Orisa Guide – Overwatch New Hero Gameplay, Tips, and Tricks

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So we are all afraid of having to kill an 11 year old girl in Overwatch – well now we’ll have to kill a one month old girl robot. I hope you’re happy with yourself. Hello guys it’s Remus here bringing you a quick guide to the new Overwatch hero Orisa.

She’s just been added to the PTR and I’m taking a quick look at her abilities as well as all the skins, you can see them really fast right now and then we’re going to take a look inside a match. So she’s a medium difficulty Tank and her fire weapon has 200 bullets and it shoots pretty well. And its kind of similar to D.Va’s, but it slows you down while you are shooting. Still I think it’s a pretty well made weapon and it’s not hard to aim with it.

Her right click launches a gravitational charge that can be detonated once again hitting right click again and it boosts nearby enemies to the point. It can be left to touch a wall and it will activate automatically or you can use it mid-air to throw the enemies to the position that you want to. But if you leave it to go too far away from anyone it doesn’t do anything.

Her E throws a stationary shield similar to Reinhardts but it’s stationary and it lasts for a few seconds and it doesn’t have that much health as Reinhardts one but it’s pretty good. And it doesn’t have such a long cooldown so you can throw it if you managed to keep it alive for long but you can’t have multiple ones and it does disappear after a while so it doesn’t last until its destroyed, and it has 900 health.

Her shift reduces the damage she’s taking and also she cannot be effected by action impairing effects, so no CC will be available, no — or something similar to that. And it also makes you golden.

And her ultimate supercharged deploys a device that increases the damage inflicted by allies within her line of sight. And indeed it has quite a bleak range but it also can be destroyed by enemies. So this thing should really be protected. And it does disappear after a while.

All right let’s take a look at some gameplay that I’ve recorded with her inside of one no limits game because you cannot get her into quick play. Everyone instalocks her and if you have some ping you cannot get her. So what I’ve noticed is that she’s pretty damn good. The thing is that most people in this game played her. But I think she’s a pretty strong hero.

Maybe she will even take place some how she will take Reinhardts place who knows. Because every game now is Reinhardt mandatory but now we have a shield though it’s not mobile and it’s a lot lower but we’ll see. We’ll see how good she will be to competitive and if she takes a place of a hero tank that must be picked in the most games but I don’t think she’s stronger than Reinhardt at the moment though she’s pretty good.

And the thing is that you can place that shield on a payload or something that’s moving and it will keep moving so you don’t have to always have it stuck in one spot. And I find that pretty nice as well as she has two hundred health and two hundred shield if you haven’t noticed yet that yellow thing is the shield and it regenerates quite fast if you are out of combat, And that weapon I find it pretty nice. It’s not hard to aim with and it has a pretty good accuracy even at a long distance so I think it’s a pretty strong weapon. It’s not too hard to get used to and that gold mode will be pretty amazing especially if you can counter certain abilities so you’ll see a Reinhardt dude or something that CC’s or pulls you or does something to you and you just shield really fast with that shift and you can maybe save yourself and even save the team if you can stop someone from doing something. Who knows. So I think that ability is pretty damn nice.

And the ultimate, the ultimate is nice if you can defend it and the best thing to do is from what I’ve noticed is this to put it behind the shield and at least try to defend it because people will come at it quickly though it lasts for quite a long time if no one destroys it. So you can ace the team if you are all together. And imagine the combinations that you can use that would use it to soldier ultimate or with someone that has an Ana boost on him then the boost will be pretty significant. I’m not sure if it stacks but I think it stacks here in the mode where anyone can play anything.

So I had a point where we had more of them at the same time and yeah the damage is quite big, but I think it’s pretty nice and the best thing to do is to do like I did here just build a barrier and then put ultimate behind so it will be pretty hard for them to take it unless someone comes from behind.

So it will have 900 more health because they have to destroy the shield unless they can somehow get behind it and destroy it. So what do you think about this one month old little robot?