sensitivity. But the main thing you really want to worry about is your in-game and desktop sensitivity. For example i’m going to go to my desktop and show you what I mean, so if you go to control panel you actually can find your mouse – then go to Pointer Options and it says “Select your pointer speed”. This affects your mousespeed as well – I run with it on the 6th tick, you also want to make sure you have Enhanced pointer Precision unchecked. If you don’t know mouse acceleration is, what it is it increases the amount that you turn based on how fast you turn your mouse – so, that’s really bad so then lets say every time you want to turn really quick, it’s going to be different than when you turn really slowly. That is going to make you inaccurate most of the time and be inconsistent, so you definitely want to have mouse acceleration off. A lot of people from different games talk about that, and how important that is to have off. I came from CSGO and people always told me to turn it off, and once I turned it off I realized how much better my aim was. So make sure you keep that off, and yes – my sensitivity is at 6 on windows and in-game.


Alright so lets go over DPI. So DPI is something that not all mouses have, so if you have a gaming mouse you can probably adjust your DPI. So how do you adjust your DPI? Most of the gaming mice have a program that comes with it (usually a disk) which allows you to adjust your mouse settings. What you want to look for on this client is “pointer settings” or “DPI” – Right now I am at 1000 DPI, and as you see you can adjust quite a bit on your mouse. You can also set different DPI levels which are changeable by pushing a button on the mouse, however I never change my sensitivity – I find it pointless. But yeah, I run 1000 and this is what DPI is. Now if you don’t have any DPI on your mouse, I honestly do not know the default DPI – so its going to be a little hard for you to get the same level of sensitivity that I have. But other than that i’m going to go over exactly how you can figure out your best sensitivity without DPI and also just an overall what-just-fits-you, instead of my own settings.

Drill 1 [@ 4:06]:

Keep Crosshair on non-moving target while you are moving around it (without picking up your mouse)
Alright so that’s sensitivity, now lets talk about how to use that sensitivity and figure out whats best for you. So right now when I am swiping to the right, that is pretty much what you want to get used to doing – you want to be able to do that and go around 180 degrees. So everytime you do a swipe, it’s around 180 degrees – swipe, 180 degrees, swipe, 180 degrees. Swipe left, 180 degrees, swipe right, 180 degrees. So, that’s when you know your sensitivity is good. The point is, you want to be able to do this [Video] without moving or picking up your mouse, you’re doing a 180 around a target and not having to pickup your mouse. If you don’t have to pickup your mouse you can be consistent. What happens if I have to pickup my mouse though? My accuracy goes down, just make sure your sensitivity is like this – if you are able to do this [Video] then your sensitivity is good. Now, the next thing you want to practice is doing that but further distance. So, when you move left and right you want to move your cross-hair on a targets head as much as possible. This is one way to practice, and make your muscle memory or hands more consistent. It’s like practice you know, if you do this enough times your body will get used to it, and you go left and right while trying to trick your mouse into thinking its moving in different directions, and try and make your wrist adjust to the target. That is how you practice aiming, alright – pretend this is a moving target, it’s just like a real life target. If you can keep your cross-hair on the targets head – that means your accuracy is pretty good. You want to do it from further away as well, because you’re going to be further away sometimes – and you want to keep your cross-hair on that target. That’s how you practice your accuracy honestly, this is though for when you first start off because this is a stationary target. Once you are able to get this down and you feel comfortable moving forward + back while keeping your mouse on this target then you want to move onto moving targets. Switch back and forth between the targets

Drill 2 [@ 5:51]:

Flick to targets consistently 
And also along with that you want to be able to have a sensitivity where you can flick between 2 targets, like that [Video]. Practice doing that and make sure your arm gets very used to it, if you can aim at the other targets head consistently – that means you are very used to your sensitivity. It doesn’t matter how far you are; as long as you keep practicing this your muscle memory will be very good, so you want to do it when you’re far, and you’re close, because there’s going to be multiple targets around you – just incase something comes around the corner you’re able to shoot them down, and stuff like that. So that’s what you want to start out with, but if you’re comfortable with that then you want to move onto moving targets.

