How to Properly Adjust your Mouse Sensitivity for Competitive Overwatch

Like all FPS games muscle memory is vital in achieving good accuracy, and because of this its very important that your mouse sensitivity is configured in a way optimized for both accuracy and consistency. In this guide we will show you how to do just that by adjusting your mouse sensitivity to match the sensitivity settings of an NA Overwatch Grandmaster named Dibz.

Step 1 –

From your Overwatch home screen go to Options -> Controls and change your settings to match the following:

Sensitivity Page Settings:
Sensitivity – 6
Invert Look – Off

Then save your settings and exit Overwatch alltogether.

Step 2 – 

Next you need to adjust your windows mouse speed – to do this go to Start -> Control Panel and find Mouse. On the Mouse settings go to Pointer Options and make sure that Enhanced Pointer Precision is turned OFF. Directly above that is the Pointer Speed adjustment bar – set this to the 6th notch (exactly in the middle). Don’t close this window yet as you may need to go back to it in step 3.

Step 3 –

If you use a Gaming Mouse from a company such as Razer/Logitech/etc you can also adjust your mouse sensitivity through a company specific client that uses a more precise measurement called DPI. This isn’t a necessity, but if you do have a gaming mouse I suggest downloading your mouses client and following the rest of the this step – if not read below. Once you have downloaded your mouses client open it up and find the sensitivity settings. From there you are going to want to set your DPI to 1,000 and make sure there are no additional enhancement settings enabled. Once you have done that save all the settings and close out of everything, then re-open Overwatch and load into a custom game to test out your new settings.

If you don’t have a Gaming Mouse I recommend turning your windows sensitivity (from step 2) down to as low as the 2nd/3rd tick. This is because the DPI Dibz and the vast majority of FPS pros run slows your mouse speed down quite a bit, and this will give you the closest match

Play a couple custom/normal games to practice this new sensitivity and in no-time you will get used to it. Good luck!