Guide to Margin Trade Bitcoin Using Magnr

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Hi Shaun Moo here, Welcome – today a video on the Magnr trading platform. Great way to trade with leverage. Before we do all that, what I want to do is take you through an interesting article I found recently published back in September 2016. The key thing I want to bring to the table is the graph, the internet of things, the Internet – and how the explosion over the years is mind blowing.

What I really want to look at, is just five years ago, 2012, it was estimated 8.7 billion pieces of equipment connected to the internet. Look at this year 2017 – 28.4 billion pieces of equipment now connected to the Internet. When you look at that just pan out 3 years, the way that things are panning out. That’s over 50 billion pieces of equipment connected to the Internet. Mindblowing, as the emerging markets India you know South America and just the developing nations catch up you know with the Internet. The reason I’m showing you that is because I want to show you this from the website regarding chart’s, and if we just reset that chart I was showing you. So there’s a whole range of charts you know on blockchain that you can look at. This one really captured my – this is number of blockchain wallet users – yep its going up. Look at the old time, look familiar? Yeah. Ok so the block chain adoption is going to go as we can tell. It’s going to keep going stratospherically.

OK. So back to why we’re here. So the Magnr trading platform, this is a site that’s been around since 2013, and super easy to sign up. You just need your e-mail, a password. They’ll send you a verification code. You click get that, you’re good to go – you’re in.

Now why am I wanting to pull a video like this to your attention? Because it’s you know it’s great, on two sides. You got the trading side of the website which I’m going to take you through today. And also they have a wallet but it’s a savings account essentially, you put your bitcoins into cold storage and they’ll pay 1.28% fixed-rate interest – which is not a great deal, but it’s still more than if you just got it on a tray.

So why would you want to invest with them. So you invested in one bitcoin would get you another 1.28 bitcoin each year. That’s interesting – what I would say after watching the video. If you are interested like I said its super easy to sign up – use this link and it will take you straight through to where you need to be.

Why Magnr? OK. Like I said they’ve been operating since 2013 and they’re got a traded volume of 102 million US. And they currently manage, so I guess in their savings accounts – 1.3 million USD. The key for me is as advert some of these things look a little bit – they are on trustpilot. I have had a quick look myself – Yes they are reviewed on trustpilot and its super, it is good review.

They are again a London based company, that I don’t believe is there’s, that’s an advertising holding – but hey. They also have a team section and it’s incredible. Joe Lee the CEO and Kwok Man the chief operating officer and with pretty good credentials from the history – the biggest credential really is the fact it’s been around since 2013.

So let’s dive straight in. So I’m already logged in, its quick and easy to log in. So this is your home screen this is where come to see the whole of your accounts. So I have no savings. I don’t keep my bitcoin savings on this site. What I do do though is I do you know the leverage trading, so go through to my accounts. This is the dashboard. This is what you see. You pick which exchange to use. I use bitfinex. There is also bitstamp and itBit available. Bitfinex I use simply because I look at the bitcon wisdom site in conjunction when I’m margin trading. So just to give you idea of what I’m talking about. So Bitcon wisdom on the Bitfinex, so I’ve got livegator and obviously I can then look up the time intervals and how bitcoin is performing.

One of the things to take into account when you doing trading, certainly leverage trading as it to maximize your returns. It can also increase your losses so you need to be pretty confident about where the market’s going. And obviously one way that you can track that is looking up the charts. In conjunction with what is happening in the world I use numerous sites to keep myself abreast of what’s happening in the bitcoin space, whether that’s coin telegraph, coin-desk. Some really good guides on here on Youtube, and just the general news. The thing about news is it’s already happened. When you’re trading you’re trading on what’s just about to happen.

So reading the charts, you know you make the most money when you’re going to go long – I bought here for example and sold here, so if you bought low sell high, of course you’re going to make money. One thing about trading on Magnr which I’ll take you through, is that if I was a sell position in here, and then liquidate here IE: I’m making money as the Bitcoin price drops that and if I’m leveraged I can multiply up those gains. That’s why trading on a platform such as Magnr it is possible to make money regardless of which way the price is going. It’s just you know you’ve got to be aware of what’s happening and see some of the trends in the charts.

Now you see Bitcoins actually quite flat at the moment if we look over the last day or so. So yeah we’re on a bit of a squeeze. It’s Chinese New Year. We all know bulk of the volume is in China, at some point that will break out whether it’s up or down. It is a case of just making an informed choice to keep an eye on the charts whether that’s you know every six hours, every four hours, every day just you know keeping an eye what’s about to happen.

OK. So back to Magnr. So this is how easy it is. OK so you would need to invest some funds okay so if I was to go to the home – ok deposit bitcoin and it will come through into your trading and you decide whether it goes to your trading or savings account. So once you’ve got your bitcoin into a relevant account, go back to account. You’ve got your net value so the value of all your holdings, and your balance basically which currently I have got no positions open.