Drill 3 [@ 6:45]:

Keep crosshair on moving targets while you are moving as well
So this is a bit more difficult of course, but same thing – you want to stick to a target, and when its moving you want to try and keep your crosshair on the target as much as you can. Now this is very hard because this target is moving in different directions, and you don’t want to kill it of course – or you won’t have a target. But you can once you start off with 1 target and want to move onto another target; so just follow its head and this will help you be more accurate. Just imagine you’re shooting, that’s how you keep your accuracy up, by following it and making sure you’re keeping your cross-hair on your targets head as much as you can. Of course no-ones perfect, as you can see there’s times where I can’t keep up with it, and you can calculate your accuracy off this. Just keep doing this back and forth and you can switch to another target, once you feel comfortable with it you can start shooting targets like this. So yes – just go like this back and forth and make sure to stick onto the target while you’re moving, and just keep trying to kill it in 1 clip. If you can kill it in 1 clip, that means you’re pretty decent at it already – of course not if you’re right infront of his clip, but if you can chase it down and kill it in 1 clip while moving consistently then you’re ready to start blinking around. So this is a very good way to practice, this is what I normally do to train and warmup before I start playing Overwatch.

Drill 4 [@ 8:37]:

Do 180’s while flicking to targets
Very good practice is blinking and following them up with a 180 which is what you will be doing most of the time in game. This is the perfect example of figuring out whether or not you’re ready or decent at aiming – if you can do straight 180’s and be at a target. So try doing that, run past the target and just try and kill it. So once you’re doing doing that or practicing that while you’re not blinking, try and do that while you’re blinking. So to start off with blinking first – you want to do it on a non-moving target because this is the most important part as blinking is her main skill, and you want to be able to aim while doing that. So first make sure that you can do this [Drill 1].

Drill 5 [@ 9:30]:

Start Blinking
Next, you start blinking –  so what happens if you blink left? The targets going to be on your right – and you want to make sure like I said in my guide, that you can be able to auto adjust your aim without you having to realize whats on the screen. So lets say I do this automatically, right, just like that [Video]. But, what happens if its not automatic? You’re going to have alot of trouble trying to readjust. Tip: Aim your mouse in the opposite direction you are blinking. IE: Blink left (with A) mouse right. Blink right (with D) mouse left. This is something you have to train yourself to do when you play Tracer, It is one of the best examples of figuring out how great your aim is. Doing this automatically just like that – If you can keep your crosshair on the target its very good. And also of course if you’re further away you need to turn your mouse less, and if you’re close you need to turn alot more drastic. I’m better at turning closer than further away actually, try this a couple of times – if you still find that your aim is still a bit off and you aren’t even in the same generation direction just keep practicing. It’s natural for you to start off weak, it’s very hard to get down – but imagine once you get it down. It all has to become automatic, it cannot be something that you are trying to figure out on your screen, that’s what I went over when I was talking about in a previous guide. So once you can do this on stationary targets, start doing it on moving targets. So its the same idea except that this is going to be a lot harder because they’re moving around in circles.

Drill 6 [@ 11:54]:

Blink (in different directions) while shooting moving targets
You can start shooting them too if you really want to, this helps you a lot because it also allows you to practice dodging around corners – you definitely do not want to be blinking into corners or walls. You need to know what your surroundings are, so just keep drilling this and combining it with the other drills. So the target is on the left side, so I know that when I blink left that I need to aim to the right a little bit, just like when the targets weren’t moving – except now they are moving. I would say this is decent aiming already that I am being able to do, not too bad – and yeah, once you are able to do this consistently on moving targets you can just practice. Sometimes you want to do double blinks as well to juke your target, to make opponents harder to follow you. This also helps you get used to how fast or how near you will be to your target when you blink.

Drill 7 [@ 13:26]:

Blink and do 180’s + know the distance of your blink
So another important thing to know is blinking with 180s. Lets say you are really close to the target [Video] you will definitely have to do a 180, however if you’re far from the target you won’t need to. So knowing the distance of your blink is very important while training and shooting at the same time. So lets try blinking and doing a 180 as well, so blink + 180 is what you want to do [Video]. So knowing where you’re going to be able to blink to is very nice. You can blink infront of your target as well, or diagonally as well. So just continually practice that and do a lot of jumping back-and-forth. Jumping helps alot too because it makes you a harder target to hit, and also makes you level with their head – which i’m not sure if it does anything but the main thing is being a harder target to hit. The only problem with jumping is you can’t change directions either way, you cannot automatically change directions midair. So keep practicing until you get the hang of it, and you start killing your targets very easily – and make sure you have enough room on your mousepad to be able to do this. If you run out of mouse space, you’re screwed.

Drill 8 [@ 15:27]:

Flick to targets after recalling
So next I want to go over recalling. So whenever you recall of course you know you’re going to go back to a place you were 3 seconds ago. So aiming is really important of course while using recall, because when you are changing locations you need to be able to remember and snap back to where your target was. Which is why its very important for you to learn this snapping movement/aiming. Being able to know what orientation your moving is super important because lets say I am going this way… [Video]. So I can predict which way I will be facing while recalling by continuing to move straight and knowing 3 seconds ago that I was facing straight. Most of the time I don’t know exactly but I do know the general location sometimes. So this drill helps you as well to train your aiming to snap your crosshair back. So this is another really good tip that I have, its pretty hard and takes more practice but if you can snap to your target it very helpful.

