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Rank 1 NA Challenger Diana Build Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen by name is Micky C. and I am back, and I bring to you another League of Legends video – another one of those Build Guides and today we got a very special one. We’re going to be doing it on the guy who is currently rank 1 on North America. Yes rank 1, the champion he plays the most is Diana so its going to be a Diana focused build guide. His name is Arcsecond and he does have a stream link in the description, he does stream very often so like 10 hours a day sort of thing – that’s what hes been doing over the last few weeks so definitely go check him out, especially if you play in the midlane he doesn’t just play Diana he plays a lot of champions but Diana is just the champion he plays the most. So his main account is rank 1 as I said before but he hasn’t really been playing on it simply because hes rank 1 and he can’t rank up any further so hes got a smurf account named Arcminute which is currently ranked 211 so very very close to Challenger, its currently Masters and hes played 110 games on this account with a 65% winrate on Diana. And on his main account he has played 168 games on Diana with a 67% winrate – on both accounts Diana is his most played champion, so without further ado lets get into this build guide.


So first things first I’ve only seen him play Diana in the midlane, at least in the last month I haven’t seen him play Diana in the jungle or in the toplane so this is going to be a midlane focused guide. So starting with the summoner spells – he only takes TP and Flash and the reason for this is because Diana is fairly weak pre-6 so if you do make a mistake early on you can then just TP back to lane and you will not miss out on too much CS. In mid to late game when your TP is up you can then look to split push in the outer lanes and Diana is actually not too bad at splitting as she could 1v1 a number of champions, and if the enemy team sends the wrong champion to deal with her which is very possible in solo queue she can easily take advantage of this by picking up a kill and therefore creating more pressure. And this seems to be his playstyle from some of the games I watched, he would often look to go to the outer lanes and push them in creating more pressure around the map.


So now onto his runes and masteries I’m going to start with his mastery page. So he takes a pretty standard Diana mastery page: 12-18-0 with his keystone mastery being Thunderlords. So this is a page that most Diana players would take so you guys can just pause the video and copy it if you want to. So now onto his runes, now I saw him take 4 different runepages so I’ll start with the standard runepage that he takes in most matchups, and that is: 9 magic penetration reds, 9 scaling health yellows, 9 flat magic resist blues, and 3 ability power quints. So for the people who don’t have too many runepages you probably should go with something like this if you just want the one runepage for Diana. The second page he used is just a slight variation to the previous one, instead of going flat magic resist blues he goes with scaling magic resist blues instead. Two matchups I’ve seen him use this runepage with was against Azir and Morgana so I guess hes not too worried about the early game damage, but he is more worried about the lategame damage. The third page that he uses is a very aggressive page where instead of using MR blues he goes with scaling ability power blues. The only matchup I saw him use this in was against TF, but apart from that I would only say he uses this against very squishy teamcomps with no CC. Finally he uses this page against AD matchups – so magic penetration reds, flat armor yellows, scaling AP blues, and 3 AP quints. This would be against matchups such as Zed, Yasuo, Gangplank, Riven, to name a few.


Now onto his item builds – so his starting items would always be a Dorans ring and 2 pots with a yellow trinket. This is pretty standard on Diana so nothing to special here. Now onto his core build, and his core build is a little bit different to what a lot of Diana players are going with right now. He would always look to rush a Rod of Ages first which is interesting because most Diana players currently rush an Abyssal scepter instead. He┬áprefers the scaling item of Rod of Ages which also provides mana and health. Next he would look to get a Nashors tooth and then his boots would be the Boots of Lucidity for the CDR, or Merc treads if the enemy team has a lot of CC. He doesn’t really go with any other boots apart from these. His core build is definitely lategame focused so early on he would be looking to farm up to get to these items as quick as possible.

As for his final build it would be something along these lines – so Rod of Ages, Nashors Tooth, Boots of Lucidity, Deathcap, Zhonyas, and a Voidstaff. He pretty much goes with this build like every single game, I haven’t seen him go with any other item – the only other item I’ve seen him go with was Lichbane, but he actually bought that just before the game ended so he probably wasn’t going to buy that anyways so he pretty much only goes with these items. They may come in a different order such as rushing the Zhonyas before the Deathcap, or the Voidstaff as a┬áthird item. But its pretty much always going to be Rod of Ages -> Nashors tooth -> Boots of Lucidity -> Deathcap -> Zhonyas -> Void Staff.

Skill Order:

Finally we will talk about his skill order, so he would start with W, get 2 points in Q, and then E, and then he would max Q first, W second, E third, and then obviously his ultimate whenever he could. So the biggest thing with this is he always starts with W instead of Q, so if you’re one of those players who starts with Q maybe try out starting with W instead and see how it goes for you.

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