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Overwatch New Hero Orisa Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Combos

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Pro Tip #1 –

HALT is very useful in taking defensive enemies out of high-ground positions, pulling people into traps, and even sucking people out of a bridge, and into oblivion.

Pro Tip #2 –

The barrier’s cooldown starts once it is launched. The duration outlasts the cooldown, so when holding a position, it is best to wait for the old shield to be broken, before putting down another one in the same position.

Pro Tip #3 –

Orisa is similar to Roadhog, in that they are damage soakers. She needs another tank to survive, and requires a lot of healing to stay alive. She works really well with Zarya and/or Reinhardt.

Pro Tip #4 –

When throwing down your SuperCharger, you can lay down your Protective Barrier on it to increase its survivability, and/or put it in an area that is dangerous for the enemy to dive on.

Pro Tip #5 –

You should position yourself near a friendly Bastion that is in sentry form, or near Reinhardt, to prepare to block the enemy Reinhardt from possibly charging in to scatter your team.

Pro Tip #6 –

HALT is also very useful in pulling people out of their hiding spaces, especially when they are trying to run away at low health.

Pro Tip #7 –

HALT combos well with D.VA’s ult, as you can pull people out of locations, and into the line of sight of the exploding mech.

Pro Tip #8 –

You can use HALT as a way to help bring people closer together before having Zarya use her Graviton Surge. This allows you to effectively increase the chances of her catching more people.

Pro Tip #9 –

In order to pull people off of ledges, the explosion has to be within line of sight of the target. I had to place the HALT a little higher, and at the same level as Bastion, to pull him off.

Pro Tip #10 –

If you have Lucio speed boost (even without use of his amp it up) the enemy should get to the bridge at the same time as your HALT, if they don’t have a Lucio on speed.

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