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Highest Ranked NA Rengar Champion Guide

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Micky C. AKA TheLoLHounds and today we have another buildguide, this time on a special player known as Moon who has recently been spamming bruiser Rengar to help him climb all the way to season 3 challenger during the new season. But before we get into this video, this video is sponsored by Proguides. If you are dedicated to improving as a player, I highly recommend you check them out: Link here

So ever since the Rengar rework a lot of people have been saying that bruiser Rengar is much better to go with rather then full AD or assassin Rengar, because of the power of his new empowered W and the bonus AD you receive from his passive. His passive did recently get a little bit of a nerf, but I think bruiser Rengar is still viable, however I must say I haven’t seen many high elo players be super successful with bruiser Rengar until now.

So this professional player Moon who plays for I believe team Liquid Academy, and he also has played in the past few games in the NA LCS, and he is currently rank 3. And he has been playing a lot of bruiser Rengar lately with good success. So far this season he has a 77% winrate on Rengar, it was above 80% before but unfortunately he as lost 2 of his last 3 games on Rengar. Rengar has been his most played and most successful champion so far this season. So this video will just go over his runes, masteries, item build, and skill order, and then you guys can compare your Rengar build to his and then maybe try it out for yourself if you want to. Using this build itself won’t turn you into an amazing Rengar player, however it is nice to know you are using optimal or close to optimal build for the champion. By the way link to his twitch stream is right here as well if you want to go check that out. So without further ado let’s do this.


First of all obviously summoner spells would be flash and smite since he only plays Rengar in the jungle. Sorry to you Rengar toplane mains, this will only be a jungle focused guide. Runes and Masteries – for his runes he takes 9 AD reds, 5 Health per level yellows, 4 Armor yellows, 6 CDR blues, 3 CDR per level blues, and 3 AD quints. So that means that at level 18 he will have 10% CDR from his runes, and CDR in obviously a very important stat on Rengar. As for his masteries he takes 12-18-0, with his keystone mastery being Thunderlords. This to me is a pretty standard Rengar page so you guys can just copy it if you want to.


Now onto his actual item build. So his starting items are actually pretty interesting to me – he starts with a hunters talisman instead of a hunters machete. I would have thought a hunters machete would have been a much better start because Rengar doesn’t get any benefit from the mana regen you get from hunters talisman. However it is actually a recommended start in the recommended items by Riot as well, so maybe hunters talisman is actually a better starting item for Rengar, I haven’t done the testing on it myself I just assume that machete would be the better start for Rengar but it is possible the talisman start is better for his first clear, although there probably isn’t much difference between the two.

As for his pots he starts with a refillable potion instead of the 3 health pots. On his first back he usually looks to get a Caulfield’s warhammer, or longswords if he can only afford them. His core build would be Blue smite warrior enchantment -> Ghostblade -> Lucidity/Ninja Tabi. He would usually complete these boots after Warrior. Lucidity boots obviously for the CDR, and Ninja tabi’s if they’ve got either a lot of AD champs, or champions with a lot of auto attack damage. So recently Vayne is a pretty popular pick, so you would get Ninja tabi against someone like Vayne.

Following on from his pro build he would then look to buy items based on the situation, so that usually would be tanky items so for example his common full build would often look like: Warrior -> Boots of lucidity -> Ghostblade -> Deadmans plate -> Guardians angel -> Randuins omen. Other items he would consider would be a Spirit visage, Locket if his team needs it, Maw of Malmortius, or Banshees if the enemy team has a lot of AP burst damage, also he sometimes gets Age of night or Duskblade if he is looking for more damage. He usually only goes for more damage if he is either fed or feels like he needs to carry in order to win. Also note that after he gets his 6 items, he would then sell his jungle item or his jungle enchantment and buy an expensive item such as Infinity edge.

Skill Order:

Now onto his skill order: he would start Q -> then W -> then E -> max Q first -> W second -> E third -> level ult whenever he can.

Jungle Route:

Finally his standard starting jungle path. If he starts Redbuff he would usually do Red -> Raptors -> Wolves -> Gromp -> and then Blue before ganking. If he starts Bluebuff it would usually be Blue -> Gromp -> Wolves -> Raptors -> Wraith -> Krugs. Obviously if there’s a ganking opportunity he would stop doing his camps and then go and look for that gank. I also noticed that on his first clear for Wolves and Raptors he would use empowered W instead of empowered Q for the healing – he also tries to kite Raptors by using the nearby bush which seems to allow him to take a little bit less damage then normal, so definitely try to do that if you are taking Raptors.

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