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Master’s Sombra Guide with Gameplay: Overview, Tips, & Tricks

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Hello everybody Dibz here and as you all know Sombra is now out on PTR, I’m so excited to go over her and she is looking like one really fun hero to play. But anyways lets just get right down into her abilities before we get into some gameplay. So if we take a look at Sombra’s kit she has the Machine Pistol for her main attack, EMP for her Ultimate, Translocator for her Special ability 1, Thermoptic Camo for her special movement ability, Hack for her Ultimate fire ability, and Opportunist as a passive ability. So let’s take a look at each of her abilities. Her machine pistol has a 60 bullet capacity, and can deal 420 damage per clip. This means that each bullet does 7 damage and can include headshots as well. As you can see it can deal quite a bit of damage, even if it is mid-range, and does a lot of damage to big large targets, so you can see Sambra doing quite well against big tanks.

Next is going to be Sombra’s hack ability, in which she temporarily stops enemies for using their own abilities. This counts for blinks, healing, or any type of escape ability which allows your enemy to get away. Not only that, Hack can also be used on First Aid kits to make them useless for your opponents, the enemy is not able to use the healthpack and they also regenerate 3 times faster. The hack on the health pack lasts for a full 60 seconds and you can refresh the duration by hacking it again. Note that your hacking ability can be interrupted if you take any damage, it is also important to note that if you successfully hack your opponent you can tell whether or not their ultimate is ready.

Next is going to be Sombra’s translocator, in which she tosses out a translocator Beacon. She can then instantly return to the Beacons location while its active, and she can do it from any location. Sombra would typically want to use the translocator on a hacked health pack so that she could easily escape and regain her health immediately. You can use the translocator to help yourself harass different locations at the same time, or to escape. Note that once you throw the translocator you have 15 seconds to use it, once you teleport then the cooldown will start for 6 seconds until you can throw out the next one.

Next is her movement ability called thermoptic camo, in which Sombra becomes invisible for a short period of time and also gains boosted speed. Attacking or taking damage will disable her camo, however there is one ability you can use while camo’d and that is your translocator, which can be tossed out and transported too without revealing yourself.

Sombra’s passive ability allows her to see enemies through walls who are lower than 50% life. This is very useful because it allows you to track down your weak enemies and chase them down to finish them off.

Last but not least is Sombra’s EMP, and when she discharges the electromagnetic energy in a wide radius destroying enemy barriers and shields, and hacking all enemy opponents caught in the blast. Sombra can use her ultimate in combination with her camo to stay hidden while getting into a big giant clump of the enemies and then using her ultimate. This will allow her to stay hidden and safe at the same time, and then translocate out of there when needed. Another strategy that you can use is to use your translocator above the enemy, and then drop down to use the EMP. This is very useful because when you try to use your EMP ultimate while coming out of your thermoptic camo, you have to wait about half a second before you can actually initiate the ultimate to make yourself invisible to the enemy.

Alright so now that we’ve gone over abilities lets dive right into a game. Alright so we’re here on King of the Hill and I feel that as a harasser Sombra will be very, very good at being annoying to the enemy team on king of the hill of course right, so we’re going to see how much we can do and using our Phase shift or invisibility to get our point as fast as possible. Alright so i’m going to try and hack this one to make sure that I have it available and throw my teleporter on there, and incase I do need to pull back I can teleport back there immediately and it allows me to have very good sustain. Alright so I was super low unable to teleport back here, and the thing about that is it allows your team to utilize that health pack very very easily, basically its like having three health packs at the same time – because it respawns 3 times as fast, and not only you can use it but your entire team can use it, so its very very nice and really good for support. I feel like you can actually consider Sombra a type of off-support and as you can see I’m trying to use my hack ability on them but I can’t because Winston is attacking me, and whenever you get attacked you can’t continue to channel “hack” it will get interrupted.

So yeah it’s really important to keep track and try to take control of the health packs as Sombra. Make sure you’ve got the hacks up all the time, teleport, make sure that you continuously hack it again – it lasts for 60 seconds if you don’t know, and its very nice. Get everybody EMP’d on the point so they have no abilities, can’t use anything at all, then teleport out of there. You want to make sure that your uptime on those healthpack hacks are very high, and getting the closeby ones is a benefit as well since its very near to their attacking position. So as you can see in a splitsecond I hacked that Tracer and it showed that she had her ultimate up, since whenever you hack somebody it shows if their ultimate is up – which pretty much shows if you will be bombarded by an ultimate soon. So if anybody is lower than 50% health you can track them through the walls, which is pretty strong and can be ridiculous.