Drill 9 [@  16:45]:

Aiming with Tracer Ultimate
So that was about aiming with your guns, now lets talk about aiming with your ultimate. It’s almost the same thing as blinking left + right with your sticky bomb, the most important part is knowing how far your blink is. So how many blinks is it going to take for me to get to that target infront of me, and throw my ultimate? Probably 2 blinks, 1-2 and now i’m right infront of where the target used to be. Now from this position it’s going to be about 1… [Video]. So that is the most important part I would say, knowing how far each blink is – because if you blink too far you’ll be like “oh crap, where’s the target?” Pro Tip: Wait about half a second to actually aim your ultimate. Don’t just throw it right after you blink. You never want to waste your ultimate. So yes just practice, 1-2-ult. Continuously blink. These are the best targets I would say, to help you [moving targets]. Move to immobile dummies and begin drilling to learn the range of your blink. You want to be able to get a very accurate estimation of how many blink(s) it will take to get to the dummies.

Drill 10 [@ 17:52]:

Blink so that you are DIRECTLY infront of your target. Closer = more chance to stick ultimates.
You want to be directly right infront of the target right when you use your ultimate, or to the side. For instance blink right, throw your ultimate – blink left, throw your ultimate. That’s why your turning where you aim or readjust is the most important, and also the hardest part. Also before you start doing that which I forgot to mention: Pro Tip: Change your ultimate button to shift (or add shift as an alternative). You can have Q incase sometimes you forget that its shift, but the thing is what happens if you are busy moving towards the left and you need to use your ultimate? When needing to use your ultimate with Q, you need to take your 4th finger off A which stops your left movement. This is why it is better to have it set to shift and using your pinky for it. I know this because someone on my channel suggested that I made this swap, or keep both. So what this does is allow you move left while throwing your ultimate, which is very useful so you don’t have to stop movement to ult. Finding this was pretty much a new world for me, it is a lot easier for me to aim and my sticking accuracy has gone up like crazy ever since I did it. So just practice on these moving dummies, and abuse headshots/whacking to quickly get your ult back to keep practicing with it. This is a good place to practice your whacking as well, blink -> wack, blink -> wack. So this is the drill that I normally do, just blinking back and forth while killing alot of these targets. This is a real good warmup and it’s pretty close to what real player targets would be, except these targets are bigger. Blink -> kill, blink -> ult, go to the next target, keep jumping, make sure you’re a hard target to hit, keep blinking back and forth, etc. This may seem a bit intense at first, but that’s how its supposed to be. Pretend these are real targets, and that they’re shooting at you, and don’t kill yourself with your ultimate like that [Video]. I should of said this before but one important thing is blinking backwards. So when you blink backwards you don’t really have to adjust your aim very much, but just realize that the targets going to be further away. You can also blink backwards and left, or backwards to the right as well if you are trying to escape/gain distance. So that’s very useful as well. Make sure you keep your accuracy high, throw ults, etc. I know this is a pretty long video, but I want to be able to show exactly what I do to warmup. I think that’s the best way for me to show you guys exactly how I am able to keep my crosshair on these targets, or on in-game targets.

Drill 11 [ @ 22:05]:

Adjust your aim to jumping targets, and also while you are jumping
The main thing you also want to be able to predict is any enemy movements, because alot of people like to jump around. What I typically do is what I aim is, I go like this [Video], as you can see I aim up + down (waves) because I am predicting them to jump up+down. So when I jump up and down you also want to be aiming for their head, meaning when you jump your crosshair needs to be a little bit lower. So you automatically need to be able to push your crosshair downwards whenever you jump. If you are bad at readjusting your aim to jumps then you’re missing headshots, which could be life or death. Pro tip: “Bobble” your aim while shooting healers/jumpers. Alot of Mercies jump around like crazy, and its really hard for you to hit them unless you automatically aim your crosshair up+down just slightly so you can get a few of those empty bodyshots that would of missed them because they were jumping. I would say that is pretty much everything, I went through almost every single idea that I do when I practice. So yeah, I know this might of been a pretty exhaustive video of me doing the same thing over and over again, but I really just wanted to get the point across that this is what I do. So yeah, if you guys find this helpful- first of all i’d like you guys to try this out and see how it goes, let me know if it helped you at all – if you have any questions please let me know and i’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Most important tip: PRACTICE. I didn’t start out overwatch being able to follow targets, I spent alot of time practicing in the training area and challenging myself.

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