Trading. OK so let’s say I believe the price of bitcoin is going to continue to go down, then I would open a sell position. Now depending on how much Bitcoin you’ve got invested, so if the position size was one bitcoin I’d need to put a deposit down of .24 bitcoin because I’m currently leveraged 5-1. If I changed the leverage to 10-1 I’d need to put down .6. Conversely, I can go up to 10 to 1 leverage and I would only need to put down point .12 of a bitcoin as a deposit. Now 10 to 1 leverage but I’m only using .12 of my bitcoin.

I can increase the amount that needs to rise. The trading fees depend on the amount of Bitcoin that you wish to trade, and there’s a daily funding fee. So you’ve got 24 hours before you need to spend the daily fee again providing you know the markets moving you know you can make your money within 24 hours, when the market’s quite flat and stagnant as in right here since you know there’s no major movements, now’s not the time to doing leverage for me – trading. Once I start seeing movements that have some gravity, then it’s a good time to spot the trend and get in. So a good time to get in here will be perhaps here and then obviously at the proper date or time get in or buy position and sell towards the top. Now who knows when tops going to be and when it’ll bottom out. Equally it’s always what goes up does come down, it’ll go up and it’ll go down – we know this. So you’ve gotta be quite clever. In deciding whether it’s put in a short position IE a sell position, or go long, so you want the price to go up if you want the buy position. It is pretty simple. One of the beauties of Magnr over some of the other trading platforms around there is they keep it super super simple. OK so if I was to open a trade, .02 because I’m not that happy about where the price is going to go. But I will open a trade. I think we are going to continue to go down. So I’ve got breakeven here. If I was to put in the short position I thought it was going to go down.

I needed to go down to 909.42 to breakeven. Then anything lower than that would be net profit. Again if I was going to put it to a long position I’d buy, I’d need the price to go up to 926. Now its not been anywhere near that now for a few days, So I’m not going to go that show alone. So for the purposes of this video we’ll trade .02 Bitcoin – and we’ll go on a short position on a leverage of 10-1.

Ok so now got a position or an order, now its a position. If I open up the position it now shows that our position size was .02 Bitcoin, which has now been taken from my net value and my balances was used accordingly. A trade feed of .00018 – Daily fee for the first 24 hours, I don’t have one however it will kick in if I do not liquidate it within 24 hours.

A First stop loss of $20 in. So I’ve done it, the open price was at 917.64. We know I need to get the price to 909.51. So that’s what I’m looking for in the next 24 hours – end up in a position where my next profit goes green, I will do once the price goes above 909.51 because of the fees. OK so you can be in a position where you’ve got position profit, either the price has gone down, so if it goes down now in the next few months that will go great. But what you’re looking at is your net profit, which obviously takes count of all your fees. So that’s pretty much it. We’ll keep an eye on the price. It’s not really moving a great deal I was hoping that would go Green but we’ll come back before the end of the video.

So I started this up 13 days ago. I’m relatively new so my history, you know you’ve gotta be prepared to take the rough with the smooth to some degree.

But as you can see I’ve made net profit on short positions first two were on shorts. Then I went long, then I got it wrong. I got it wrong without trying to correct it and then, we’re doing pretty good. I’ve got a little spreadsheet going on just so I know I’m definitely in a profit.

So we started on the 9th of January. Good run of gains. Couple of losses. Couple of gains. Loss again, loss again, loss again, net. Total profits .81803 Bitcoin. So losses .494 Bitcoin. So therefore net I made since the 9th of January .32324 Bitcoin which equates to $296, which if we would just say — 16 dollars per day so if we were to make 16 dollars per day, and times that by 31, that would be $496 one can have expected me to have made if I continue in the same track pattern by the 9th of February. The thing is I now know you know where I stand.

I’m super comfortable because I am in profit. You know end of the day if I end up breaking even I’ve had some fun. But the theme of the game is to watch the markets and learn, learn, and learn. Experience is by doing. You have to do things to be able to learn. So you can see – so it has gone down so currently 917.54 we came in at 917.64 so opposition profit is now positive. What’s your take in account the fees, and provided we go below the 909.36 I will make net profit. So I will leave that to run now over the next few hours I’ve got 24. Just to make sure we don’t hit the floor and we start climbing back up. At some point you can liquidate any time you wish. You know some of the the losses I did incur where the market was going to get away from me I just cut my losses, get out of it.

Hope that’s been helpful. There’s not a great deal else to it, it is pretty simple stuff. You’ve just got to watch the markets, use the tools available, don’t go too crazy. You know small incremental wins, get leverage up to a degree, and you’re good to go. So yes. I’m happy that we will see some serious returns.

I will keep you posted going forward. Before we disappear. Always good idea to keep an eye on what’s happening in the big countries and one of the best places to see I say pretty flat is is that cryptocurrency market caps gives you an idea of Bitcoin still way out front, but its gained .1% in the last 24 hours. This is a good site to keep an eye, certainly on the coin’s where you’ve got some investment or looking to invest and you can see what’s happened on a day to day basis. Not a great time of year for it but I hope you’ve enjoyed the video.