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In-Depth Tracer Guide: Improving Your Headshots & Sticky Accuracy

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Hey guys Dibz here and today I’ve got a Tracer guide for you on how to increase your sticking accuracy. So as you all know her ultimate sticky is one that is very very hard to land directly onto your opponent, so we’re going to figure out how you can practice that exactly – and let’s just get right down into it.

So first of all you want to be going into a custom game, it doesn’t matter if you’re in PTR or not, either way is the same, you’re going to first go to settings and you’re going to choose whichever map you want, it doesn’t really matter but I would particurally want to choose Volskaya Industries because of the big open area at the first point. You wan’t to do that and then also go down to the Gameplay controls and go to Ability cooldown modifier and set it to 100%, set Ultimate charge rate to 200%, and you want to have headshots only. This is what you want to do because you want to be able to survive vs Ana’s, and what you’re going to be doing is going against all Ana’s and they’re going to pretty much be your targets that you’re going to stick your grenades on, and you’re going to use your headshots to gain your ultimate twice as fast which is why I put 200% ultimate charge rate. You can put it into skirmish as well, and I think that is just about it. So we’re going to do that, and then we’re going to add AI. You’re going to choose ANA, I’m going to do Hard, Max count, and set them for the enemy team. We’re going to do that and then start, and once we get in i’m going to show you what to do.

Settings used for fastest Ultimate Charge gain:
Custom Game Settings:
ADD AI: Hard
Skirmish HEALTH MODIFIER: 300%

Now we are in and we’re going to choose Tracer of course, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on offense or defense but you’re going to try and look for any of the Ana’s and then you’re going to actually just use your headshots and try and shoot them. So actually I want to be out in an open area right here, because that allows you to kind of draw them in. So they’re all coming after you, and you’re going to try and gain your ultimate on one of these. This is actually pretty good for practicing your aiming on pistols at the same time, it may take a long time to take your ultimate up if you’re aiming isn’t as great. So once you get your ultimate charge you can literally just run up to one of these if they let you get to them, and stick them. So you can see that it sticks them by the way that it follows them, and once you’re able to do that with moving targets, or moving Ana’s. Once you get your next one you want to change it up, and make it a bit harder for yourself, and do it with blinks, recalls, etc. All I do is just kill one, gain your ultimate charge, and so right now there are just three so just pick one, use your ultimate, and try and stick one. Of course these are Hard Ana’s so their mobility is pretty high so they will try and dodge all of these shots. It does take a little bit of time for you to get the sticks down, based on how these Ana’s are moving. But you just want to keep trying, that is basically the best way for you to practice right now – and you can’t use any big targets because they don’t let you do it. So you want to try and blink – get a sticky, and that is one successful stick. So you just want to keep doing it over, and over, and over. You regain your ultimate faster here than you would in a training area if your aiming is good since it is headshot only.

So right now you want to try and stick it from far range, so you see two Anna’s there, one-two try and use it, stick them like that. Just keep doing it over, and over, and over. It’s very good practice, since these Ana’s are skinny targets. Typically I like to stick Reinhardts and Roadhogs since they’re bigger targets and tend to be around other people, but now this is a bit more of a challenge and there are sometimes where you do have to stick these tiny targets such as healers, Lucio’s, Widowmakers, etc. But yeah just keep doing this over and over, this is very good practice for you just to increase your sticking accuracy. You can even blink behind them if you want, and do a 180 to make it harder for yourself. There are plenty of things that you can mix in with these Ana’s to make them really really difficult. That is typically what you want to do whenever you’re doing training, make it hard for yourself to do whatever you’re trying to practice, and the better you get at doing a hard version of it, the better you will be at doing the easier version.¬†Your sticking accuracy is never going to be 100% obviously, it’s very difficult to do that- but yeah anyways this is what I do for practice. Give it a shot and see how it goes, and i’m going to see if I can do a little bit more. This helps you get used to doing 180’s behind your opponents really fast too, so do a 180, flick, and not dying of course. Blinking, do a 180, stick them.

One tip that I have for doing stickies for when you’re doing blinks at the same time is whenever you blink to the target and plan to do a sticky, wait half a second before actually throwing it. So you can kind of gauge where the target is instead of blinking, doing a 180, and automatically throwing it. You want to actually see where the target is going, it makes your accuracy a lot higher when it comes to throwing your stickies. So just blink, wait for a little bit, see where they are, and then throw. You’re going to need to have very quick registration on your eyes to actually see where your target is moving. So as you can see I blink forward, and the Ana was right here, if I had thrown my pulse bomb this way it would have missed because the Ana was moving towards the left. So you always want to register exactly where the target is going to be moving and kind of lead that target whenever you see the movement change. Most of the time when you’re going against real players the targets movements are always changing left and right, they aren’t moving in the same direction like the bots are in the training area. So it’s very, very important for you to practice that.

But yeah, if you actually honestly want to have the best accuracy what you want to do is blink, or have your blink directly stop right infront of the target. So around right here, you want to blink right infront of the target. You don’t want to be blinking behind, because if you blink behind the target what’s going to happen? You’re going to have to do a 180 and your 180’s might not be perfect. So what you want to do is blink right infront of them and then press Q or shift to lob it. I use Shift actually because it allows you to move left, because right now if you push Q, let’s say you have your ultimate on Q right now right, i’m moving left which is my A button – in order for me to push Q to throw my ultimate I have to let go which messes you up if you have to move left at the same time of throwing your ultimate, which isn’t what you want. You want to be able to freely move in all directions while throwing your ultimate, it makes it a lot more accurate. So now you can do this, and using shift you can move to the left side and stick them at the same time. It’s very useful, that is another great tip for you: change your ultimate to your shift so you don’t have your movements handicapped by having it on Q.

But anyways what I was talking about before was blinking infront of the target very close, so you can literally just throw it right there. After doing this I found that my accuracy did go up with my ultimate, I have been sticking a lot more of my targets recently. So I do know that this is a little bit repetitive but this is how training normally is. Just keep doing it over, and over, and over, and that’s how you practice your headshots as well like I said. Sometimes you can get so frustrated that you don’t get your ultimate fast enough and you start aiming better. And just keep practicing, practice practice practice, that is how you get better at videogames. Just keep practicing when it comes to aiming, using your ultimate, etc. you can use this for all of your abilities honestly, but overall I feel like this is just very good for you to get your ultimate stickies down, because it doesn’t actually kill the target since it’s only headshots, making it very nice for you to practice that. So this is going to be it for this Tracer Guide, to check out more in-depth guides similar to this Check out my channel here

Tips Recap:

Tip #1:
It is very helpful to know the distance of your blink. The more accurate you are with knowing the exact distance, the better that your sticks will become.

Tip #2:
Whenever you blink towards a target you wish to stick, wait about 0.5 seconds to gauge the location and direction in which the target is moving, before throwing your ultimate.

Tip #3:
Try to have your blinks take you directly in front of your target, to make it a lot easier for yourself.

Tip #4:
Change your ultimate button to shift, from Q.

Tip #5:
This means you should stop using SHIFT for blink. Instead, get used to using your right mouse button (alternate) for blinking. It’s also quicker to push, than shift.

Tip #6:
If you end up being DIRECTLY ON your target, aim at their feet with your sticky. If you aim too high, it will just go over their head.

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