Eichenwalde: In-Depth Strategy, Tips, and Pharah/Genji/Tracer Gameplay

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Hey guys Dibz here and today I’ve got an Overwatch gameplay video for you on the new map Eichenwald. Now as you know Eichenwald is on PTR for play right now, and we’re going to be playing Pharah on defense just so I can give you a better overview of how the map layout looks, and you can look at everything from above as Pharah obviously. So we’re going to try and see if we can get some gameplay going.

Tip #1 [@ 1:10]:
This house is very good to fly over not only to attack, but to also escape attackers.

Tip #2 [@ 1:25]:
You can use your grenade on Reinhardt to push him into your group to surround and kill him quickly.

Tip #3 [@ 1:45]:
Pharah and Junkrat are really good for watching this small hallway entrance.

Tip #4 [@ 3:50]:
This area here is very good for snipers to defend from.

Tip #5 [@ 4:05]:
Pharah can continuously use these walls and fly over them as her protection.

Tip #6 [@ 6:10]:
You can throw D.VA’s ultimate through this upcoming window.

Tip #7 [@ 7:45]:
Roadhog/Bastion would be good on defense to bring down the offensive shield

Tip #8 [@ 10:40]:
Try to attack the main choke point from multiple directions.

Tip #9 [@ 11:30]:
Genji can also climb over this wall as defense, and flank the offensive team.

Tip #10 [@ 13:15]:
As a flanker, use all the doorways and entrances to your advantage. However, be very careful for turrets.

Tip #11 [@ 15:45]:
Genji, Pharah, Junkrat, Widowmaker, etc. can use this chasm to flank or escape.

Tip #12 [@ 18:05]:
This last area is the ideal place for turrets for both Symettra and Torbjorn