Overwatch Guide to Aiming on Console


First of all, and one of the most common questions are about what sensitivity to use on console. The opinions divide between “super-low” to “super-high/isn’t enough”. PLEASE USE DUAL-ZONE! In my personal experience with the two, I find that low sensitivities too low on everything and you’ll look like a potato trying to run away from something. With super high sensitivity, I’ve experienced some troubles in finding the right moment to shoot, so my accuracy dropped a lot.

65H / 35V / 100AA are my recommended settings.

Reticles and Color

Most of people agree that Green is the best color for your reticle. There are some players saying that you can also use the Purple or Cyan ones. Personally I prefer Green (or White sometimes). For reticles, most of the players say Dot is the best one. As I have my TV a bit far from my couch, I use short-crosshairs for all the heroes except Zarya and Hanzo (They feel strange without their skill abilities reticles).


Reading a lot I’ve found that your aiming comes with time, without pressure. There’s no shame in being a silver or a gold. Grandmaster is were where you are now. Wrong is trying to be better than you actually arem you’re lying to yourself and your friends. First, go to the practice range and practice against bots until you find your sensitivity comfortable for you. This can take some days until you find the correct one.

After, my suggestion is to every day play a Custom Game versus Ana Bots (Headshots only) in a King of The Hill map at your choice. Set it to Skirmish and take your time. Do it 15-20 minutes every day, before playing in QP or Competitive. And why this? Because Ana’s can’t headshot you, and you only can kill them with headshots. After 2 weeks you’ll see that you start aiming at people’s heads without even thinking. Perfection comes with time. Here comes an example!

Another way you should practice for 10-20 minutes every day is to practice on Practice Range without Aim Assist. Yesterday I played without Aim Assist for 30 minutes with Hanzo, and then I went to Quick Play and forgot to turn my Aim Assist on. Well, during the game I was shooting almost like I regularly did and started stressing out “what’s happening? why I’m I worst?” and then I realized I was playing Hanzo without Aim Assist (I’m not a pro with precise heroes) and actually killing a lot. When I turned on my Aim Assist on the next game I was a god. I completely controlled the game, no Roadhog, other Hanzo, or even McCree could counter me. You can find some guides to help improve here! and here!.

Kontrol Freeks

Another thing that can improve drastically your aim is Kontrol Freeks. I use the Vortex ones, but you can find people playing with the Galaxy ones, and with one regular and another of sniping on the right stick. You can find extra information about it here and here.

Useful Resources:

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ANOTHER TIP: Try using some Kontrol Freeks. I use the Vortex ones and can’t live without them at the moment.

Don’t be afraid of messing up

Never! Never forget that this game is meant to be fun, you should enjoy it and have a great time every time you play. Don’t push yourself too hard, practice but don’t over-practice. It comes with time and experience. Just take a good laugh with your stupid deaths and ultis. It will work better next time.


This Guide was Written by u/timartinho