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New High Winrate Korean Cassiopeia Mid Guide


Ladies and gentleman, my name is mikisi and recently i’ve just been scrolling through as always looking at high winrates looking at different item builds and to see what’s going on, what’s trending. And then I see in Korea, that Cassiopia has the third highest winrate in the midlane with 55%, which is much higher than any other Region – and I wanted to know why, so I looked into it a little deeper. So first I looked at the first three major regions, and as i’ve said before Cassiopeia has the 3rd highest winrate in Korea. Then you look at EUW she has the 7th highest winrate, then on NA she has the 11th highest winrate – which is not bad, but why is Korea so much better with Cassiopeia? So firstly lets look at item builds, so in Korea the two most built item builds include the three items: Abyssal Sceptor, Morellonomicon, and Archangel staff. And then that item build also has the highest winrate. Well, looking at EUW you can see they’re way behind in the times – they’re still building RoA on Cassiopeia, i’m not saying RoA is bad on her however just maybe there are better. By the looks of things they don’t even consider Morellonomicon, and they also seem to like Rylais as well. The NA and KR builds are similar, but NA build is more diverse, while both really like Rylais. But can you even consider NA? Because they barely even play the champion – they only have 13/14 games on each item build, while KR + EUW has hundreds, and hundreds more. So realistically you might as well remove Cassio from the NA server.

So without further ado, let’s find out how Koreans play Cassiopeia. So firstly Runes – you want to take a rune page similar to this [@ 1:55]. As for mastery pages, the most common and probably the best keystone mastery right now is deathfire touch, so you can take a mastery page similar to this [@ 2:04]. It’s also a trend by Mastery/Challenger players to take the Stormraider’s surge keystone, however if you want more damage you’d go with Deathfire touch. Thunderlords is also another viable option, but it seems to be slowly slipping out of the Cassiopeia meta as people are turning to other mastery pages. So overall I would recommend deathfire touch – which is much better lategame, and Cass is ALL about that lategame. Summoner spells you wan’t to take TP or Ignite depending on your playstyle, but if you haven’t played Cassiopeia before and just wan’t to try her out – I recommend taking TP, it’s just the safer option.

New Cass Splash Art

Now for the Lane Phase, you want to begin E and last hit minions using it. Every now and then you can harass an enemy champion with it – just be careful with harassing with E because you can deplete Cassiopeia’s mana very quickly, and when Cassio is oom she is basically useless. So just farm early game until you have enough to get your tear of the goddess, only spam your twin fang on the enemy champion if you’re 100% sure you will net a kill. Level two you wan’t to take Noxus Blast (Q) – this ability does AoE magic damage and poisons all enemies hit. You can use this either to push the wave, or poke down your enemy laner. If you do manage to hit your enemy laner with Q this is the best time to poke them down with E, because your damage is amplified. Once again be weary of your mana and the mana costs early game, and don’t spam this ability too much. At level three or four you can get your W, which spits toxic clouds – slowing, and AoE damaging your enemy. This ability should mainly be used as a zoning tool or to catch overextended opponents. On your first back you should buy Tear of the Goddess, once you have this you can begin using your abilities alot more to stack it up. At this point you should be last hitting a lot of minions with E, and keeping track of the bluebuff timing to make sure you’re able to get it from your jungler whenever you can. Bluebuff is very vital on Cassiopeia, infact out of all of the champions in the game she probably benefits the most from bluebuff.

After getting your tear of the goddess you should then look to get abyssal scepter and Morello’s as your next two items. Your remaining three items can be something along the lines of Rylais, Voidstaff, and Zhonyas. Obviously you can mix it up a bit if need be, for example against a full AD team you can look to get Zhonyas as a second or third item, or if you really need the slow you can get Rylais much earlier. But for the most part Tear > Abyssal > Morello’s > Rylais > Void Staff > Zhonyas is a very good standard build path.

As for your all-in combo, it should be something along these lines. Ult while they’re facing you so this applies a stun now just a slow – and then Q, W, and just spam E. You can also include Flash into this combo, ult flashing is a very deadly combo from cass – and if timed well can easily win you a teamfight. Finally we’ll look about skill order, you should always max E first, followed by Q, and then W, and obviously ult whenever you can. Farming on Cass mid/lategame is very easy because of her low cooldowns of Q + E. There is really no excuse to not have decent CS on Cass. To sum things up Cassio’s biggest weakness is easily her weak earlygame due to weak mana. You should always look to survive the earlygame and farm for a few items, then look to exert your pressure. If you did this right lategame you should be a lategame monster.

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