You always want to make sure that whenever you’re invisible you don’t go infront of crossfire, and make sure not to get hit by anybody since it will immediately reveal you. Even when it comes to Tracer vs Sombra, because the thing is as long as the Tracer is able to attack you while you’re trying to hack her, you can’t successfully hack her – the thing is once you hack a Tracer she is pretty much dead unless she has very good aim. Whenever you have a Tracer and you’re going against a Sombra you have that 1 second period during reloads where you have a chance to hack the Tracer, and that is the best time to hack the Tracer (during the reloads) during that 1 second where she isn’t shooting at you. So you want to make sure that you start hacking her and try and get her down. If you try and hack her at any other time while shes shooting at you it’s not going to work. That is one thing you have to worry about when it comes to Tracer but it really comes down to the skill of both players.

Pro Tip #7: When falling use your translocator to save yourself from death, it can also be used to fake out enemies

So yeah, I would say Sombra is pretty fun on King of the Hill – and she is very very nice because on King of the Hill you have to utilize your healthpacks quite a bit and its a big counter to Winston if Winston is jumping in always trying to get healthpacks. A lot of people leave in PTR because they all want to play Sombra

Pro Tip #8: Be sure to throw your translocator to a safe place right before the match starts to maximize harass time. You can’t hack healthpacks until the game starts so use your translocators escape position to harass after doingso. She does a lot of damage, especially to huge tanky targets (420 per clip) – so I can say that Sombra does do quite well versus big tanks.

Pro Tip #9: Throw your translocator right before an engagement (try to keep it out of sight). Take advantage of your ult to be as annoying as you can to your enemies, and keep control of your hacked healthpack as well.

It’s always nice being able to see weak opponents lower than 50% health, and being able to see hacked enemies ultimates can be very very important as well.

Pro Tip #10: If you see a hacked target with an ultimate, ALWAYS call it out to your team. Calling out specific important ultimates like Zario’s is very important, as long as you communicate with your team it is very advantageous for you to play Sombra.

I’m going to use my ability and see around to where I can be used, now use my translocate to pick off this Widowmaker. What it very good to do is to hack the Widowmaker while dueling her so she can’t hook away, although if shes scoped in she might not see you if you translocate.

Pro Tip #11: When possible, try and set your translocator at an exit, to teleport to your opponent when they try to run away. A large part to playing Sombra is to force people into different positions, waste their cooldowns, and then use your teleporter while predicting where they’re going to be at to teleport right too them. Sombra can be so annoying to deal with if played correctly.

There is so much you can do with Sombra, it is really amazing. I really find it fun and she’s a very fun hero to play, and very hard to play against I would say. So when you’re Sombra vs Sombra it is pretty much whoever aims better, and whoever has the jump when it comes to invisibility. So I think that the Sombra kind of knows that I’m around, because I think I make a sound whenever I go invisible – but of course it’s just a battle of the aim and who is better at aiming.

So if you want to get out of your stealth, all you have to do is push any other action button – if you shoot, if you melee, if you hack, it will take you out of your invisibility – and that’s pretty much what you want to prepare for.

Pro Tip #12: When hacked, you cannot teleport to your translocator, or throw it. You can’t do anything while hacked, which is very bad for you. You always want to make sure you don’t get hacked by the enemies Sombra.

Pro Tip #13: If your team gets a Zarya ult on the enemy team, try to wait for them to pop the Lucio ultimate first, before using your own ultimate in combination. When combo’d with Lucio ult you can take out heavy enemy cooldowns instantly using your ultimate.

Pro Tip #14: When a Genji deflects, start hacking. Genji can NOT deflect your hack. Sombra is a pretty good counter to Genji, if he tries to deflect he can’t really do anything to you, he can’t attack you, he can only Swift strike into you – but that is all he has to stop you from hacking him. You can abuse this by using hack to force Swift Strike out of him.

Sombra’s run is very very fast, I feel like she is a little bit faster than Soldiers run, it’s ridiculous actually. Her throws however are a little bit weaker than Ana’s, so you have to make sure that when you throw your teleporter device that it kind of goes a little bit higher than if you’re Anna. Of course it is a lot further than a Tracer ultimate, but it is still a little bit shorter than Anna’s grenade.

But yeah that is going to be Sombra gameplay for you, she’s a very very fun and high utility hero to play, and there is a lot that you can do with her. She’s very annoying as a flanker and I’m very excited to see how she plays out in competitive.

So I hope you guys liked this one, I’m probably going to be playing a lot more of Sombra on PTR, and I’m looking forward to playing her a lot – Thank you guys for watching and i’ll catch you guys in the next one, peace out.

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