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Highest Ranked NA Miss Fortune Champion Guide

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Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we’re going to be looking at a challenger 1-trick Miss Fortune player from the NA server. His name is MeStab and he’s currently rank 93. He has got over a 60% winrate so far this season on MF, with close to 200 games. He mainly plays Miss Fortune as an ADC but he does sometimes play her as a support. So this video will focus on his runes, masteries, item build, and skill order – and then you guys can compare your builds to his or just copy his if you want to. So without further ado let’s do this.


So first of all summoner spells. He obviously takes flash and heal as an ADC, as for his runes and masteries – masteries he takes an 18-12-0 page with his keystone mastery being Deathfire. I would also like to point out he takes sorcery over fury, for the extra ability damage rather then the attack speed, meaning a lot of his damage is going to come from his abilities rather then just autoattacks.

As for his runes he takes 9 AD reds, 9 Armor yellows, 9 Magic resist blues, and 3 AD quints. This is a very simple page that most people hopefully should have access to. Now we’ll move onto his item build. So Miss Fortune is one of those ADC’s who benefit a lot from just straight attack damage rather then a mixture between AD and Attack speed. Her ultimate and Q scales incredibly well with AD so mid to lategame your ultimate will do a lot of damage, especially with a lethality build. Unlike a crit build, which is just not as efficient on Miss Fortune.


Anyway his starting items would be a Dorans blade and a Health pot with a Yellow trinket. As for his first back he would always aim to get a Serrated dirk. If he does not have enough gold for this item he would just get some long swords instead. His core build would be rushing Ghostblade -> Edge of night -> Black cleaver. It would usually be in exactly that order, however I did notice that every now and then against heavy AP teamcomps he would rush an Edge of night rather then getting that Ghostblade first. He very rarely buys Duskblade which is a very common item on Miss Fortune at the moment. Duskblade is also a very weak item at the moment in general, however I do believe it did get a bit of a buff in patch 7.2 which does go live today so maybe he will start buying it a lot more often, we will have to wait and see.

Also in patch 7.2 lethality is getting a bit of a buff, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Miss Fortunes winrate and playrate does increase in the next patch. So maybe jump on the MF bandwagon early to get that free LP. As for a common final build it would be something like Ghostblade -> Edge of Night -> Black cleaver -> Lord Dominik’s┬áRegard, Swifty boots, and Deaths dance. I will note that he never rushes boots early, infact in some games he doesn’t even get boots. I guess he feels the mobility you get from items such as Ghostblade and Edge of night, along with Miss Fortunes W passive is enough in most cases to get around the map.

Other items he would consider would be Mortal reminder against healing champs, Mercurial scimitar for the QSS, Maw of malmortius against heavy burst AP champs, and Duskblade for even more Lethality.

Skill Order:

Finally his skill order would be start W -> 2 points in Q -> level 4 E -> max Q first -> W second -> E third -> level ult whenever he can.

Support Miss Fortune:

So that is his Miss Fortune ADC build, now I did mention before he does sometimes play MF as a support as well. So I’ll quickly go over the build for his MF support incase you’re interested. So summoner spells he takes Exhaust instead of Heal. Runes will be exactly the same, however masteries he takes this page instead: 0-18-12, with the keystone mastery being Thunderlords. As for his build he would start Spellthieves edge with 3 pots, and then build into Eye of the watches, get Boots of lucidity for the CDR, his first major item would always be Black cleaver, and this would be followed by items such as Mortal reminder, Duskblade, and then maybe a Deaths dance if he even gets enough gold for that as a support.

Skill order he would start E -> Q -> E -> W -> Max E first -> W second -> Q third -> ult whenever he can. And that sums up the support build very, very quickly.

As for your playstyle with Miss Fortune as an ADC the main thing you want to try and do in lane is to use your Q on minions that would bounce onto the enemy so for example he uses his Q on the caster minion, which bounces onto Caitlyn – this does a lot of damage – especially after your first back.

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